Sony Entertainment Network presents the Online Store

Among the major updates, the simpler navigation system and an even more powerful search engine.

Sony Network Entertainment International e Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today unveil the new Online Store that allows all PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) users and anyone with a PC to discover and purchase games, videos and much more. The new , available in 15 European countries starting today 10 December, offers users incredible content to explore thanks to a new search engine and an integrated catalog of millions of games, adds-ons, themes, movies and TV series.

The launch of the Online Store continues the update process that has already begun with the new design of the PlayStation®Store (PS Store) for PS3. Both PS Store and the new Online Store will continue to be updated to improve search criteria and make content more accessible. For example, users of the Online Store will be able to access advanced features and automatically download purchased content remotely for both PlayStation, but also for mobile phones and, in the future, tablets.

The Online Store packs in a wealth of content never seen before on the PS Store. For PlayStation users this translates into the ability to shop online from a PC and automatically add the download to their PS Store account in order to download content on both PS3 and PS Vita in real time. The same goes for the purchase of videos that can be viewed from your PC with a Windows operating system using the Media Go application.

Available today, the Online Store is available at the following link:

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