Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough

Getting out of Arkham City alive isn't easy!

The solution is based on the Playstation 3 version.

The Dark Knight returns to console after the first great and beloved Rocksteady Studios title launched in 2009, and it does so with great style in a Gotham even larger and more dangerous than the one we left behind.

Like the good Alfred, we at will help you get out alive from this huge city ruled by the craziest criminals.

The solution of Batman: Arkham City is based on the PS3 version of the title. The solution will cover the main missions of the story, revealing the weaknesses of the boss fights.

Solution Mission 1 - 6

CATWOMAN (only with Offline Pass)

After a few video sequences that introduce the beginning of the adventure as Catwoman you will have to deal with six criminals intent on carrying out a looting. Once the area is cleared, head to the painting of Cain and Abel to retrieve an important file and let yourself be lulled by a new movie.

Start gliding in flight to the Municipality in front of you, in order not to lose your orientation, always keep in mind and under an eye the indicator at the top of the screen that will indicate the position to follow via a small green signal or that of your current target, once you have arrived, eliminate the criminals in the area.
Eliminated you will have to enter the building from the main door of the building and then go up the stairs placed in front of your position. At this point, a movie starring “Two Faces” will start. At the end of the video sequence, continue the road towards your right and then go up the stairs where you are positioned; at this point, silently eliminate any enemy that you will see behind you, only then continue your path on a rope inside the room, and then hurl yourself with force towards the "mini boss" who is about to give the well-served to your dear Catwoman. Clear the area where you are again to make room for the first appearance of Mr. Joker.
In this mission you will have to use the scanner in the area to identify the two holes left by the bullet fired by Joker to understand through the advanced technology, where the direct hit to catwoman started and only in this way you will be able to understand the next objective that you awaits.

After the analysis of the area, you will have to exit the room and then arrive on two corridors: the one on the right will take you to the calendar man while the one on the left will take you outside the building.
Now climb with your gadgets different buildings in front of your position until you arrive in front of the church from where the shotgun aimed at Catwoman started: at this point eliminate the few enemies in the area and enter.
Once in the church you will be attacked by Harley Queen, the very simple battle will be structured in such a way that you only have to press the Triangle button at the right time to counterattack and then make her escape. At this point the room is full of enemies who, at your first misstep, will eliminate all the hostages present one by one. You will have to follow the short tutorial to use a smoke ball to lose your tracks and get to a safer area and stealthily eliminate them. Now that you have cleared the area, you will have to talk to everyone present to know the situation and head to the tower near the internal door of the church where you are.
You will have to climb to the top and scan the Joker's rifle to turn on the televisions, which will announce the presence of some bombs right near your position. You will have to immediately jump out of the window to avoid premature death. Glide out the window to a safe area to talk to Alfred!
You will have to follow the Joker radio signal which will take you straight to fly over much of Gotham until you reach the steel mill of the city. Now you have to climb to the top of the tallest tower and get in touch with Alfred, at which point he will recommend an alternative entrance to the building. Now enter the exhaust pipe a little further to your left, now you will have to continue the established path until you arrive in front of a large container of cold water, which you will have to open to make your way.
You just have to go down to the area now free from different flames and continue the path until you reach a new door that will hinder your passage. Press L2 to enter detective mode and you'll see a floor at your feet that you can safely detonate.
You will have to continue the area and deactivate the various devices used for the discharge of gas and fire through your Batarang you will have to: use the detective mode and follow the most illuminated pipes to understand where the devices to be deactivated are and only then walk up to get behind of some inmates in the area struggling with Harley Queen speeches. Now pop out in the middle of the enemies area and then take them out one by one and see a very angry Harley.

At the end of the video sequence, use the door on your left to get to a closed door, where through the detective mode which can be activated by pressing the L2 key, you will notice a large number of opponents. Go to this point on the conveyor roller to get to the room and eliminate the different enemies that will be present and then take you to a new room and save the doctor.
Now post outside the room and eliminate one by one the different enemies to start a short cutscene. Eliminate again the enemies entered in the room with the video sequence and only after clearing the area, continue the path.
You will need to go back to the room where you first spoke to Harley and then head behind the present generator to overload it with the new weapon you obtained. Now free yourself a passage to Harley Queen.
At this point you will be attacked by a large number of opponents including a clown with a hammer: first think of his henchmen who will be much weaker and only later think of him. Once the different enemies have been eliminated, head to the ledge which is now free and enjoy watching a new cutscene!

Solution Mission 7 - 14

Anyone who has downloaded and redeemed the Offline Pass will once again take on the role of the heroine and you will have to go to Ivy Poison, the queen of flowers to talk to her. then stop if you want in a large cage with 4 enemies inside to receive a very useful weapon for combat. If you don't want to do this, just follow the road until you get to a large palace packed with quite strong enemies now, all of which you will have to take out one at a time. Only then will the way to Ivy open for you. At this point, use the thief's view that can be used with the L2 button, if you can't find the exact path.Arrived by Poison Ivy you will be sent some floors below her in which you will have to face small tests that consist in freeing yourself from some zombie opponents and then go up again from floor to floor.
At this point, post a little attention to the third floor, or where Ivy will be present, because besides a considerable number of enemies in a very small space, you will also see it against the mini-boss who will throw balls of poison at you and it will eliminate you in no time. Free the room you just have to face the conversation with your eternal rival.
After the video sequence and playable with Catwoman, back with Batman now your goal is to find Freeze to recover a cure for your disease and that of the Joker. You will simply have to follow the directions of the climate analyzer on your right to reach your destination, which will be the Arkham City Police Station. Before entering, you will have to clear the area from several enemies that control the debosit "alternate entrance for the station". Eliminated all the enemies, continue the road that will take you inside the police district and eliminated the four enemies blocking your way, you will have to enter a conduit to watch a short cutscene.

End the video sequence, you will have to follow the signal on the map and arrive at a door where you will have to hack the code to enter the building. Once this is done you will realize that you will not be able to enter because above the roofs there will be three magnetic signal jammers that you must first break with your ugly force. Now you have to climb on the roofs of the three surrounding buildings and break these signal jammers. Here is the location of the jammers:
The first jammer is located to the right of the museum above your location.The second jammer is located behind the museum.The third jammer will be under the subway, but will only be unlocked after you have defeated the first two.
Once the three jammers have been eliminated, you will have to go back to the museum to eliminate the enemies that occupy the entrance and then enter the museum.
Entered the museum unlock the door that allows you to advance and follow the road until you get to the room of the Rex. Free the area from the few enemies present and talk to the hostage present to give you the code to advance.Before continuing you can freely turn to the museum to discover some amusing descriptions of the cells left by the Joker, where you will also see a small cage used for its own You will have to continue the road until you reach a kind of grate that you will find closed, which in turn can be unlocked only through the remote controlled Batarang that you will have to assign to the device placed beyond the obstacle.
After a cutscene you will be involved in a fight with a large number of enemies. Try to eliminate the ones without weapons first and only then those with the weapon. A trick to complete the fight quickly against the armed ones, will be to stun them with your cloak and press the attack button twice in order to hit the enemy with a real beating. there is a device that can only be unlocked with the Remote Controlled Batarag. Activate it and continue your way to the elevator and then destroy the different walls that open in front of you until you reach the ice lake.
Following the short video, enter the lake by walking the first man very carefully. Your goal will be to rescue the other two hostages without ending up in the frozen water and greeted by an untimely death.In order not to break the ice under your feet you will have to walk very calmly and always pay attention to the signal on the screen on your right that does not never reach the red peak.

Immediately upon entering the room you will notice how Freeze is locked in a glass cage, you will have to free him.Now you will have to go to the right in one of the cells that you will see placed on the wall, and then detonate it: with one of your gadgets. At this point the area will be filled with enemies to control the situation, you calmly go to Freeze's cell and hack the code to free him.Now you just have to watch the video sequence and then head back to the Ice Lake.

Solution Mission 15 - 22

You will need to head to the easternmost part of the ice lake, at this point enter the upper rooms.Continue the way to the large room where the hostages are present. Clear the area with your sneak attacks and go talk to the 3 men here.
Now you need to look at the cutscene and it will show you that Freeze's suit will be accessible. Now you just have to go back to the frozen lake with the raft because the ice has melted completely and continue your crossing towards the door in front of you, the only one not yet explored. At this point during the trip with the raft you will be attacked by a shark: you will have to punch it, thus removing the danger to get to the room that remains for you to visit.
You will have to go through the entire corridor in front of you until you reach the room where the Penguin will be! Getting to him will be very simple, you will have to go behind him and at the appropriate time deactivate the control of the weapons of Freeze to launch your attack.
After a short video sequence you will have to face Solomon Grundy, a powerful but very easy enemy to take down.The purpose of your fight will be to place the explosives with your gadget on the current thrusters in order to make them explode and prevent the Boss recharge your energy. Once this is done you will be able to get close to the enemy and launch some attacks. Welcomed by a new video sequence you will have to repeat this step two more times in order to eliminate your opponent once and for all.Now it is the turn to eliminate the Penguin, you will simply have to avoid his attacks with somersaults and deliver a short beating radius! Now enjoy the movie.

At the end of the video sequence, examine the bloodstain in the room and talk to Penguin and Mr. Freeze, where you will understand that the girl who just escaped plays a fundamental role in the story of the game. Detective Mode Follow the bloodstains left by the fugitive to find her.
Arrived on top of a building you will be attacked by the killer who then runs off; you will have to follow it and then start a new movie.

The goal of this mission will be to find Ra's Al Ghul via your beacon. You will have to head towards the subway and enter, then after getting off in a new area you will have to look for the door that will not open, at this point look for in detective mode an area apparently hidden but accessible through the hole in the wall.
Entering Wonder City you will have to use your remote control to unlock several doors if not locked. Entering all the doors you will arrive in the town of the assassins, where you will be greeted by a cutscene introducing Ra's al Ghul!
At the end of the movie you will have to follow Ra's al ghul's daughter, or Talia, who will accompany you to the room where you will have to overcome the fateful "demon trials". The first test will be to drink from the ghul chalice, then you will be transported to a new world where you will have to follow the spirit of Ra's al Ghul.
This fight is divided into several parts.
Part 1: This fight will be in the world of Ra's, you have to eliminate the sand copies one by one. Eliminate you just have to hit the real Ra's al Ghul.
Part 2: After hitting him he will create new copies of sand to protect himself and a larger copy that will attack you with different attacks. You will have to alternate your gadgets to hit the copies and hit the boss a couple of times.
Part 3: Struck, Ra's al Ghul will attack you; you will simply have to counterattack to continue the fight.
Part 4: You will have to eliminate the sand copies again as in the first part and then move on to the counterattack and hit Ra's al Ghul. Once this is done you will be involved in watching a movie.
After the video sequence, you will have to exit the building of Ra's al Ghul and head into the underground passage of the sewers that you will find in front of you and then continue the path again in reverse. After you have eliminated the different enemies in the room you will have to open the door with the remote control to detect the codes, at this point go up the stairs and exit the building.

Solution Mission 23 - 30

The task that awaits you in this mission will be to find Quincy Sharp to interrogate him and thus obtain all the information on Hugo Strange. After interrogating him, the sign on the map will show you where to go, that is, you will have to return to Freeze after eliminating some enemies blocking your way.
The fight that awaits you is not the easiest, you will have to stop your fearsome enemy with surprise attacks given the great technology wrapped around his suit.The fight can vary continuously, to turn the fight in your favor you simply have to use surprise attacks using the elements that the scenario offers you. At the end of the battle you will be greeted by a video sequence.
As soon as you exit the building you will see the repoter's helicopter fall. Your aim will be to go to the area of ​​the accident, eliminating the snipers who are holding the repoter under siege and then go down to bring it to safety.
In this mission you will have to go back to the steel mill. Compared to the first visit here the only way will be the super guarded one by snipers. You will have to silently eliminate all snipers and armed guards and then proceed inside the building.Enter the building you will have to overcome a stream that you can safely overcome by creating an ice raft with your weapon. the only way available to eliminate the various enemies and thus cross the different waterways. Continue your journey until you arrive at the doctor, who you saved earlier with the first visit. Now you will see several snipers in front of you, the only solution will be to eliminate them one by one until you arrive inside the Joker's refuge, which is where you met Joker for the first time.
After the video sequence, you will have to talk to the Joker initially. After the short dialogue you will be involved in a mega fight where you will have to eliminate all the clown guards and beat him too .. In this fight you will also be involved by two titans, so first eliminate the small pieces and then the large ones in order to easily get rid of the clown. All of them stretched out, you just have to knock out the Joker to kick off the next movie.

Having taken control of the cat woman, you will have to exit from Poison Ivy's lair and head towards the sewers. Once you get to the sewers you will have to deal with some enemies that "you will not have to eliminate, but stealthily steal the keys from them", then go back to the room computer to activate the port. Only now will you have the opportunity to eliminate the guards one by one and then calmly open the door that separates you from the loot.
Entered the vault, you will have to break the plant of Ivy and take the suitcases present in the room to make it start a fight with other enemies that you will have to eliminate. Now you will have to go back to the previous room and stand in front of the TV, where you will see a Batman in very bad condition.
Now you have to make a choice: taking the right road you will arrive in Gotham City with your loot and you will leave Arkham. You will have finished the game at the cost of Batman's life, taking the road to your left will leave the suitcases on the ground and exit the sewers to save Batman.

Solution Mission 31 - 35

Protocol Ten

To start this mission, you will need to exit the burning building and then get in touch with Oracle and then Alfred to receive new directives that you will need to learn about the new objectives. Now your main goal will be to first scan all the helicopters that will be present in the Arkham area and then come to know the location of Hugo Strange. To examine the aircraft you will first have to use the grappling hook to position yourself under them and repeat this sequence for each helicopter. I would like to remind you that the helicopters will shoot you, so try to avoid getting under the light beam.
Now the next destination will be is the control center of Arkham City or the Wonder Tower, where to enter you will have to carefully eliminate 2 snipers ready to fire.Continue the linear path until you reach the room where there will be political hostages: save them and continue going down the manhole on your right.
Wonder Tower
Once the snipers are eliminated, continue on the way to go to the nurse the one visited at the beginning of the game and reassure her. Now you will find yourself in a new super-guarded room with an elevator, so we advise you to move very carefully and eliminate the enemies silently and individually, as it will only take a few hits to go KO. the "Wonder Tower". At the top you will find a small group of enemies waiting for you who will try to stop you. Think about the armed ones first to leave the unarmed ones for last to make the fight easy. Now keep climbing the tower until you get to the security control center.
The Savior of Gotham
Entering the Wonder Tower from the air conditioning duct on your right you will have to get to the top of the tower. Here will be 6 armed enemies and Hugo Strange, safely inside his small room in the middle of the area. Eliminate those present using also the outside of the tower (a little advice: try to lure the enemies on the balconies, so as to eliminate them stealthily and individually) now you just have to go to the mad doctor. the code to open the door and enjoy again a cut-scene that will take you outside the tower.

Find Talia
You have reached the penultimate game mission, this mission will see you participate in chasing and then freeing Talia. Your main task now, will be to go and find Talia easily accessible thanks to the signal that will take you a little further inside Arkham, in an area populated by a multitude of snipers that you must first eliminate one by one. Joker in the center of this area, but to get to him you will have to free the area from the different and very dangerous enemies that will act as a "shield" to it ..
Once the area is cleared, follow the refugee to the new area to start the last show!

The last show
This mission will see you inside the cinema which will apparently be empty, it will be just you and "Clayface". In fact, once the long cut-scene is over, the enemy to be eliminated in question will be the most fearsome encountered so far and it will be lawful to face the fight by placing the maximum attention and tactics possible.
The first fight will be quite simple, you will initially have to avoid the blows of your enemy and take him from a distance (by pressing R2 twice) to perform a quick freezing attack; Sometimes your opponent will become a giant sphere and float towards you, at this point you will have to try to position yourself in front of the doors full of explosives so that Clayface will suffer a large amount of damage on the impact. of him to take the sword and inflict a hefty amount of damage on it. The fight will end when he loses all the energy bar. To end the fight quickly and painlessly, you must detonate him on the four explosive doors.
Once the fight is over, now there will be the change of scenery that comes after the short cut-scene .. The fight this time takes place between you, Clayface and his slime men. To take out Clayface you will need to take out the slime men first to prevent Clayface from regenerating his energy and alternate freezing attacks on him to permanently eliminate him. Once his energy bar has been reset, you will have finished the title! The credits will await you with a cut-scene!
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