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We cannot speak of Final Fantasy VII Remake and not to mention the invocations, on the other hand we are talking about an element present since the third chapter of the series.

What are invocations? These are epic beasts that you can use in battle, especially in the moments when you will be in greater difficulty.

There are three types of Materia invocations in the game and as you progress you will get them all. Some, however, are available as a pre-order bonus, while others are unlockable only by meeting certain conditions.

Each character can summon at least one creature and, unlike the original game, there is a single slot dedicated to summons for each of them.

The invocations, however, are "editable" to your liking, allowing you to choose them based on the weaknesses of your enemies. These individual moves remain the most powerful in the game along with Limit Breaks.

In this guide we will list all the invocations of the game, along with their attacks and elements. Please note:: the article contains spoilers, so read only the part that interests you.

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Legendary summons and how to find them

Ifrit, Chocobo, Shiva and Leviathan, names that only the veterans of the series will recognize, but that also the novices of Final Fantasy will learn. Here's where to find them all.


  • How to unlock: You will get this fiery Jinn directly from Jessie after finishing Chapter 3.
  • Type of damage: Ifrit will deal Fire-type damage.
  • Final move: Hellfire.


  • How to unlock: During Chapter 6, after turning off the three lights, do not immediately go up the big elevator but go to the left of the latter until you find a smaller one. Grab it to discover an optional area that will take you behind the large fans you passed just before. After a short fight, you will be able to retrieve this matter just behind one of the fans, also unlocking the "Investigator" trophy.
  • Type of damage: Chocomoguri will deal both Wind and non-elemental damage.
  • Final move: Stampede.


  • How to unlock: Defeat Shiva in the fifth fight of Chadley's VR simulator, in Chapter 8. Once done, Chadley himself will deliver the Matter to you.
  • Type of damage: Shiva will hit your enemies with powerful Ice-type attacks.
  • Final move: Diamond dust.

To beat it, bring with you any magic attack with the Fire element and the good Ifrit, you will see that it will melt like snow in the sun.

Chocobo Ciccio

  • How to unlockComplete the XNUMXth fight in Chadley's VR simulation. You will have to defeat the huge bird in question before obtaining it and being able to unleash its power against your enemies.
  • Type of damage: this "big" variant of the cute Chocobo will inflict damage of a non-elemental nature.
  • Final move: Kerplunk.


  • How to unlock: also in this case you will have to complete a fight for Chadley, the fifteenth to be precise.
  • Type of damage: Despite being an aquatic beast, the Leviathan will inflict damage of a non-elemental nature, as there is no element of Water in Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  • Final move: Tsunami.

Don't rely on elemental magic to beat Leviathan, as they won't be of much help to you during battle.


  • How to unlock: contact Chadley again and complete the twentieth fight, which you will only be able to access after completing them all.
  • Type of damage: Bahamut's powerful damage is all non-elemental in nature.
  • Final move: Megaflare.

Beating this mighty being won't be easy, as the fight will be divided into waves. You'll have to pay attention to its devastating finishing move, but luckily it will "count to 5" before using it. For the best strategy, you can consult our Final Fantasy VII Remake trophy guide and read the description of the hidden gold trophy “Extreme Sabotage“.

Exclusive invocations

The following three invocations are only available to those who have pre-ordered the game or purchased special editions. At the moment we don't know if they will be released in the future as downloadable content for all players.

Please note that these invocations can be used after Jessie's tutorial at the beginning of the Chapter 2.


  • Type of damage: the cute and iconic cactus will inflict non-elemental damage.
  • Final move: 10.000 Needles.
  • Editions: Deluxe Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, 1st Class Edition.


  • Type of damage: This particular little creature will be meant to enrich the team with positive magic, so it won't deal any damage to enemies.
  • Final move: heal all characters.
  • Editions: 1st Class Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition.


  • Type of damage: The very yellow and tender chick will help you in battle with non-elemental attacks.
  • Final move: n / a.
  • Editions: preorder.

Hopefully this little guide to invocations featured in Final Fantasy VII Remake be useful to you in your adventure. Let us know in the comments which of these creatures is your favorite. We vote for the Chocobino!

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