Resident Evil 2 - Guide to weapons and where to find them

If you have decided to take on this adventure… we might as well do it well equipped

Whether you have already played the title way back in 1998, or if you are new to this world, you will have understood that weapons are very important.

Some of them are easily found, you can in fact find them as loot or by doing certain actions, while others you can lose them if you do not rely on exploration and a certain flair.

Finding certain types of weapons will significantly affect the difficulty of the game (not many zombies resist anti-tank rockets).

During the first part of the game you will have access to a rather poor arsenal, at your disposal there will be only a gun and a knife. The more you delve into the horrors of Raccoon City, the greater the risks and rewards ...

Exclusive weapons

Like the old Resident Evil 2, there will be weapons that only one character can use, for example Claire can have a very useful Grenade Launcher, while Leon Scott Kennedy will have the Shotgun.

Weapons with infinite hits

If you like to win easy, the game will reward certain actions with infinite ammo weapons, do you want to know what to do? Here you are satisfied:

  • Samurai Edge (Original Model) (Pistol): Complete the game with an S rank or higher on Standard difficulty.
  • LE 5 (Machine Gun): Complete the game with an S rank or higher on Hardcore difficulty.
  • ATM-4 (Rocket Launcher): Complete Leon's story (scenario A or B) with rank S + on Hardcore difficulty.
  • Minigun (Rotating barrel machine gun): Complete Claire's story (scenario A or B) with rank S + on Hardcore difficulty.
  • Infinite Combat Knife (Dagger): Destroy all of the Mr. Raccoon figurines during the game.

Among other things, we remind you that even weapons with infinite ammunition must be reloaded.

A headshot is forever

Now that Resident Evil 2 has become a third person shooter, you will have the choice of where to hit your enemies. If you have a few shots in the barrel it will not be easy to eliminate opponents with a headshot (it takes 4 well-placed shots, more or less), but you can slow down the wave of the undead by hitting them in the leg.

Weapons for Leon and Claire, how to get them

There are a few weapons that are for both characters, among them we find:

  • Combat Dagger: After talking to Marvin or Loot;
  • Grenade: Loot;
  • Flash Grenade: Loot;
  • Samurai Edge Chris Model (Pistol): Pre-order bonus;
  • Samurai Edge Jill Model: Pre-order bonus;
  • Samurai Edge Albert Model: Pre-order bonus;

Arms for Leon

Matilda (Pistol): Default weapon;

W-870 (Shotgun): Security Depot (First Floor Police Station);

Lightning Hawk (Magnum): Armeria (Second Floor Police Station);

Chemical Flamethrower: Storeroom (Sewers);

M19 (High Caliber Pistol): Guard Post (Police Station) (only available in Leon scenario B);

Anti-tank rocket launcher: Lift (Laboratory).

Weapons for Claire

SLS60 (Pistol): Default weapon;

GM79 (Grenade Launcher): Security Depot (First Floor Police Station);

MQ11 (Machine Gun): Armory (Second Floor Police Station)

JMP Hp3 (Pistol): Parking (Police Station)

Spark Shot (Stun Gun): Storeroom (Sewers);

Quickdraw Army (High Caliber Pistol): Guard Post (Police Station)

Minigun (Rotating barrel machine gun): Platform (Laboratory).

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