Samsung works to free up space on the Galaxy S4's internal memory

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Since the day of its debut, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has entered forcefully in the desires of the community of eager users of this spectacular life partner, as the advertisement says, even at the expense of a huge space occupied by the operating system and its applications on its internal memory.

In fact, the internal memory of 16GB it is occupied for about 9GB, leaving only, so to speak, 7GB available to the user. Obviously the addition of an external memory of type MicroSD it can be a solution, but it comes from turning up your nose reading in detail that the commitment is due to a whole series of features and functions inherent in the firmware.

Samsung wanted to reassure users by stating that the development team is working to bring a lighter firmware through the optimization of the code available in an upcoming update. It is not known which "neighbor" he is referring to, but as they say in these cases, better late than never.

source CNET

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