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Let's start by saying that Metro Exodus can be a merciless game, especially on higher difficulties. That's why we have prepared a series of tricks that will make Artyom's adventure easier.

1. Those who flee live to fight another day

You don't have to kill monsters, bandits or whatever other enemies you come across. Often the best solution is to escape, especially if you have little ammo or med kits. Killing monsters many times can be a waste of resources, as you won't find who knows what when you go and loot the corpse.

2. Aim for the head

It may seem obvious, but aiming for your opponent's head is the fastest way to take out an enemy, even the biggest ones. This reasoning will allow you not to waste ammunition.

3. The power to influence other lives as well

We will try to avoid any kind of spoilers. During the game there will be some moments that will allow you to make deals with enemies or to escape from a specific place. If you want to get a good ending and comrades alive, try to resolve conflicts without bloodshed. These choices will affect the final events in the various game regions.

4. How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours

There is a particular Karma system in the game. From time to time, you will happen to see your enemies raise their hands in surrender, if you kill them the screen will go dark for a moment and you will hear a particular sound. These signs mean that you have behaved immorally. Even good deeds will be memorized by the game, all of this will have to do with the events of the final chapter, so remember that your every action has a weight.

5. Use the air gun for weaker enemies

Try to use the air pistol on weaker enemies, as it is particularly easy to find ammunition for this weapon and above all it will allow you to conserve precious resources.

6. Clean your weapons regularly

Once you reach the Volga area, the game will insert workstations where you can create various objects. Once you reach these places, you will also have the opportunity to clean your weapons, which will gradually become dirty and lose efficiency.

7. The secondary also has its importance

Beyond the main story missions (marked with an "X" on the map), you will discover interesting places from time to time. It is useful to visit these areas, you can often find upgrades for your equipment and other useful items.

8. Time is on your side

Metro Exodus offers you the possibility to change the time of the day, once you go to rest. Some "beasts" only come out at night, when you too will be less visible, it is an ideal time to sneak somewhere. Decide which time of day reflects your needs, bearing in mind that with the sun you will not be the only ones to see better ...

9. There is no turning back

Moscow, Jantau, Volga and other places can only be visited once and you will not be allowed to return. So carefully analyze all the places and make sure you have everything you need at all times.

10. Too much haste in battle is the fastest way to the grave

In Metro Exodus, enemies can be particularly deadly and precise. Plan your every move calmly, try if possible to neutralize the enemies from the hiding places. This behavior will allow you to maintain ammo and resources, making it easier to fight with the remaining enemies. On the lower difficulties, on the other hand, you can unleash the John Rambo in you.

11. The watchword is to explore

It is always an excellent idea to study your surroundings. There are many places on Metro Exodus where you can find useful items and improvements. However, remember that your priority is to survive, do not unnecessarily jeopardize your existence.

12. Collect resources

Collect raw materials from corpses and dismantle all weapons you find on the ground. Upgrades (orange shards), raw materials and ammo will be waiting for you every time you take down your weapons.

13. Retrace your steps

You will be able to play the chapters already faced several times and the previous saves will be overwritten. It is a good idea to do this after beating the game at least once, it could help you get trophies and achievements.

14. Grenades and Molotov cocktails aren't all that effective

Molotov cocktails and grenades are not as useful as you might think. Creating them is a useless resource of resources, in fact, many enemies will be able to escape the detonation.

15. Snipering is the best way

In open spaces, sniper weapons are the best choice, as they will allow you to take out enemies from far away. So make sure you always have a sniper rifle with you.

16. Listen to the radio on the go

No, this is not an advice from the CCiSS Viaggiare Informati. When you are on board the Aurora (steam train that will transport our Artyom in Metro Exodus) you can listen or take part in interesting dialogues in order to get to know the crew better. Or if you want to be alone with your thoughts, you can sit next to the radio and listen to everything that happens in the world of Metro Exodus.

17. Visiting the Caspian Sea

Once you have visited the Caspian Sea, make sure you reach the end of the car, you will receive some incendiary bullets for Tichar. This will be the only time in the level that you will be able to use the workshop.

The UAZ car is not particularly important, it will only serve to speed up your adventure in the Caspian Sea. If by some miracle you fail it, don't worry, as the story progresses the car will be moved automatically.

We hope this series of tricks will be useful to you, do not miss the guides we are preparing.

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