The Evil Within, guide to trophies and achievements

We make your hunt easier for you.

Mikami's horror, the latest Tango Gameworks effort, The Evil Within, is finally among us and as usual comes our guide to trophies and objectives, which will facilitate your search for the perfect score or the much coveted platinum. 


Guide constantly updated. 

First steps in the dark

Complete the game on the lowest difficulty

Ordinary administration

Complete the game on Survival difficulty

Master of Horror

Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty


Collect all items in the game


Open all the lockers in the save rooms

Macho Man

Raise Sebastian's stats to 100%

Inseparable companions

100% upgrade a weapon

There's no two without three

Upgrade three weapons

Invincible Arsenal


Upgrade all weapons

Why can't I bring all this ammunition?

Upgrade options in the Stock Menu

A clean sweep

Kill 10 enemies using the missile launcher

Five darts of violence

Kill 5 enemies using Agony Bolts

The sound of silence

Kill 5 consecutive enemies silently without being detected

Disco Inferno


Kill 5 enemies with the flashlight

Mountain of corpses

Kill 30 enemies

Scarlet Fury

Kill 200 enemies

A man, a hero


Kill 400 enemies

Ammo savings

 Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks

Bar brawl

Kill an enemy by stealth after hitting them with a bottle

Fire purifies

Kill three living enemies by dropping a match

Speed ​​is everything

 Finish the game within 5 hours

No tricks

Finish the game without the green gel skill upgrade

You asked for it

Complete the game in AKUMU mode

Like Corvo


Open the village gate without killing anyone in Chapter 2

Knife beats chainsaw


Take out the Sadist using a stealth kill in chapter three

The Center is my home

 Try the Vision in the Hospice in Chapter Four

Hard work, mine


Save Kidman without Joseph taking any damage in chapter five

There is something for everyone

Save Joseph from falling down the ladder in chapter 6

I don't have time for this!


Escape the catacombs by killing only 2 Keepers in Chapter 7

Wise management

Finish Chapter 8 without firing a single weapon

Human Torch




Defeat Laura before she takes the elevator in Chapter 10

Not even a scratch!



 Drive along the highway without hitting a single enemy in chapter twelve

Experienced electrician



Activate the subway electrical system during chapter fourteen.


The weapon of choice

 Defeat the Sadist in the Village

 Old Flame 

 Kill a screaming beast 

Two out of two 

 Eliminate the two guardians in front of the church

What's in the box?


Escape the keeper of the catacombs 

First, not least

Kill a monster in the underground garage 


Defeat a threat in the city 

Journey into oblivion 

 Eliminate an invisible enemy 

One of many

Destroy the Evil Within 

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