Battlefield V, trophy guide

Our trophy guide for Battlefield V, with some helpful hints to help you get all the accolades easily!

Battlefield V, Trophy Map

  • Estimated difficulty: 4/10;
  • Time for Platinum: 25 hours;
  • Offline trophies: 6 (3 );
  • Online trophies: 16 (1 );
  • Does the difficulty affect obtaining trophies?: Yes, completing the game on the Fanatic difficulty also unlocks the trophies related to the other difficulties;
  • Minimum playthroughs: 1.


Welcome to the Battlefield V Trophy Guide! This list is relatively simple to complete and mostly online. There are two main objectives: completing the game on maximum difficulty and getting 500.000 player points in Multiplayer. Additionally, there are some side-quests online, but they can be obtained as you progress online. Finally, there are some collectibles in the campaign, but they are more for completeness, as they are not required for platinum.

Phase 1: Complete the story on maximum difficulty (5 hours).

The story is really short - it consists of only nine missions (three war stories divided into three missions each). You can start Fanatic right away, it's unlocked right from the start. Additionally, completing this difficulty also unlocks trophies on the minor difficulty. It is not very difficult. In fact, you have checkpoints like other difficulties. However, you take more damage, despite health regenerating automatically. If you want, you can first do a recon on Easy, in order to know the mission and the map; at your choice.

Missions can be glitched. If this happens, Reboot the last checkpoint and watch the final cutscene again to get the trophy.

Phase 2: Multiplayer (20 hours).

The two longest trophies in Multiplayer are to get 500.000 points as a player and 100.000 points with each class, for a total of four classes. The total score is the sum of the scores with each class. You will obviously have to change it when you reach the limit with each. Getting all those points depends on your skills, but you definitely won't exceed the total twenty hours.

Progress can be checked in Title Screen> Profile> Stats> Classes> Score. As mentioned, take note of each class's score and add it up to get the total.

Battlefield V Trophy Guide

Hero of the Second World War

Earn all other Battlefield ™ V trophies

Collect all other Battlefield V trophies to unlock Platinum.


Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys and Tirailleur (Medium)

View The sins of the fathers.


Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys and Tirailleur (Hard)

View The sins of the fathers.

The sins of the fathers

Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys and Tirailleur (Fanatic)

Fanatic is the main difficulty of the game. Available from the start, completing the game on this difficulty also unlocks Narrator e Veteran. The game is really short, and it also features quite a few checkpoints. However, here are some useful tips:

  • While it may initially appear that there is not enough ammo, enemies always drop some for the active weapon. So, make sure you always have the weapon you want to reload. No matter what it is, an assault rifle enemy will drop sniper rifle ammo if you have one equipped;
  • When the mission requires you to destroy an objective, run fast and destroy it, as the game will immediately create an autosave. Therefore, if you die instantly, the game will count you as a completed objective and have you respawn in a safe area nearby. If the objectives, however, are more than one, this mechanic will trigger the destruction of ALL required, so be careful;
  • Always try to have a quick action or sniper rifle as your primary weapon and an assault rifle as your secondary weapon. It is not mandatory, but if you find yourself surrounded you will notice how useful it is to have a weapon that does not know religion.

It's tea time

Complete the War Story Under No Flag

Complete the first War Story Under No Flag on any difficulty. It consists of three missions: Overcome the Limits, Butcher and Lightning Bolt, Onslaught.

Store fuglar fanga ingi flugor

Complete the Nordlys war story

Complete the second Nordlys war story on any difficulty. It consists of three missions: Still and silent, All is ash, Dog and wolf.

Ou la Mort

Complete the Tirailleur War Story

Complete the third Tirailleur war story on any difficulty. It consists of three missions: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité or death.

Reserve weapons

In multiplayer, kill 10 enemies using secondary weapons in one turn

This is easy to achieve in Conquest, as matches last longer. Make sure you are in the game from the start so you have plenty of time for ten kills.

Secondary weapons are pistols. Choose the Ruby pistol, as it has the highest rate of fire, giving you the best chance of firing the final shot. The Ruby Pistol is the first weapon unlocked. The others are still fine.

You will need to kill ten enemies in the same match, so make sure you have time. Don't worry about aiming, you don't need to. Try to always be in close range with the opponent and shoot immediately. Also make sure that no comrades take your kill. You can also kill from behind, no matter what. Try to be close to your companions anyway, so that in case of death you can spawn in the area, saving you walking and wasting time.

Enemy attrition

In multiplayer, get 10 kills in one turn

This will be automatic along with Reserve weapons. The only difference is that this trophy can be obtained with any weapon, vehicle or turret available. In Conquista it is exactly the definition of “drinking a glass of water”.

Raise the flag

In multiplayer, capture 10 Frontline flags

For this trophy, you'll need to play Frontline mode, which consists of capturing flags to fend off enemies. You will need to capture the flags. You will notice that you are doing this from the bar that fills up at the top of the screen in the radial of the flag. The flags captured by your teammates do not count, and you must be alive at the time of the conquest.


Have a Conquest turn on each map available at the exit

Below are the maps necessary to obtain the trophy (without DLC):

  • Narvik;
  • Devastation;
  • Twisted steel;
  • Rotterdam;
  • Fjell 652;
  • Hamada;
  • Arras;
  • Aerodrome.

You have two options to get this trophy, listed below:

  1. Play Conquest on the same server long enough to flip all the maps;
  2. Search for the specific map using filters: Multiplayer> Advanced Search> Game Modes: Conquest> Map: [enter name]> Available servers> Log in.

The second option will allow you to find exactly the missing map. You can also enter when the game is in progress, the important thing is that you are there at the end of the game. On the way to the 500.000 points you will surely go through this mode and these maps many times.

Death from above

In multiplayer using an airplane, destroy 5 stationary weapons operated by a soldier

The longest, most tedious and annoying trophy in the game. The boost with a friend is recommended. You will have to fly the plane over a Flak or AA turret with an enemy inside and destroy it. It comes out best in Conquest mode on the Arras map.

Stay on the deploy screen and hold your cursor over the main base, the one with the flag icon. When a plane becomes available, select the bomber plane (the one on the left). Be quick before someone else catches it. Once on the plane, press  to switch to bombs. While in first person cockpit view, press  to aim the bombs e  release them. Make sure you take out all 4 bombs at once for maximum damage. You must detonate the anti-air cannon while someone is sitting on it (for the trophy it only counts when you destroy both the weapon and the player at the same time).

If done correctly, it will award points for “Stationary Weapon Destroyed”. Without boost, you should be really lucky someone is arming a turret, so it could take hours. Not only that, but you also need to be skilled enough to hit the stationary weapon perfectly to detonate it with bombs. After dropping your bombs, fly through the white reload icons in the sky to regain 4 bombs. It is much faster when a friend helps you. Beware that the anti-tank weapon does not count! Only anti-air counts (Flak / AA), which regenerate every few seconds in each team's base camp. Finally, make sure to finish the match, as the destructions are only counted at the end of the match.

Hit-and-run driver

In multiplayer, run over and kill 5 enemies

Simply run over five enemies - don't worry, they are cumulative. He does best with a tank. As with planes, wait on the deploy screen until a vehicle icon appears and be quick enough to catch it first.

Grim reaper

In multiplayer, kill 30 enemies

Kill thirty enemies - they are cumulative.


In multiplayer, as squad leader, request 2 reinforcements in one turn

First, make sure you are the team leader. Join a match, press Options <Teams>  to create a new team. When people enter they will combine their score with yours.

To call for reinforcements you will need at least 2450 team points, which will be earned for any activity - capturing targets, killing enemies, helping the team, etc ...

Hold down   +  to see the reinforcements,  to select supplies (2450 points). This will equip you with binoculars,  to aim and  to decree the launch point. There is no need for you to pick it up. This must be done twice, for a total of 4900 points. You can also do it simultaneously.

Combat Engineer

In multiplayer, build 10 fortifications in one turn

During any match, press  to equip tools. On the map you can find white-bordered fortifications, usually near flags. Awards  to build us. It will take you a few seconds and you will get some points. Build 10 in a match. It's really easy, there are a lot of them near the flag areas and you can get this trophy in 1-2 minutes.

down the head

In multiplayer, use full suppression fire on 5 enemies

To suppress an enemy you have to shoot them from very close. Only then will you get some additional points and the words "Enemy Suppressed". The quickest way is to park a tank near an enemy base or flag and use it as a Trojan horse. It is also cumulative, so don't despair too much, it will come without realizing it.


Get 100.000 points as Assault, Medic, Support and Recon

A class's progress can be viewed in Title Screen> Profile> Stats> Classes> Score.

You will need to get 100.000 points with each class. You earn points / EXP for every activity you perform - helping team members, capturing targets, killing and / or suppressing enemies, etc ...

For this trophy, you will need 100.000 points with each available class. It will take you about 4 hours per class - it depends on your personal skill. Focus on the objectives of the mode played, they give more points than the rest. Obviously it counts for the trophy Elite.


Get 150.000 points as a player

See the trophy Elite.


Get 500.000 points as a player

This trophy requires you to earn 500.000 points as a player. It binds perfectly to the trophy Handyman, which requires you to get 100.000 points with each class. Therefore, with that, you are already at 400.000 points.

Even with this, progress can be seen from Title Screen> Stats> Classes> Score. Then add the values ​​of each class. After that, keep playing until you get it. It takes about 20 hours of gameplay, related to your skills, above all. To be quicker, focus on the objectives of the modes, they give more points than killing random people for the map.

Last man

In multiplayer, spawn 3 squad members near you

It will probably be your first trophy. Super easy, join a team and hope they all die. The foreman can choose to re-enter close to you, and if you're smart enough to hide in a safe place, there's no reason why he can't. If he doesn't, you are free to politely insult him in private chat!

I will not let you die

In multiplayer, perform 10 team revives

You can always revive your teammates, whatever class you choose. Teams can have a maximum of four players, and teammates are highlighted in green. Remember that only companions are valid, not allies, highlighted in blue. Cumulative trophy, upon reaching ten revived companions, poof !, trophy unlocked.

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