Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, guide to Trophies and Achievements

A guide to conquer them all.

In this article we will try to help you unlock as much as possible within de Middle Earth: The Shadow of MordorThe new game Monolith inspired by the series of books and films by J. R. R. Tolkien. The title came out on October 3, 2014 su Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and PC

Below is our in-depth guide to achievements / trophies, with icons, descriptions and useful tips to get them. The trophies or achievements are a sort of reward for some actions carried out within the game and are linked to the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account.

To get all 51 trophies / achievements approximately 25-30 hours of gameplay are required and an internet connection is required (for  Eye for an eye). All trophies / achievements can be unlocked in a single game run. There is no reason to limit the freedom of action with specific advice on how to approach the game to reduce the time to obtain trophies: play quietly, kill whoever comes within range and, once your mission is finished, recover the trophies that you miss. To avoid the greatest number of spoilers, the trophies that are obtained automatically over the course of the story will not have in-depth descriptions, only small tips on how to deal with any clashes.

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What kind of game is it?

  Master of Mordor

Mordor is easily entered. Get all other trophies / achievements in the game. 

  You will obey me!

Take control of an Uruk. Connected to the story. 

  The great and powerful Ratbag

Promote Ratbag to Commander. Connected to the story. 

  The Shining Lord

Learn about the Ghost's past. Connected to the story. 

  Gorthaur the Cruel

Destroy the gates of the monument and take down the statue of Sauron. Connected to the story. 

  The Hammer falls

Kill the Hammer. Connected to the story. Let's make a little departure from the rule to give advice on killing the Hammer: this first boss is vulnerable to attacks with arrows and executions, so killing the many orcs that will appear during the battle is a great way to accumulate combos and damage the Hammer with executions. Try to dodge his attacks. 

  Beyond all hope

Save Lithariel's life. Connected to the story. You will need to mark six orcs before proceeding to the rescue to cover the escape. Don't be afraid to leave your "load" on the ground to help allies. 

   The White Wizard

Lift Lady Marwen's curse. Connected to the story. 

  For my brother

Kill the Great White Graug. Connected to the story. Prevent the Graug from eating the ghuls that appear during the fight to prevent it from regaining health. 

  The Tower collapses

Kill the Tower. Connected to the story. You don't have to be spotted by the enemy (if you are spotted three times, Talion will die). The Tower will fall after three Stealth Drains (R2 + O / RT + B). 

  The cut hand

Kill the Black Hand. Connected to the story. Disappointing final battle with Quick Time Event shots. 

  To rule them all

Witness the creation of the Rings of Power. Connected to the story. 

  Swooping death

Use Overhead Strike against your target from a height of at least 60 feet. It is sufficient to kill an Uruk from the top of a Forge Tower (R2 / RT to enter stealth mode and acquire the target + square / X to carry out the kill). 

  The fire of revenge

Kill a burning berserker with Execution. Bersekers are uruk who use two axes. To kill a burning one, the best option is to hit it with a flaming arrow, after charging your combo gauge, and then finish it off with an execution. It is advisable to have many upgrades unlocked. 

  Everything burns

Use the Detonate ability to burn 50 Uruk. You need the Detona skill (one of the first to unlock) and the kills are cumulative, meaning you don't need to kill 50 orcs with a single detonation. Simply use the skill whenever the situation calls for it, shooting arrows (R2 + L2 / RT + LT) at each barrel of fire in the vicinity of a group of uruk.  

  Deadly iron

Issue a Death Threat and then kill the target. Death Threat is a 4th degree ability, which allows you to threaten captains through a uruk branded by us (tato square / X). Once the threat is launched, the enemy will surround himself with bodyguards and will be more difficult to kill, but, on the other hand, will be more "inclined" to drop an epic rune once he is dead. The killing will be carried out without dying and without retiring from the battle. 

  A new master

Mark a captain in combat. After unlocking the Skills Drain in Battle (level 3) and Mark (unlocks during the story). The captain must therefore be weakened until the indicator turns green: at this point, chained a series of hits, it will be possible to mark him with Drain in battle. 

  Union is not strength

Help a captain during a Recruit, then kill him along with all his new followers. A Captain must be marked and placed in the ranks of a Commander's bodyguard to access a recruiting mission. Prevent the Captain from being killed by the hostile uruks and, once the mission success notification arrives, kill the remaining orcs, including the Captain. 

   Black banquet

Poison a captain at his own banquet. The ability to poison the grog and access to banquet-type side quests must be obtained (obtained throughout the story). Press R1 / RB near a grog barrel to poison it, but be careful not to get caught. If all went well, it will be enough to wait for the captain to drink the grog from the poisoned barrel.

   Shitty rebels

Mark 5 bodyguards of a commander, turning them against him in combat. You need to get the Mark skill and be able to dominate enemies. No commander will have five bodyguards: it will therefore be necessary to have the chosen commander recruit the number of captains necessary to reach a total of 5 subordinates (see Union is not strength). Once this is done, it will be sufficient to order one of them to betray the commander and, as soon as he arrives with all his retinue, press the Up button on the d-pad to order all the remaining captains to betray him.

  Graug's heel

Take advantage of a commander's fear. Each commander, thanks to the Nemesis System, has specific fears, which can be discovered by interrogating his captains or simply by having them activated randomly during the fight. Possible fears are betrayal (seeing allies fighting each other), fear of burning, fear of a specific creature (Caragor, Ghul, Graug, flies Morgai flies, Talion himself) and fear at the sight of a rival. Discovered the fear and put the commander to flight, you will get the trophy / objective.

  Divide and dominate

Eliminate the bodyguards of two commanders, then lure them out and kill them. Once the “Army of Sauron” menu has revealed that some captains are bodyguards of certain commanders, kill the ones linked to the leader you want to target before starting the commander's elimination mission. Once a commander is killed, repeat the process a second time.

  Lord and master

Mark all 5 commanders. After obtaining the Mark ability, all five commanders must be marked before killing them. If one of the commanders dies by mistake, it will be possible to brand the captains who were his bodyguard, since it will be one of them to replace him. All commanders will need to be branded and alive to get the trophy / achievement.

  Power vacuum

Kill all 5 commanders before any Uruk can take their place. Unlocked the ability to eliminate commanders, be sure to kill the bodyguards of all commanders before starting to eliminate them. Also avoid dying or traveling quickly, because in both cases Nemesis would activate the procedure for replacing the deceased. If you got it Lord and master, it will be sufficient to start the related elimination missions and instantly kill the marked commanders with the Down button of the D-pad.

  Rise and decline

Help an Uruk, promoted to captain for killing you, become commander, then kill him. Trophy a bit long but all in all simple. After revealing the commanders and obtaining the Mark ability, kill a captain to create a stray position. Then get killed by a simple uruk so that he gets promoted. Locate him and brand him, so that he can be ordered to become the bodyguard of one of the commanders. Once the recruiting mission is complete, order him to betray his superior and assist him in the betrayal mission. Then start the mission to kill the new commander and kill him with the Down button of the D-pad. 

  The spirit of Mordor

Start a Uprising by ordering one commander to attack another. Gained the necessary skills (Enemy Mark and Domination), mark a commander and then order him to attack his peer. It is possible to speed up the process by unleashing the riot immediately after obtaining the trophy Lord and master. 

  The White Knight

Free 30 slaves in 180 seconds while riding a Caragor. Sufficiently explanatory description: the trophy can only be obtained after obtaining the ability to ride the Caragors. Follow the video to reach an area with many slaves to free.

  Wild beasts

Free 5 Caragor from the cages. The orcs often put these "cute felines" in a cage: it will be enough to locate 5 cages during our explorations and open them with an arrow or a well aimed shot. Warning: they are not very friendly even with their liberator.

  Deadly maw

Lure Caragors with lure 5 times. Whenever you come across camps displaying succulent hanging meat lures, drop them to the ground with an arrow. These will attract one or more Caragors: once you reach a total of 5, the achievement trophy will be unlocked.

  Run away fools!

Escape 20 Uruk by dropping Morgai Flies' nests. It is enough to put a total of 20 uruk to flight by hitting the nests of Morgai flies with your arrows. They are quite common, just repeat the process until the trophy / achievement is unlocked.

  Eye for an eye

Complete a feud mission. The only trophy that requires an internet connection: when a player (not necessarily one in the friends list) is killed by an orc, an orange icon will appear on the map. Once the mission is activated, it will be sufficient to complete it by killing the selected captain. 

  The legend of revenge

Complete a sword mission and start building the Legend of Urfael. You see Fire of justice.

  Fire of justice

Complete all Urfael Legend Missions. There are 10 missions related to the Legend of the Urfael Sword (5 in Udun and 5 in Nurn, which unlocks over the course of the story). Each mission is unlocked upon obtaining one of its related skills. The skills needed to gain access to all missions are: Execution, Ride Caragor, Lightning Show her, Drain in Battle and Kill

  Legend of the shadow

Complete a mission with the dagger and start building up the Legend of Acharn. You see The last shadow.

  The last shadow

Complete all Acharn Legend Missions. It works exactly like Fire of justice. The skills needed in this case are: Overhead Strike, Violence, Lethal Shadow Strike, and Mark. 

  The legend of the Creator

Complete a mission with the bow and start building the Legend of Azkâr. You see The Arch of the Creator.

  The Arch of the Creator

Complete all Azkâr Legend Missions. It works exactly like Fire of justice e The last shadow. The necessary skills are: Ride Caragor, Detonate, Pinning and Flame Arrow.

  The cold light

Unlock 3 sword rune slots. You see Paid with blood.

  Paid in blood

Unlock 4 dagger rune slots. Rune slots can be unlocked from the "weapon attributes" menu. Each weapon can have up to 4 rune slots, which cost 60, 180, 380, and 800 Mirian respectively. It takes a total of 2280 Mirians to get the three trophies / achievements linked to the rune slots (The cold light, Paid in blood, Straight to the target). 

  Straight to the target

Unlock 2 Arc Rune Slots. You see Paid with blood.

  The power of fate

Acquire a level 25 rune. Without venturing into the counts to get increase the chance of obtaining high level runes, know that you must meet these requirements:

- target a level 20 commander

- obtain information on his weaknesses (if the commander has none, change target)

- get killed by the commander (repeat the operation if the commander is not yet at level 20), so that he can later "avenge" you

- have the commander show his fear before killing him.

It is also advisable not to kill the commander personally if he has received a death threat, to avoid increasing the chances that he will drop an epic rune rather than a high level one.

Repeat the process, if necessary, until the required rune is obtained.

  Crowned with bright light

Collect 50% of the Ithildin. You see Bearer of the lamp.

  Bearer of the lamp

Collect 100% of the Ithildin. There are 32 in total, 16 in Udun and 16 in Nurn; the locations are easily identifiable on the map after activating the Forge Tower in the area. They can only be activated in Spectrum Mode and each Ithildin displays the piece of a mosaic visible in the "Appendices" menu.

  Street of the Dead

Collect 25% of Artifacts. You see Shadows from an ancient past.

  Shadows from an ancient past

Collect 100% of the artifacts and listen to their memories. There are 42 artifacts, 19 in Udun and 23 in Nurn. As with the Ithildin, their location is easily identified after activating the Forge Towers. Once the artifact has been found with the Ghost Mode, it will be possible to manipulate it with the right stick to find and listen to the memory.  

  Morannon Explorer

Successfully complete a Survival Challenge. You see Drifter of Ithilien

  Drifter of Ithilien

Complete all Survival Challenges. There are 10 survival challenges that activate progressively, requiring the collection of certain herbs scattered throughout Mordor. Some herbs are found only in specific areas (through the map it is possible to know which herbs grow in each area). When you approach a grass, the corresponding icon will appear in the mini-map, which will reveal at a glance (if you have mentally memorized the required grass icon) whether it is the one you are looking for or not. The summary of the herbs collected is visible on the map, in the center on the left.

  The free people

Complete a Forsaken Rescue Mission. You see Liberator.


Complete all Forsaken rescue missions. Forsaken are slaves who have earned punishment from their masters. There are a total of 24 missions, 12 for Udun and 12 in Nurn. Each mission will become accessible by freeing a certain group of slaves with a white fist icon on their heads. The missions are divided into levels and it will not be possible to access the higher level missions before having completed all those of the previous level. 

  The thrill of the hunt

Successfully complete 4 Hunting Challenges. You see Champion of the Wilds

  Champion of the Wilds

Complete all Hunting Challenges. As for survival challenges (Drifter of Ithilien), even the hunting challenges are 10, progressive and require you to kill a certain number of animals of one or more species. Habitat of the creatures and summary of those killed are also visible in this case on the general map. If you run out of specimens in an area, quickly travel to the nearest forge tower to force their respawn.

  Memories of the Eregion

Activate all Towers of the Forge. There are 12 in total, 6 per region. To activate them, simply scale them and then press R1 / RB when prompted, to view the points of interest in the area and unlock fast travel. The towers are marked on the map of the region and easily located.

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