Dark Souls III, tips and advice for novices and more

Lothric hides many dangers ... and secrets.

Still not sure how to develop your character because you are new to the series? Then you should read this article, as we will give you some (hopefully) useful tips before venturing into that of Lothric. Attention: the article may contain some spoilers in the second part, so only go on if you "care little" about finding out before starting the game. A further premise must also be made to clarify that every advice is the result of my reasoning; this means that the advice to follow is certainly based on a long experience, but not everything reported must be taken as perfect and indisputable.

That said, let's start with some basic tips:

  • Always stay under 70% of the transported weight: this applies to players who have not created an excessively heavy character (in that case it is difficult to put this advice into practice. Staying below this percentage, in fact, will allow you to perform the "fast roll“, Or quick dodges that will undoubtedly help you a lot to avoid enemy attacks. To make it even easier, moreover, you could get help fromHavel's ring, which will discretely increase your transportable weight.
  • ALWAYS consider the "scaling" of the weapon: the various weapons require you to meet certain minimum requirements in order to be wielded (example: the Claymore scale D in strength and D in dexterity), but the higher your parameters, the more damage you will inflict, so don't settle for the minimum suggested. Also note that the "scaling" increases every time you upgrade your weapons, so make sure you continue to stay within the parameters listed.
  • If you use a shield, use it with 100% physical damage absorption: Many of the enemies' melee attacks or the arrows they throw at you will do purely physical damage (except in some cases), so maximum defense will prevent you from taking all the damage by holding the shield up.
  • For heaven's sake, read the item descriptions: this is a tip addressed not only to people interested in the plot, but also to those who play "keeping their heads down" as if they were dealing with any RPG. Many items boast several additional effects which are not directly visible in the weapon statistics but in their description; also there will be moments, and a specific boss fight, which will require the reading of a description to understand how to eliminate the boss.
  • Choose your weapon based on your personal moveset preferences: each weapon, generally, has at least one characteristic that differentiates it from all the others, so it is right to choose your weapon based on your preferences and develop a character around it based on its scaling. In a Souls there is NO definitive weapon stronger than the others, as each weapon has its own identity; However, we do not recommend upgrading more weapons since the game does not offer many items to improve them, so the management of these materials can really make a difference.

As you may have understood, these tips are mainly aimed at those who have just started playing the Souls. In the second part of the article, however, we will show you some ways in case you are interested in Pacts featured in the game. In every title of From Software (including Bloodborne) there are precisely the Pacts to which the player can be part, each of which has defined mechanics ranging from cooperation to clashes. It is therefore advisable for each player to choose their own based on practicality and / or their "role play". Here we leave you the technical data of the various Pacts present in the game, hoping they will be useful even to the most experienced of the saga.

Where and how to enter the Pacts:


Style: cooperative                                                                                                                                            

Summoning sign: white

Ghost color: white

In order to become part of this Pact it will be necessary to go to the last area of walls of Lothric, enter the cathedral behind Vordt e talk to Emma, which will give you the Lothric flag (essential to continue in the game) and the Pact item to enter the Path of the Blue. Unlike all the other Pacts, this one does not have a ranking system, so your level it will always remain zero and no rewards will be received.


Style: cooperative

Evocation sign: gold / yellow                                                

Ghost color: gold / yellow

Reward: Medallion of the sun

Reward of the Covenant:

  • -10 megalions of the sun: Sacred oath (miracle)
  • -30 sun medallions: Greater Lightning Lance (miracle)

To get the useful item to enter the Pact you will have to go to second bonfire of the settlement of the undead and continue until you come in front of a huge fire where you will find a fragment of Estus. Keep going straight until you enter a dark building where, with a little attention, you will find a hole in the floor: there you can collect the object you are looking for. To be able to donate the medallions and increase your level in the Pact you will have to go to Lothric Castle, just before meeting thedragon slayer armor, and at the end of this secondary path you will find the altar.


Style: cooperative / hostile

Color of the mark: purple / reddish purple

Ghost color: purple / reddish purple 

Reward: Vertebral chain

Reward of the Covenant:

  • -10 vertebral chains: Bloodthirsty Katana 
  • -30 vertebral chains: Heat (pyromancy)

There are two ways to enter the Pact. The first is to interact with an undead giant in a secondary area of ​​the second area of ​​thesettlement of the undead (ONLY before you have defeated the Cursed Forest), while the other requires the completion of the Sirris. The altar is literally positioned in the underground where the boss fight of the cursed Greatwood takes place.


Style: Co-op / Area Hostile - Farron Fortress

Color of the sign: white

Ghost color: reddish blue

Reward: Wolf blood blade grass

Reward of the Covenant:

  • -10 blade herbs: Curved sword of the old wolf
  • -30 blade herbs: Large shield of the wolf knight e wolf ring

Head to the bonfire of the Farron fortress, continue towards the broken bridge and then turn right, where you should find a building with a long staircase. Once at the top you will find yourself in front of a bonfire and the "old wolf of Farron“: Interact with it to enter the Pact.


Style: cooperative

Color of the sign: white

Ghost color: light blue (sentinels) and dark blue (blades)

Reward: Proof of success

Reward of the Covenant:

  • -10 Failure test: Dark Moon Ring
  • -30 Success test: Blade of the Dark Moon (miracle)

I wanted to merge these two Pacts into one because they are very similar to each other, as they offer the same reward once an invasion or a cooperative game has been successfully completed; the prize remains unchanged even by increasing the rank as well as the Leader of the Pact. To enter the Sentinels of the Blue it will be enough to speak to Horace once you reach the second bonfire of the Road of Sacrifices. As regards the Blades of the Dark Moon, head to the bonfire of Anor Londo and get off the platform; on your left is a invisible bridge: follow it carefully and you will arrive at the top of a tower. In this place you will find the Leader of the Covenant Yorshka which will allow you to enter the Blades of the Dark Moon and to level both the blades and the sentries in both Pacts. ATTENTION: in order to enter the Blades of the Dark Moon you will have to learn the gesture Loyalty to the Dark Moon, obtainable by speaking with Sirris in 'altar of the bond after also talking with Anri e Horace).


Style: hostile

Symbol color: white

Ghost color: red

Reward: Pale tongue

Reward of the Covenant:

  • -10 Pale tongue: Ring of Darkening
  • -30 Pale tongue: Staff of the Human Larva

Finding this pact is not overly complicated like the Mound Makers or the Blades of the Dark Moon, in fact it will be enough to walk an optional path at the top of the Cathedral of the Depths, at the end of which you will find the Leader Rosaria (same place also for leveling).


Style: Area Invasion - Anor Londo

Symbol color: white

Ghost color: reddish blue

Reward: Human remains

Reward of the Covenant:

  • -10 Human remains: Great Soul of the Depths (witchcraft) 
  • -30 Human remains: Staff of the Archdeacon

Crossing the invisible wall after passing the two warriors of Drang, you will arrive in an underground area very similar to a reservoir. As it is easy to guess, the complicated part is not in reaching this place, but in facing and defeating the two monstrous wolves who guard it. ADVICE: use the bow to attract one at a time, as facing them both at once would be nothing short of a masochistic-suicidal action; you can also be sure that already taken individually they represent a great challenge. Once defeated, you can enter and / or level up this Pact by interacting with the corpse of the Archdeacon.

Hoping that all of the above will be useful especially to newcomers, I can only wish you the best of luck in the dangerous lands of Lothric!

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