Dishonored 2, where to find all the runes in the game

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Here are all the positions of all the Runes.

With Dishonored 2 we see the return not only of the protagonist of the first chapter, Corvo Attano, but also of the main collectibles that we already had to identify, search and recover in Dunwall: the runes. What are the runes for? Also this time they will be essential to acquire certain skills of the protagonists and enhance / improve those already in your possession.

So if the difficulty of the levels puts you in a tight spot, a good upgrade is just the thing for you. Also remember that if you really can't find the rune you are looking for during a given mission, the Black Market is around the corner waiting for you. What are we waiting for instead? Here's where to find them all.

Mission 1 - A long day in Dunwall

No rune is present in the level.

Mission 2 - Edge of the World

Here we have seven runes to find.

  • The first is at the sunken ship. Exit the cabin and go to the deck. Jump into the water and swim to the boat to find the rune.
  • You know the whale's corpse? Here it is. Follow the trail of blood and look inside his body.
  • Starting with the dead whale, proceed to a pink building, where you will notice the Black Market icon. Here you can purchase a third rune.
  • Jump into the canal next to the superintendent building and look for a small gate. A good crossbow shot on the plank should bring the fourth rune to you.
  • Reach the terrace of the superintendent building and enter through the balcony. You will find a safe on the third floor, the combination of which is 225. Obviously if you want to play cleanly, in a book nearby there is a very useful notation for receiving suggestions. In the safe is the fifth rune.
  • Look for another terrace from the balcony you are on. Look at the superintendent all intent on congratulating the crowd. You'll have to put him to sleep, one way or another, then jump down and get the sixth rune.
  • Very well, now there is a more complex step. You have to go back to the balcony where the superintendent was and jump to the one next to it, still on the same side of the building. It is a bit of a long journey. Once you are on the other side of the building you will need to move up to the roof. Move to a green building with a cigar logo. There will be another roof on your path, reach it and then dive into the water. Go back to the ground and look for a building this time blue. Inside is a superintendent. Knock him out and finally get the right reward for the grind: the seventh rune.

Mission 3 - The good doctor

Here are five runes to find.

  • Go to the dining room and to the left, near the table, you can find the first rune.
  • Use Blink or Far Reach to reach the fourth floor of the building, near a window. There is a rune inside, the second.
  • Destroy the Blood Nest in the Recovery Chamber to get the third rune.
  • The fourth rune is located in the basement of the elevator. You'll have to use Blink or Far Reach again to get there. Break the cables and then use your powers to reach the location.
  • The fifth and final rune can be found at the Outsider shrine on the fourth floor. Use your heart.

Mission 4 - The Clockwork Mansion

Again five runes, let's see where to find them.

  • Once you have eliminated all the enemies that will try to kill you, search among the damaged furniture on the back of the Carriage Station.
  • Purchase the second rune at the local Black Market. You can also steal it if you want.
  • The third is located in the Bloodfly building in Upper Aventa.
  • The fourth rune can be found in Jindosh's laboratory after using the console. Look for the anatomy module.
  • In the main area of ​​the district, look for the heavily guarded area, then face the civilians on the left side of the building. You can get the fifth rune at the Outsider shrine on the third floor.

Mission 5 - The Royal Conservatory

Once again five runes to recover.

  • Buy the first one at the Black Market, left side of the city.
  • Go to the second floor of the conservatory and enter the room full of pianos, where you will find the second rune.
  • On the roof of Ashworth's office you can retrieve the third rune, but be careful because it is protected by not exactly friendly dogs.
  • The fourth rune is in the archives, you can find the key in the basement. It is located between the stairs and the elevator.
  • There is an Outsider shrine in the area. You will need to reach the top of the building and disarm the traps. Here you will find the fifth rune.

Mission 6 - The Dust District

In the course of the mission you will find four runes.

  • The first rune is in the building locker behind you, just after you meet Captain Foster and enter the street.
  • Look for an old building in the Dust District and then reach the second floor balcony.
  • A third rune is in the locked rehearsal room in the Overseer Building. You can get the key right from the Overseers.
  • An Outsider altar is located in an office on the third floor of the Hand Saloon.

Mission 7 - Crack in the Slab

Three more runes in this mission.

  • Go to the second floor of the Mansion to find the first rune.
  • The second rune could give some problems. You will need to use the Valve wheel, pulling it through the hole in the wall and then using it to drain all the water in the room.
  • The third rune is on the right side of the mansion. Find the window with some documents on the sill. First of all you will have to go back to the past and eliminate the workers. Go back to the present and continue until you get it.

Mission 8 - The Grand Palace

There will be four runes to find.

  • Look for a building with a windmill, the first rune is in the bathroom. You can enter from the roof.
  • On the first floor of the building you reach the First Captain's suite, you will have to find the combination in the Duke's room, which is just opposite. Once the combination is obtained, e
    enter the safest way and take the second rune.
  • The third rune is in the deposit, you can enter through a garden by breaking the barricades. Use your heart to locate it.
  • After leaving the Black Market, look to the right and you will find some rocks. Continue to find some boards. Break them and you will enter a cave with an Outsider shrine. Of course there will also be the fourth rune here.

Mission 9 - Death to the Empress

The last four runes await you.

  • Buy the first rune at the Black Market.
  • Look for the building that precedes the Tower of Dunwall. Use the small window to reach the nook and locate the second rune.
  • Enter the security room in Dunwall's Tower and then move to the back. Move to the right and look on the pipes to find the third rune.
  • The last rune of the mission (and of the game) is not easy to achieve. First you need to defeat a witch in the damaged Dunwall Streets building. Then you will have to cross the street and face further enemies in the apartment opposite. Again, inside the apartment find the barometer and turn it on. It will lead you to an Outisider shrine behind the secret door.


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