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Have you noticed these days that your PC has wrong date and time? Have you made any updates or have you installed an antivirus lately and think you have done some damage? Quiet why the computer clock always lags behind not what you are thinking.

You must know that in 99% of cases the problem of incorrect date and time on the PC it is caused by the backup battery present on the motherboard, for more details and to solve your problem, please take 5 minutes of your time and read on to understand how to set date and time of clock left behind.

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The backup battery, also called button cell, present on the motherboard has a duration ranging from 2 to 5 years, depending on the use made on the PC, and is used to preserve some settings such as, for example, the date and the system time, even when the PC is turned off, and the BIOS working parameters.

An auxiliary circuit of the power supply keeps the CMOS memory clock of the motherboard under voltage even when the PC is switched off, therefore the 3V battery is used even when the PC is not receiving power from the 230V socket.

Motherboard failure

If the battery life is less than 3 years, the cause is almost always attributable to a hardware failure of the motherboard: a smoothing capacitor has a leaking dielectric, and constantly drains energy from the battery. This defect can be caused by flexing of the motherboard printed circuit board during the manufacturing steps of the PC, which caused a crack in the dielectric of a surface mount ceramic capacitor. 

In the latter case the only remedy is motherboard replacement, but if this is not possible, you can extend the life of the backup battery by keeping the PC connected to the power outlet. 

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If, on the other hand, the problem of incorrect date and time on the PC it occurred to you for the first time, you can safely replace the buffer battery.

How to replace a backup battery

Replacing a backup battery with an incorrect date is not complex at all, quite the contrary. To do this, you need to remove the side panel of the case to access the motherboard. The operation must be performed after disconnecting the computer from the power outlet.

On the motherboard you should see the backup battery: it is a flat battery (small round plate in shiny metal), like CR2032. To locate it you can refer to the manual of the computer motherboard.

After replacing it, you may need to go to the PC's BIOS and set the correct date and time there as well.

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