Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: Armored Warrior, an epic challenge

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An interesting battle ...

If you've reached and explored Mount Kongo, you've surely encountered this mini-boss, unlike many others in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this one isn't optional.

If, on the other hand, you still have to cross the blades, you will find it in a long corridor not far from the Sculptor's Idol "Shugendo" of the aforementioned Monte.

The Armored Warrior is armed with a long sword and is immune to your attacks, so how can you defeat him?

First of all, before preparing for battle we advise you to equip yourself well, know that a single hit can halve your life or kill you.

For this battle we recommend the combined use of the trusty Sabimaru and the Loaded Ax (if you don't have this useful tool yet, we recommend this guide). Another indispensable element in this battle is patience and if you are avid gamers of From Software titles we are pretty sure that you do not lack this skill.

Tips & Tricks

Defeating this enemy is not impossible, even without a proper guide it will be possible to bring home the result, but if you follow these tips, the fight will turn into a walk.

The power of your opponent is such that it destroys most of the elements around him. In any case, try to make him demolish the walls of the walkway, it will be useful to make him fall into the void, where not even his armor can protect him.

As soon as you have the chance, hit it with your Charged Ax, this tool inflicts enormous postural damage and will lead the Armored Warrior to discover himself, during these moments unsheath your trusty katana and hit him as long as you can.

When you see that your enemy will bend to the ground and start screaming, get as far away as possible. During this attack it will start hitting the ground a few times, then it will lunge at you with a lethal lunge.

Once you have memorized his moves and adopted these small tricks, just wait for his guard to break and throw him into the void.

The Armored Warrior after his defeat will leave you a very useful Rosary Grain, a very important object in Sekiro's economy: Shadows Die Twice.

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