Assassin's Creed Odyssey, trophy guide

Assassin's Creed Odyssey, our trophy guide with tips on how to easily get all the accolades!

Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Trophy Map

  • Estimated difficulty: 4/10;
  • Time for platinum: 70 hours (personal time 87, but I got lost in unsolicited activities, such as completing all side missions and all locations);
  • Offline trophies: 51 ( 10  38 );
  • Missing trophies: 1 - The embrace of Aphrodite, but don't worry, it's rarely impossible to miss, unless you create a perfectly asexual character;
  • Minimum playthroughs: 1.


Welcome to the Assassin's Creed Odyssey trophy guide! Completing the list takes a long time, but it doesn't lack difficulty - as if being difficult is a drawback. As Ubisoft has accustomed us by now, the latter is always better than the previous e Assassin's Creed Odyssey is no exception, as, as we tried to explain in our review, this is the most mammoth franchise game ever, at least until the next one comes out.

To complete the exploration of the game map, we will no longer have to complete every place in the game, as Origins taught us; this time around, just complete 42 underwater locations, and avoid everything else. Also, there is a missing trophy but it's so hard for that to happen that I wouldn't even consider it happening.

Are present:

  • five trophies related to side missions;
  • one linked to the five battles in the Arena;
  • twenty missions linked to a gold trophy;
  • twenty bounties and contracts from bulletin boards tied to a bronze;
  • reaching level 50 linked to another bronze;
  • two silver linked to the Sect of Cosmos - six, if we want to combine business with pleasure;
  • a bronze relating to the mercenaries;
  • four bronze relating to mythological monsters;
  • a silver and a bronze relating to the complete improvement of the Adrestia, our trusted ship.

Also, you can safely get the trophies while playing the main story; if you want to be as maniac as I am, you can get all the trophies first and have the platinum trophy coincide with the conclusion of the story.

Finally, it is fair to underline that both the choice of the character's gender and the choices made during the course of the plot will not affect the unlocking of the trophies in any way. Careful choice that allows you to enjoy the Odyssey regardless of the choices made!

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Phase 1: Complete the story (40 hours).

Enjoy the game as you like and at any difficulty, as there are no trophies attached to it. As already mentioned, it doesn't matter if you choose Alexios or Kassandra, it doesn't affect any relationship or trophy, at the most it changes a few lines of dialogue in some mission. Furthermore, your choices do not impact on obtaining trophies. Obviously, they will have a bearing on the ending of the game and the ending of some story arc, as it should be. It doesn't even matter if you choose "guided mode" or "exploration mode"; the former will make the road to platinum faster, but the latter certainly does not preclude it. Also, you can change modes at any time.

The story lasts about 40 hours; this will obviously be affected by the time it takes you to carry out secondary missions or side activities. You can do a little bit of everything. One of the reasons why the story lasts so long is linked to the level of the character: in fact, many missions will be specially leveled above ours, to force us to explore and complete secondary missions.

Phase 2: Complete the side missions (2 hours).

There are five trophies related to side missions:

  • Chosen of Artemis: completes the narrative arc of the Daughters of Artemis;
  • Everyone Gains !: Complete Marco's narrative arc;
  • Make room, I'm a doctor: complete Hippocrates' narrative arc;
  • What a beautiful life of the bucanier: complete Xenia's narrative arc;
  • Go for Gold: Complete Olympics missions.

Obviously, if you have a sufficiently adequate level, you will be able to start and complete these missions before the game ends.

Step 3: Visit all regions and complete all dive locations (7 hours).

For the trophy - or Objective, depending on the platform - Companion of Hermes, you'll have to unravel the entire map and set foot on each islet, even the smallest ones that appear to be part of a single region. While doing this, make sure you complete each underwater location, in total there are 42. For these, scan the area with Icarus to detect the location of the chests.

Help can be found here:
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, where to find all the underwater locations

Stage 4: Complete the Arena and become a First Rank Mercenary (2-4 hours).

The Arena is located in the Pefka region, on the island of Messara, better known to most as the island of Crete. To become champion you will have to beat all the opponents; the strongest of these is level 50.

To become a first-rank mercenary, however, you will need to find all mercenaries who have a rank or position in the rank higher than yours. You will only find information about them when you have them close to you - and by neighbors I mean 30/40 meters - or when you kill a mercenary. You will know if he is of a higher rank than yours by the simple fact that to get their loot you will have to confirm the kill.

Stage 5: Find Atlantis and kill the four mythological creatures (3 hours).

If you haven't already, go on an adventure with the Family Legacy side quest, which will lead you to Atlantis - note, the quest is only available from a certain point on in Episode 7. Part of this story arc focuses on finding and killing the four mythological creatures: Minotaur, Cyclops, Sphinx and Medusa. All four are linked to as many side missions.

Help can be found here:

Assassin's Creed Odyssey, where to find Atlantis

Stage 6: Defeat all members of the Sect of Cosmos (3 hours).

The Sect is the forerunner organization of the Order of the Ancients (Assassin's Creed Origins), which in turn is the precursor of the Order of the Templars. In the Sect menu you will be able to keep track of the members to be discovered, still alive and killed. Some are linked to specific missions, for others you will find clues in the game world; finally, for certain of them, the release will be carried out with the continuation of the story. Once revealed, you can mark them on the map and go directly to kill them, with no other complications along the way.

Help can be found here:
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, how to find and eliminate the entire sect of Cosmos

Stage 7: Reach level 50 (2-4 hours).

At this point you should be very close to level 50. Explore, complete locations, complete side missions, complete bounties and battle in the Arena to quickly reach the maximum level.

Step 8: Fully upgrade the Adrestia (4 hours).

To fully upgrade the ship you need the Ancient tablets, traceable only in the ruins. However you can sleep peacefully, in the game they are present in abundance compared to what is really required.

Help can be found here:

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, where to find all the ancient tablets 


You can complete the eight stages by mixing or prioritizing them to your liking. I repeat, I, for example, completed the story last. Therefore, enjoy Assassin's Creed Odyssey as you see fit. The rest comes by itself, don't worry.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trophy Guide

Epic cycle

Collect all trophies.

Collect all other trophies to unlock the Platinum trophy (DLC trophies not required).

This is Sparta!

Complete the Battle of 300.

Trophy linked to history.

The beginning of an odyssey

Complete Episode 1.

Trophy linked to history.

Past mistakes

Complete Episode 2.

Trophy linked to history.

Evil unmasked

Complete Episode 3.

Trophy linked to history.

Brilliant minds

Complete Episode 4.

Trophy linked to history.

From the ashes

Complete Episode 5.

Trophy linked to history.

The collapse of democracy

Complete Episode 6.

Trophy linked to history.

Birth of a legend

Complete Episode 7.

Trophy linked to history.

The reconquest of Athens

Complete Episode 8.

Trophy linked to history.

The end of an odyssey

Complete Episode 9 and the Epilogue.

Trophy linked to history.

Heir of Poseidon

Complete all underwater location objectives.

Follow our guide to find out the location of all the underwater locations in the game. It also seems that Ubisoft glitched the trophy by lowering the objectives of the "Submerged Minoan Palace" from 2/2 to 1/1. Of course, this can be circumvented by uninstalling and reinstalling the game without updating it. You will still need to create a new character and complete the objectives of ALL the locations all over again. Wait for a fix if you unfortunately came across this annoying glitch.

Make it yours

Engrave your first object.

Engravings are automatically unlocked at the first level up and / or by finding excellent armor or weapons, as well as by completing certain actions. Go to the blacksmith and choose the item "Engrave", then choose a weapon or equipment and apply an engraving from the list of those available.

Now you work for me

Recruit an excellent NPC and assign it to your ship.

Excellent NPCs can be found in the form of Forts' Commanders and Polemarchs. You will have to use Icarus to figure out if an enemy is excellent or not, by scanning it. Enemies with a yellow background are required. To recruit an enemy, you don't have to kill them, but rather stun them. Either using stun arrows, or Sparta's Kick, or non-lethal sneak attack, but stun him. Once that's done, get close and you'll have the option to recruit him. Finally, open the Ship menu, go to Lieutenants (top right) and hire the NPC for a few drachmas.

I leave a video at the bottom, the credits can be found in the video itself (and this applies to all the following videos that are in the guide).

How it glitters!

Obtain and equip your first excellent item.

You will automatically get your first excellent item at the end of Episode 2. It is a sword called the Sword of Nicholas. Equip her and pling !, trophy unlocked.

Io sono leggenda

Equip an excellent melee weapon and five excellent armor parts.

Excellent weapons and armor are those with a yellow background. The main way to get them is to kill the members of the Sect of Cosmos. In fact, each member corresponds to a piece of equipment, while to each Elder a weapon. Plus, equipping an entire set will get you another trophy. Don't worry, they can't be taken apart or sold. Other single pieces can be obtained by opening certain chests or killing certain enemies.

 Didn't you have fun?!?

Become champion of the arena.

You will have to defeat all the enemies in the Arena, which is located in the Pefka region of Messara Island, known to most as the island of Crete.


Reach level 50.

There is no precise way: complete locations, collect treasures, discover regions, complete missions. Little by little, you will reach the coveted level. Additionally, killing Arena champions appears to give 70000 experience points each. Since they are infinitely challenging, keep fighting.

Divine power

Acquire a rank 3 active skill.

First, you will need the Spear at level 5. Therefore, keep killing Sect members until you have Shards needed for the upgrade. There is also a story arc related to the full upgrade of the spear, see the next trophy.

Heritage restored

Upgrade your spear to rank 6.

To get this trophy you will have to kill all members of the Sect, with the exception of an Elder, the only one without a branch, and the Ghost. Once done, head to the island of Andro for the last time and unleash the strength of your ISU artifact.

Top of the food chain

Become the highest ranking mercenary.

Few stories, you will have to kill all the mercenaries. You will discover them either by having them very close - 30/40 meters - or by killing other mercenaries. When you move up in position you will notice it because you will have to confirm killing your prey. Coincides with another goal, see next trophy.

The Sect revealed

Defeat all members of the Sect of Cosmos.

You will get the trophy when you have defeated all members of the sect, except the Elder without a branch. It sounds incredible, I know, but I say this from personal experience.

For the location of the members, please follow my guide. Each member will give you a Shard, which is useful for upgrading the Spear. Therefore, this trophy, Divine Power, and Restored Heritage are strongly linked.

Grim look

Recover the Cyclops eye from a goat on Kefalonia.

Nice trophy that will force us to kill goats on the island of Kefalonia after the end of Episode 1, committing a capricide. Beeeh a horn.

Companion of Hermes

Discover all the sub-regions of Greece.

This trophy requires you to completely remove the gray fog from the map and visit each sub-district in each region, including small unnamed islands and all the water. Large regions are divided into smaller zones that have a gray “fog of war” on the map. Make all the gray fog disappear. You just need to visit each place for a little while. You must also uncover the entire Sea map (except a small piece in the northwest which is outside the playable area and cannot be reached).

What makes this difficult is that there are many small islands around the map. You have to set foot ON EVERY little island. Even if they don't appear grayed out or appear to be part of a group of islands, you MUST pass through each of them. For example, there is a small island south of Samos that you wouldn't even go to by mistake. It's not blacked out on the map and counts independently - the same goes for all the other tiny islands.

Are you Perseo?

Defeat Medusa.

Medusa is an integral part of the Atlantis story arc. It will be available on the island of Lesbos. To defeat her, you will need to complete the side missions related to Love in the Stone Garden. After completing the various sub-missions, you will be able to face the mythological creature in the Petrified Temple, also on the island of Lesbos.

Victory in the Daedalus

Defeat the Minotaur.

The Minotaur is an integral part of the Atlantis story arc. It will be available in the Messara region. To defeat him, you will have to complete the missions related to Myths and Minotaurs. After completing the various sub-missions, you will be able to face the mythological creature in the Labyrinth, also on the island of Messara.

You are nobody

Defeat the Cyclops.

The cyclops is an integral part of the Atlantean story arc. It will be available on the island of Kythera. To defeat him, you will have to complete the missions related to A God Among Men. After completing the various sub-missions, you will be able to face the mythological creature in the Forgotten Island, in the region of Boeotia.

Guess riddle

Outsmart the Sphinx.

The Sphinx is an integral part of the Atlantis story arc. It will be available on the island of Thera. To defeat her, you will have to complete the quests related to The Awakened Myth. After completing the various sub-missions, you will be able to face the legendary creature in Boeotia. Follow the guide to get the answer to your Machiavellian questions ready.

Lord of the seas

Fully upgrade the Adrestia.

The Adrestia is your ship. To upgrade it you will need to maximize arrow throws (4 times), javelin throws (4 times), braziers (4 times), arrow damage (4 times), hull (6 times), damage from javelins (4 times), the spur (6 times), the strength of the rowers (4 times) and the defense of the crew (3 times).

These upgrades require resources. In addition to iron, leather and olive wood, obtainable by disassembling weapons and armor, buying them from blacksmiths or collecting them for the ground, they will require ancient tablets, obtainable in the ruins. Follow our guide to find out the location of all the ruins in the game. Fortunately, the Tablets are more than required, abundantly.

The Argonauts

Fill the Adrestia with legendary lieutenants.

We have already explained in Now You Work For Me on how to recruit an excellent NPC. Well, recruit four and assign them to your ship. To do this, you will need to have at least the level 4 hull. In addition, they are also obtainable from side missions or directly 4 if you manage to trigger a certain ending. Finally, two legendary lieutenants are unlockable from the Ubisoft Club.

Chosen of Artemis

Complete the Daughters of Artemis quests.

The story arc of the Daughters of Artemis is obtainable in Phocis, during Episode 3. Once obtained, we should defeat nine legendary beasts around the world, and then complete a final mission on the island of Chios.

We will have to complete the following missions:

  • The Daughters of Artemis;
  • The Bear Callisto;
  • The Erymanthian Boar;
  • The Bull of Crete;
  • The Corocotta Hyena;
  • The Licaone Wolf;
  • The Nemean Lion;
  • The Deer of Euboea;
  • The Request of Artemis.

Everyone earns it!

Complete Marco's missions.

Marco's narrative arc begins on the island of Kos. It starts with finding Marco in a cage inside a fort. Once freed and brought to safety, his missions begin.

You will need to complete the following side missions:

  • A business opportunity;
  • Old friends, old problems;
  • Farm on fire;
  • Protect Marco.

"Make room, I'm a doctor"

Complete the missions of Hippocrates.

Hippocrates' story arc is available from Episode 7 in Boeotia. In spite of everyone else, you will need to be relatively close to him - 30/40 meters - to unlock the mission marker.

The secondary missions are as follows:

  • Hunting Group;
  • Let my patients go;
  • Inheritance insurance;
  • Cross the line.

Please note, at the end of these missions you will be called upon to make a moral choice. Irrelevant, but personally I think it is very beautiful and profound.

What a beautiful life of the bucanier

Complete Xenia's missions.

Xenia's story arc begins in Episode 5 on Ceo's Island, with the search for Ajax's Feather. Please note, Xenia's quests will only be available after rescuing her brother in the Lost and Found side quest. After collecting the six items, you will get the trophy. For more information, follow the dedicated guide.

Go for gold

Complete the Olympics missions.

The Olympics story arc starts automatically during Episode 7, after the main mission The Kings of Sparta.

The Olympic missions are as follows:

  • Deliver a sample;
  • The contender;
  • The long game;
  • Pancras.

Scourge of the Aegean

Sink your first epic ship.

Epic ships have a crown on the level box. Sink one and the trophy will be yours. The Aegean branch of the Sect Gods features six sea fights with as many epic ships.

Violent sport

Defeat a mercenary in the arena.

As already mentioned, the Arena is located in the Pefka region, on the island of Messara, known to most as the island of Crete. Look in the Mercenaries menu if there is a mercenary in the Arena. You will notice this because it will have the symbol of a red Colosseum under the character. If you don't have any, meditate and let time pass until it appears.

More beautiful and more superb than before

Upgrade the Adrestia for the first time.

See the trophy Lord of the seas.

The Creed of fashion

Equip an excellent armor set.

You will get an armor set after completing the Daughters of Artemis mission or defeating a branch of the Sect of Cosmos. Once you've got the set, equip it and you'll unlock the trophy. If you don't remember what the pieces are, in the item description you will find it written just below the engravings. Matches the trophy Chosen of Artemis or with the trophy A head away ..., and also with the trophy Io sono leggenda.

The embrace of Aphrodite

Spend a night with your conquest.

You will simply have to sleep with another character. Male or female it doesn't matter. Always make sure you select the dialogue choice from the heart, and everything will turn out for the best, both for you and especially for Alexios / Kassandra.

A head away ...

Defeat a group of members of the Sect of Cosmos.

See the trophy The Unmasked Sect.

Right of birth

Discover Atlantis and talk to Pythagoras.

You will learn about Atlantis during Episode 7. You will be given the Family Legacy quest. Complete it! Follow the guide to find out where to find Atlantis.

Incredible speed

Break a ship in two.

You will either have to perform one-shot damage with the spur or weaken an enemy ship to the limit and then hit it with the spur, in fact, in the center. This will divide it in two. If you did it right you will notice it from the epic animation.

To me the power

Perform an Ultra attack with any type of weapon.

First, you will need to unlock the Ultra Melee and Ranged Skills, and they are separate but both available from level 15. Once unlocked, you can perform an Ultra Attack with the appropriate combination of keys, which generally consumes three segments of adrenaline. You will need to do this for the swords, daggers, sticks, hammers, spears, axes and bows.

War master

Kill the leader of any region with few resources, except the Megaride.

As described, you will have to weaken a leader by burning resources, looting the nation's treasure, killing guards and completing forts until the leader's level (purple bar) is zero. After that, find the boss and kill him.

Misthios training

Complete 20 bounties, war contracts or naval missions from the bulletin boards.

There are bulletin boards in every town and village in the game. And they always have some size, mission, etc ...

The quickest way is to accept everything and complete it, as 90% of the cases are activities that ordinarily take place with the gameplay.

Around the islands

Complete 20 missions on the islands of Pefka, Obsidian and Abantis.

In these regions there are a total of 23 missions. First, unlock and synchronize the observation points, so that you have all the indicators available. Then, complete the missions. Each enemy in the arena in Pefka counts as a mission.

To personal taste, on the island of Euboea there is one of the best story arcs in the game, enjoy it!


Get a maximum level bounty on your head.

Your size is visible at the bottom right, each helmet indicates a level. To complete it, kill civilians, steal items and repeat. In no time at all, you will become the new Jack the Ripper of ancient Greece.

Paid heroism

Win the first conquest battle on land (except the one in Megaride on the hero's journey).

As in War master, you will have to weaken a nation until the conquest battles are unlocked. It doesn't matter if you line up for Sparta or Athens, the important thing is that you take part in it and win it. To unlock conquest battles, you will need to bring the purple leader's power bar to 1/3.

The fury of the Amazons

Break a ship in two with an all-female crew.

As for Incredible speed, you will have to break an enemy ship in two. This time, however, you will need to have a female crew. These can be found in the following ways:

  • Free in the Ubisoft Club, Assassins (females);
  • Underwater location Data submerged shipwreck, southwestern island of Delos;
  • Complete the Olympic story arc (Go for gold);
  • Complete the Daughters of Artemis story arc (Chosen of Artemis).

Once you have the crew, make it active from the Ship menu. Finally, break an enemy ship in two. This trophy can be combined with the other, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

The touch of Midas

Engrave an excellent item with excellent property.

Whenever you get a new legendary weapon (yellow color), you also unlock its engraving for use with other legendary weapons. First you need two legendary (yellow) weapons. Then go to one blacksmith and engrave a weapon with the other's bonus attribute. It also works with armor, but not all engravings are compatible between armor pieces. With weapons you have more choice. Engraving will cost few resources. In the blacksmith menu click on Engraving, scroll down to the yellow engravings and insert one of those into your weapon (or armor).

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