Red Dead Redemption 2, 8 tips to survive in the Wild West

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Even the best gunslingers need someone to show them the way

Are you exploring the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2 and feeling lost in front of the creation of Rockstar? Don't worry, the editorial team is always close to you, here are 8 useful tips to survive in this ruthless world.

1. Your horse is the only true friend you will have ...

As you surely know, the horse, as well as the trusty steed that will have the task of accompanying you in this immense world, will be your friend, unfortunately even the best friends go away ...

If your horse is seriously injured, you will have to witness the merciless scene of the animal's demise, amidst moans and blood. To avoid this harrowing scene, and to maintain the level of chemistry, you can purchase a valuable resuscitation kit for your mount.

This valuable help will be available in any store and you will have little time to use it.

2. Overcooked ...

If after a few successful hits, you want to get rid of the stolen goods, you will have to wait for the fence to be unlocked. To get this precious help, it will be necessary to move forward in history.

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3. Sometimes you have to know how to wait

After you unlock the fence, many of you will be tempted to get rid of your entire inventory in order to earn valuable "bucks". We advise you to take it easy, better keep aside precious and legendary animals, in fact if you take these materials to the fences, you will get permanent in-game advantages.

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4. A good hunter always studies prey

It's not just a sad trailer line, in fact in Red Dead Redemption 2, a careful analysis of the animal you intend to eliminate, will lead you to rich rewards. We advise you to always choose level 3 prey (to discover the level, just observe the animal with binoculars). In fact, the prey of this level will guarantee you perfect materials, only if you use the right weapons and the correct ammunition.

5. Real Cowboys are ambidextrous ...

We have not fully analyzed all the various submenus, where this option may be present. In any case, in order not to find yourself unprepared in the middle of a Mexican stall, just press the d-pad to the left and you can move the weapon from one arm to the other.

6… but the best have double the firepower

"Two is better than uan" is a phrase that always goes, from ice cream to weapons. In fact, if you want to dictate the law in the Wild West, you'll have to unlock the second holster, a sawn-off shotgun in one hand, a Colt in the other and ... "Hasta la vista, Baby".

7. We're not wild ...

It is true that the environment is inhospitable, but it is not necessary to live like a savage to face the West. The good Dutch Van der Linde, will give you the honor and the burden of managing the money of the camp, all you have to do is upgrade the accommodations as soon as possible, to do this you will have to approach the ledger near the money box, from there you can proceed to the improvements for "only" 220 $.

By doing this, the gang will draw inspiration from your good example, leaving you time to peacefully explore the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Is the world too big for you? For the modest sum of $ 325 you will receive the map, which will allow you to use the Fast Travel from the camp.

8. I said hands up!

Sometimes it is necessary to use "iron" to make others understand that we are not joking, but before we commit the crime of murder, we can fire a shot in the air.

To do this, simply aim high and pull the trigger. Do you like being like Yosemite Sam? No problem, give yourself crazy joy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is already available for Xbox One and PS4, if you want to buy it, just click here. In the meantime, we leave you to our review by Cristian Eastwood ...

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