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The coolest easter eggs to find!

Each of the thirteen chapters present in Doom has a secret level hidden inside. Just like that Bethesda Softworks, as seen in Wolfenstein: The New Order, has decided to pay homage to the first chapters of the famous saga by id Software. Once discovered, the various secret levels can be replayed directly by accessing the relative function in the main menu of the game.

NB: Before continuing to read, remember that there may be "spoiler"Of various kinds!

The steps to access the Secret Level basically they are divided into:

  • Positioning of the lever to pull
  • Positioning of the classic level, which could also be very far from the lever

In addition, in the video demonstrations, it will also be possible to follow the positioning of the upgrades and other collectibles in detail.


Lever positioning: after opening the door with the magnetic card in blue color, go to your left and continue down the slope, in order to reach a small cylindrical building that is easily identifiable. Around the property, you will notice a cage of an intense yellow color, inside which the lever that you will have to pull is placed.

Classic level positioning: the level is located on the path on your right. There is a small dead end canyon and at the end of this there is a strange door with the word DOOM embedded in it; this door only opens if the lever has been pulled - simply step inside to play the classic level.

Video demonstration: Classic level 1.


Lever positioning: right at the beginning of the game scenario, access the computer in the starting room, exit and open the hatch on your left and drop into it, in order to unlock an otherwise inaccessible "location". If you forget to activate the terminal at the beginning of the stage, do not worry, as it is not "strictly" necessary in order to unlock the classic level of Doom, but the advice is to still access the computer in order to collect a series of optional collectibles. Go through the area with the crane and the raised platforms, take out a couple of enemies and climb the ledges to reach the top where the lever you are looking for is.

Classic level positioning: the level entrance is positioned directly under the platform on which you activated the lever; go down and take a look at the walls on your left: you should see the room open quite easily.

Video demonstration, from 4:00: Classic level 2.


Lever positioning: in the large foundry, featuring several levels, go to the upper level and look for a suspended cart right next to one of the bridges. Jump on the hanging cart to find and pull the lever.

Classic level placement: the level will be right in front of you as you cross the bridge; in practice it is located to the right of the lava falls, which pour into a huge deposit on the lower floor of the foundry and near a burning gas pipe.

Video demonstration, from minute 2:25: Classic level 3.


Lever positioning: at the very beginning of the level, you will have to cross the rocky ground of the Red Planet and reach a platform on your left that will give you access to an internal room full of blood, gutted bodies and satanic symbols of various kinds. Before reaching this room, or in any case before passing through the internal corridor, on the outside, on your left, you will find a series of platforms on which you will have to jump until you identify some stairs: go up them in order to activate the relative lever. which will give you access to the secret level. To make this easier for you, remember that the lever is located behind some barrels.

Classic level positioning: this is probably one of the easiest levels to find. The door with the DOOM effigy is in the room on the right, enter it and you will notice that it is full of blood, guts and satanic symbols of various kinds. Pass them and head right: right there you will notice the secret room.

Video demonstration, from 2:49: Classic level 4.


Lever positioning: inside the tower itself, you will first have to activate the large cargo drones that move up and down; after that you will need to get on one of these large cargo drones to reach the top of the tower. Look for (and climb on) a drone with blue lights and a green indicator on the ledge and, at the top, jump to the platform in front of you, where you will find the lever.

Classic level positioning: Get back on the big cargo drone and go down to the ground floor, wait for the drone to go up again and enter the secret level.

Video demonstration, from 4:00: Classic level 5.


Lever positioning: in the area where various appear Barons of Hell, locate a sort of dark "cave" to the right of the immense pool of blood and pull the relative lever.

Classic level positioning: out of the cave, go straight keeping slightly to the right and take the road that leads to the canyon (to be clear, the one that goes to the left and under the bridge that leads to the end of the level) to find the entrance to the classic level.

Video demonstration, from 2:23: Classic level 6.


Lever positioning: Immediately at the beginning of the level, cross the room to your left and continue down the short corridor in order to reach an elevated area characterized by a series of walkways. To identify the exact walkway on which the lever is placed, remember that it is easily visible as it has a staircase that is now destroyed and unusable; jump on it and take a look behind the boxes on your left to find the relevant lever.

Classic level positioning: the level entrance is just below the platform on which you activated the lever; Turn around and drop down on this platform and behind a metal column the now open door will be easily visible.

Video demonstration: Classic level 7.


Lever positioning: after defeating the Cyber-Mancubus and using its target terminal, you need to exit outside the main hall and in small jumps pass a series of crevasses that line a bottomless pit. The objective to be achieved is given by a small, barely visible puff of smoke; take a look at the rock face on the right, characterized by a three-pipe configuration. There are two vertical tubes, one white and the other dark gray: right after the latter, there will be a small housing with its lever. Be careful, be careful and only jump when necessary, otherwise you will be downstairs in the blink of an eye.

Classic level positioning: the door to the level is located in the room where the Cyber-Mancubus first appeared; after pulling the lever, just jump in front of you, double jump to reach the platform and the door should be easily identifiable.

Video demonstration, from 3:00: Classic level 8.


Lever positioning: in the center of the structure, you will have to reach a rather disgusting circular room, as it seems that in the middle there have been some human sacrifices or at least a carnage given the amount of blood that impregnates the floor and walls. Once you enter the room, go down the stairs and turn right to find the lever to pull.

Classic level positioning: drop into the hole behind you clearly visible in the center of the room (to be clear, the one full of blood and human carcasses) and you will have reached the relative hidden level.

Video demonstration, from 3:18: Classic level 9.


Lever positioning: the lever is located directly to the left after opening the yellow door but, unfortunately, it is located behind an impassable rock wall. To unlock the path, you will need to press its switch in the shape of human skull located on the top of a rocky platform that rises and falls; when you press the relevant switch, the rock face will open and give you access to the hidden lever.

Classic level positioning: the level itself is located in the antechamber where the yellow door is located. Then go back and walk the path to the left of the yellow door (if you are in front of the door; if you are on the opposite side, instead, go to the right), cross the room filled with green slime, go down the stairs and on your right you will find the classic level.

Video demonstration, from 2:15: Classic level 10.


Lever positioning: from the beginning of the level you can go hunting for the hidden lever; take as a reference a "pool" filled with blood, go straight and on your right, in a niche characterized by burnt skeletons, you will find the relative lever, less visible as it blends quite well with the flames.

Classic level positioning: use the lever to open the door, go back, go down the stairs (or go around wide) and take the path on the right. It will lead you to an optional room where you can play the hidden level.

Video demonstration: Classic level 11.


Lever positioning: as you progress through the intriguing corridors of Vega Central Processing, retrieve the blue magnetic card to unlock the relevant door. Go first to the right and then immediately to the left: the lever will be easy to spot as it will be positioned behind some small boxes in front of you.

Classic level positioning: once activated the aforementioned lever, go back, turn right and continue along the corridor all lit in blue with the words "Watch Your Step”, Turn left, then right, go straight ahead and you will find the entrance to the secret level.

Video demonstration, from 1:36: Classic level 12.


Lever positioning: Once the final level has begun, descend from the sumptuous stone structure and on your right you will find a switch in the shape of a human skull; activate it and continue keeping to the right. Basically you will have opened a secret path in the arena. Continue following a showy trail of blood and you will find, always on the right, the last lever.

Classic level positioning: the secret room is located right next to the lever and it is really easy to locate it; turn left and you will surely not miss it.

Video demonstration, from 1:05: Classic level 13.

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