Playstation 4, the SHARE button may be locked at the discretion of the developers

Shuehi Yoshida and the Share button!

According to the boss of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuehi Yoshida revealed in a recent interview new details about the “Share” button on the new Dualshock 4's PlayStation 4.

Yoshida has revealed that the developers will have the possibility to choose at their discretion whether to block or leave its function active in certain situations of the game or block it for that type of software.

Yoshida states: “There will be parts of the game that the writers don't want people to see. To give you an example: on the system Life the developers have given you the possibility to take screenshots but in some scenes they have allowed them to be blocked, the Share function will have a similar mechanism. And in some titles, the developer may choose to block the use of the button for the entire software ”.

Yoshida concludes with PS3: “It's hard to think you play like The Last of Us e Beyond: Two Souls they are running on exactly the same hardware as the old ones. Those developers have worked hard to make titles of that caliber given the enormous difficulty of programming on Ps3 but with the new console everything will be easier ”.

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