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What cheat codes are there in DOOM Eternal? Cheat Codes were in vogue in past DOOMs and make their big comeback in the new hellish iteration Id Software. They can be activated by selecting the relevant mission in the Doomguy base: the Fortress of Destiny. They allow you to get fun and interesting changes; some make the game more difficult while others add a comic touch to certain mechanics. They cannot be activated the first time you play at a certain level.

Here are all the cheat codes in DOOM Eternal:

  • Activate all cheats - Enable / disable all unlocked cheat codes.
  • Infinite extra lives - The player has infinite extra lives. Obtained in the first mission. You will need to go through an opening in the ceiling.
  • IDDQD - The sentry's powerful armor will be active for the entire mission. Obtained in Mission 3, after receiving the shotgun present in the area.
  • Instant stun mode - One bullet hit, explosion, instant dash will instantly stun enemies. Has no effect on bosses. After finishing level 11, go back to the elevator that took you to the area and go into the corridor.
  • All the runes: all runes unlocked. Obtained in the Fortress of Destiny, aka the Doomguy base
  • Upgrade Mode: Furia - The Fury upgrade will be active for the entire mission. Obtainable in Mission 7. Particularly in the secret area of ​​the level there is an area with many tentacles, here the cheat code will be present.
  • IDKFA - All weapons and equipment of the Praetor armor will be unlocked and ready to use fully upgraded (s). Obtained in Mission 6, shortly after obtaining the empiric key. You will have to identify an opening on the part, once you enter you will find the question mark.
  • Silver bullet mode - Stunned demons die in one fell swoop. Obtained in Mission 4, the question mark is placed on top of a cylinder. By reaching the top it will be possible to obtain the upgrade in question.
  • Unlimited ammo - obtainable in Mission 5. Here too we have a large question mark present in the combat zone adjacent to the lava flow. By jumping onto the platform and smashing the wall to your left, you will enter an area. The trick is right there, in the midst of blood and entrails.
  • Fully enhanced armor - Obtained in the Fortress of Destiny
  • Boost Mode: Overdrive - The Overdrive upgrade will be active for the entire mission. Obtainable in Mission 9 and will be close to the second secret event that you will have to face in the level
  • Famine mode - demons will not drop health or armor when they die. Obtainable in Mission 10, after pressing the switch and passing through the traps present, let yourself fall into the hole located on the side of the room, in this secret area you will find the trick.
  • Party mode - demons explode in many confetti when hit in the head, limbs, torso etc. Obtained in Mission 11, Before reaching the terminal and immediately after the second secret event of the Mission, you will have to reach the raised platform, then look down to identify a fragile wall behind which you will find the secret code.
  • Upgrade Mode: Berserk - The Berserk upgrade will be available when the map is started. Only works on Hell on Earth, Exultia, Super Gore Nest, ARC Complex, and Mars Core. Obtainable in Mission 12, after successfully realigning the second ring, head left, locate the shabby wall, break it and you will find the code present in the level.
  • QuakeCon mode - An invisible audience will rejoice based on how you play.

We leave you with an explanatory video to help you in your search:

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