Call of Duty: Warzone [Season 6] - Guide to the best weapons

Call of Duty: Warzone [Season 6] - Guide to the best weapons

Knowing and knowing how to use the best weapons in Warzone is one of the most important skills to win. Below we will explain which are the most useful guns in Call of Duty's Battle Royale mode. In addition to the complete list of weapons tested and classified by levels, you will also find tips and details on how to set and use them. Here is the list of Warzone's best weapons for season 6. Here they are listed all 43 primary weapons in the game, divided precisely by levels, from the best to the worst.

Level 1FiNN, PKM, Grau 5.56, FAL, HDR, MP7, Oden
Subscription 2AK-47, AS VAL, AUG, AX-50, CR-56 AMAX, Fennec,
Kilo 141, M4A1, M13, MP5, SP-R 208
Subscription 3AN-94, ISO, Kar98k, Origin 12, P90, PP19 Bizon, RAM-7, R9-0, SA87, SKS
Subscription 4Bruen, Crossbow, FR 5.56, Holger-26, MG34, Model 680, Uzi, VLK Rogue
Subscription 5725, Dragunov, EBR-14, FN Scar 17, M91, MK2 Carbine, Striker 45

Now we will look at each of the level 1 weapons in detail and give you specific advice on their specific use. For the related classes, we refer instead to ours Class Guide!


This light machine gun would be an impressive weapon even without the XRK barrel, which increases the rate of fire to sensational levels and practically without negative effects. Thanks to the magazine capacity, the excellent viewfinder, the easy handling, the easily controllable recoil and the insane damage, in the current state of affairs the FiNN could really be the best weapon in Warzone. We refer you to our class guide for the FiNN!


After the heavy nerf at Bruen, formerly the most widespread and devastating LMG in the game, the excellent PKM was more than ready to take over as the best weapon in this category last season. At least until the FiNN arrived to take away the primacy. However, this light machine gun remains a highly respectable, extremely effective tool. L'incredible damage and excellent range come with fantastic handling and an easy-to-use viewfinder. All of which makes the PKM one of the best weapons in all of Warzone at the moment, no doubt. Despite its weak points. We are obviously talking about a big and heavy machine gun, which it takes geological ages to recharge. Factors to take into account during your Battle Royale. Here the class guide!

Degree 5.56

The Grau has been one of the best shotguns for a long time, despite the fact that it took a couple of seasons for its use to spread to the community. Also taking into account the nerf of season 4 that lowered its damage, this assault rifle remains incredibly accurate. In addition, with the right options - for example the Monobloc Silencer and the 26.4 ”barrel - the Grau can still be one of Warzone's most accurate and controllable weapons at the same time in season 6, at least among the automatic ones. We refer you to our guide for the best loadout with the Grau!

Call of Duty: Warzone [Season 6] - Guide to the best weapons


During Season 4 the FAL received a huge damage boost, making up for the fact that it wasn't as devastating before as expected. Now this semi-automatic assault rifle results one of the best choices in all of Warzone, together with Grau and FiNN. Extremely high damage at any distance, good rate of fire and ease of use. What more do you want? The FAL is by posting the strongest semi-automatic weapon in the game. You can find our suggested class in specific guide!

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The Oden is a concentrate of power, with the highest damage per hit of all Warzone automatic weapons. I have melted opponents who aimed at me with HDR and others who used MP5 using the same Oden in the same match. After playing with this awesome assault rifle for a while, it will be difficult for you to go back and switch to something different. None of the other automatic weapons will give you the same feeling as to overpower with each shot who manages to give the Oden.


HDR still remains the best sniper rifle in Warzone. While the AX-50 can narrowly beat it in terms of handling, the immense speed of its bullets is the closest thing to a hitscan that you can get in this game. There is virtually no bullet drop, so all you have to do is aim for the head and pull the trigger: the bullet will travel almost instantaneously and without losing altitude for 200 meters and land the enemy.

If you were looking for tips on building a dedicated loadout for HDR, we refer you to ours specific guide!


As for SMGs, everyone has their own favorite choice, albeit MP5 and MP7 are practically on par with the two best SMGs by Warzone. Between the two, however, we recommend the MP7 due to its flexibility in terms of the charger and slightly better handling. This weapon can land an entire team in seconds from close range, especially with the right options.

Why is M4A1 not top-notch?

Surely a lot of you who are reading this guide are wondering why he didn't put the M4A1 among the best weapons in the game. The truth is, this assault rifle remains an excellent and reliable fire mouth, which however does not fall into the first band. In general, its “rivals” are preferable, first of all the Grau, but also the RAM-7 and the Kilo 141 if well equipped are overall better.

And what about AS VAL and SP-R 208?

Both of the new weapons introduced with this sixth season have great potential. THE'AS VAL he can become a powerful rival to M13 and FAL, depending on how he is equipped. Obviously you have to take into account its very limited charger.

As far as the 'SP-R 208, seems to have to replace the most used DMR up to now, namely the Kar98k. However, the community needs more time with both of these weapons before they can be placed in one of the levels on the table. Stay on our pages to get updates about it!


If you are looking for the ideal classes to combine with each weapon, here you will find our articles on the subject

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