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SilentiumPC expands its line of double tempered glass cases, with the Signum SG1X TG RGB, a beautifully equipped tower with excellent airflow and exceptional value for money even for a company like SPC that has accustomed us all too well.

Design and construction quality

The Signum SG1X TG RGB is a case Mid Tower double chamber with generous external dimensions, measuring 44,7cm in height, 21,6cm in width and 41,3 in depth. The weight is considerable, with its 5,68 kg, a sign that in no way has been saved on the materials used. The case is capable of accommodating ATX, MATX and ITX motherboards. All the specifications can be found in our table below.

Height447 mm
Depth413 mm
Empty weight KG 5,68
HDD / SSD2 × 2,5 ″, 2 × 2,5 ″ / 3,5 ″
5,25 ″ slot no
Motherboards supportedATX / MICROATX / MITX
CPU heatsink height161 mm
GPU length325 mm
PSU length 160 mm
Space for cables on the back 23 - 35 mm

From the design point of view, SilentiumPC hasn't innovated a lot, and the shapes of this latest product from the Polish company closely resemble those of the Armis AR7X TG RGB case.

Like the Armis, the SG1X also features a large opening at the top, with a honeycomb structure protected by an easily removable magnetic dust filter. From the front, the most evident feature of this case are the two large tempered glass panels that allow you to admire the components inside and the fans equipped with RGB lighting as standard. In order to ensure a good airflow, despite the glass front panel, the company has expanded the side slits compared to the previous model, also protected by a honeycomb structure this time in plastic.

As we said, the case is equipped with 4 CORONA HP RGB 120 mm fans, three in the front part for input and one in the rear for extraction. The fans have a maximum rotation speed of 1500rpm (± 10%) and a range of about 35.0 CFM and, as we pointed out in the review of the other case, they are the only weak point of the SilentiumPC offer on the performance side.

In balance between trends

The RGB lighting is not very strong, perhaps also due to the smoked glass that blurs the brilliance of the fans, but overall the effect is very elegant and we sincerely prefer it over more “noisy” solutions. The particular shape of the case makes it impossible to see the three front fans when placing the case horizontally on the desk, but the uniformity of lighting and the wide range of colors and pre-set effects we really liked, thanks to a look minimalist.

The side panel, also in smoked tempered glass, is held by four screws. It detaches easily, even if it is a bit complicated to put it back on since the fitting is quite tight due to the presence of four rubber pads that tend to fall, so as always, maximum caution (in the Armis AR7X TG RGB instead, precisely the presence of more rubber pads large blocks prevented the panel from sliding once the 4 screws were unscrewed, and this greatly helped in the disassembly of the panel). 

In the upper front, of course, the usual set of I / O could not be missing, in particular: power on, reset, toggle switch for RGB LED lighting, LED indicator, 3,5mm audio input and audio output jack and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A ports.

Cool the hot spirits

The Signum SG1X TG RGB case doesn't shine when it comes to space for your tower air cooler. The space available in height is in fact “only” 161mm, cutting out top-of-the-range heatsinks such as the Noctua NH-D15 which has a height of 165 mm.

Fortunately, the case has excellent compatibility with liquid cooling systems (AIOs) instead, allowing the installation of 120/140/240/360 mm heatsinks at the front e 120/140/240/280 mm at the top. Obviously, a 120mm AIO can be found in the rear.

Plenty of space

Coming to the main chamber of the case, the space available is certainly abundant and more than enough for any standard configuration. While it is a shorter chassis format than traditional mid towers, it can accommodate just about anything, and the dual chamber that separates the power supply from other components also helps keep temperatures in check. As we said, the case has a small size in terms of length, but this does not prevent you from installing graphics cards up to 360 mm long, while if you want to put a radiator in the front in a push-pull configuration, just insert graphics cards no longer than 300 mm. Speaking of radiators, by inserting a 360 mm one in the front, the space available still allows you to install another set of three fans on the inside for a push-pull configuration.

The underside features a large magnetic dust filter, as well as four raised feet with soft padding. The 3,5 ”drives can be positioned in two places in particular. Using grommets and screws, one can be placed on the bottom, while the other hangs upside down and hooks onto the top surface of the feeder mesh.

Final comment

The case Signum SG1X TG RGB it is a flexible product suitable for practically all the possible needs of the gamer, of which we appreciated its particular versatility especially with the AIO heatsinks. If you prefer air cooling you will only have some limitations in terms of height, but otherwise the workspace is abundant and the build quality, exceptional. Cross and delight are the fans RGB crown pre-installed: if from an aesthetic point of view they are really very interesting, on the performance side they are rather basic and noisy. However, if you consider the cost of the case and the presence of four RGB fans pre-installed with your controller, you will understand that this is still a great surplus.

The Polish company SilentiumPC once again made a product that surprised us, and this is the second time, on two tested products; not a bad result considering the young age of the brand.

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