Warriors: Legends Of Troy review

The spin-off series is back with a new setting

Playstation 3 tested version.

For over ten years now, the Japanese publisher and developer Koei, which became Tecmo-Koei since 2010 following the merger of the two companies of the same name, has accustomed gamers to the hack'n'slash videogame genre, thanks to the famous saga Dynasty Warriors, now in its seventh chapter.
Well, it should be added that over the last few years the company has tried to relaunch this franchise by making spin-offs of the original saga, generally with completely different stories and settings. Various examples can be the recent Fist Of The North Star: Ken's Rage, or the miniseries Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, now in its third chapter.
Among these has recently seen the light of another interesting video game called Warriors: Legends Of Troy, which we will deal with in this review, which presents a story that is very well known and exploited in the cinematographic field, but much less in the videogame industry. The legendary Trojan War.
Let's find out if the Koei Canada team, creator of this interesting title, managed to exploit and recreate this magnificent story, told in the wonderful and epic work written by the Greek poet Homer: the Iliad.

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