Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the Order of the Ancients

Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the Order of the Ancients

In Legacy of the First Blade, Assassin's Creed Odyssey's first expansion pack, Eagle Eye will face another powerful organization from the Far East: the Order of the Ancients.

With now all the episodes of The Legacy of the First Lama out, I feel ready to take stock for this new Alexios / Kassandra adventure from Ubisoft. Pad in hand, I set out for Macedonia, Achaia and Messenia, ready to discover all the new secrets and revelations on a world that - more and more - is updated and evolves.

In following the narrative, soon our protagonist will clash with the Order of the Ancients, a powerful organization born in Persia. The reasons for which it is found in Greece will be explained later in the game, and - in order not to spoil the pleasure of discovery - I will not mention it.

However, I can safely list the three branches of the Order divided by content. Not by my own will, I am unfortunately forced to have to give some slight anticipation on the obligatory members; therefore, read at your own risk. One thing, however, I will tell you immediately: as for the Sect of Cosmos, as soon as the identity of a member is detected, you will find an indication on the map of the location of the member.

Episode One - Order of the Hunters

In first episode, set in Macedonia, Alexios / Kassandra will hunt down the Order of Hunters. This branch takes its name from its wizard, the Hunter, who is also the last opponent of the narrative. In order, the members are seven and listed below:

  • Fratagune the keeper. Immediately after discovering Dario and the location of his refuge, enter it. Above the table you will find the clue for this member. Then head north to the bear's den and liquidate it;
  • Conone the wrestler. After eliminating Fratagune, confirming his killing you will be given the identity of this member. Go, therefore, to Amphipolis. You will find Conone in a ruin just outside the walls. Eliminate it;
  • Echione the guardian. His identity will be revealed during the Return of the Fallen side quest. Also during the mission, you will receive the password to say to the blacksmith's assistant - after collecting five bear skins - of Amphipolis, which I will report to you anyway for simplicity. “And we are the Order”. At this point it will be revealed that Echione is walking around the city, in the company of fighters disguised as peasants;
  • Timid the healer. You will first encounter her during the Mysterious Disease main mission. At the end of the same, blame her for being able to kill her and reveal her belonging to the Order. Otherwise, at the end of the mission, you can find it on the western borders of Macedonia, on a beach. confidential;
  • Bubing the conspirator. You will kill him at the end of the main mission Find the Recruiter;
  • Acanto the deceiver. You will find his clue in the room adjacent to the nation's chest in Fort Olinto. Once her identity has been revealed, it will be possible to find her in the Capo's house in Amphipolis;
  • Pactia the Hunter. Final opponent of the content, obligatory enemy.

Episode Two - Order of the Storm

In second episode, set in Achaea, Alexios / Kassandra will hunt down theOrder of the Storm. As in the first branch, this too takes its name from the pseudonym of its magus: the Tempest, precisely. In order, the five members of this branch are listed below:

  • Nestor the formidable. You will find the clue of this member in a barracks inside Fort Oluro. The building in question is located in the northeastern part of the point of interest. Once his identity is revealed, you will have to face and defeat him in the open sea;
  • Augo the all-seeing. You will discover the identity of this individual once Nestor is killed. Assassinate - obviously - him too;
  • Sofo the mediator. You will find the clue of Sofo in a corpse located in a wreck in the Coast of the Vultures, near the Bay of the wrecks. You will still pass by it during the main mission Safe Passage. Once his identity is revealed, it will be possible to defeat Sofo at the Patrai Shipyard. Kill him;
  • Indestructible Megacreon. Plot opponent, you will meet him during the main mission Theater and show;
  • Fila the Storm. Final opponent of the content, obligatory enemy.

Episode Three - Order of the Dominion

In third episode, set in Messenia, Alexios / Kassandra will hunt down theDomain Order. Unlike the first two eisodes, in this the branch does not take its name from the magus at its head. In order, the seven members of this branch are listed below:

  • The immortals. Plot opponents, you will defeat them during the main mission A Flight in Flames, at the beginning of the third episode;
  • Dimocrates the destroyer. Plot opponent, you will beat him during the main mission Sorting of Cosmos;
  • Artoz shows silence. You will find the clue to this member in the Céadas Cave, northeast of Messene. Once his identity is revealed, it will be possible to kill him at the Mines of the great pit;
  • Pitia the architect. This member's clue is located in the Pedaso Camp. His identity revealed, he will be found in the city of Messene;
  • Gaspar the overseer. Probably the hardest member to unravel. His clue lies in the central-eastern part of the swamp, in a corpse in the midst of weeds. Once his identity is revealed, you can assassinate him in a cave in the Mines of the Great Pit;
  • Gergis the Herald. Plot opponent, you will meet him twice. The first time it will be possible to let him go, while - unfortunately (Ubisoft could have spared him, in his brief appearances he turned out to be a great character, ed) - you will have to kill him in the second meeting. If you have decided to end his existence prematurely, in his place you will find three scribe fighting you;
  • Amorge the Persian Fang. Leader of the Order of the Ancients and final opponent of this extra content. Make him suffer a lot.

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