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Apex Legends di Respawn Entertainment was launched with minimal notice, reaching a truly sensational success in just a few hours. From a million players, the new Battle Royale has reached the incredible milestone of 25 million players. With such an active battlefield on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you will need a tactical advantage to stand out and get the better of your direct opponents.

Royale games can be intimidating to inexperienced players, as the action is fast paced and ferocious. Furthermore, no two titles are alike, with the exception of the concept of "whoever stays last wins"That unites the main games of the genre. This is a bit like what also happens when you play Poker, for example on the bestcasinosites24.co.uk site you have to be cool and not jump straight into the fray by uncovering your cards.

Tactics that help you win, for example in Fortnite, may not necessarily translate to victory in Apex Legends and vice versa. With the above in mind, we at Soultricks.com will try to give you some useful tips.

Below are seven tips that will help you survive the chaos and make you understand how Apex Legends differs from Fortnite and PUBG. The advice may seem like a lot, but we assure you that you will see marked improvements in your playing if followed to the letter.

We just have to wish you good luck out there!

Learn the basics of Battle Royale

Yes, Apex Legends is different from its contemporaries but it is still a battle game. The genre retains its hallmarks, so in case you're not familiar with the basics, we'll start there. Each game takes place online and you launch yourself from a flying vehicle and end up landing on an island with the other players. Your team (in this case a team of three) must choose a place to land, find weapons and tools, and defeat the other teams to be the last to stand and be declared winners.

If you land close to opposing players, you will find any weapon, quickly, it is, the vast majority of the time, lethal. You will also need to stock up on healing items. Syringes and med kits are your best friends when it comes to health, while Apex Legends' defense system is based on a shield. That said, the shield is different from those in other competitive games - it stands out in basic and legendary. The former provides a little protection while the latter, although not readily available, is certainly more effective. The shield itself cannot break completely. If the shields are undamaged, they can be recharged with cells and batteries, so pick them up when you see them on the battlefield. You will also need ammo for your weapons; they are usually located next to the weapons. Thankfully, there are icons that indicate what type of ammunition a weapon uses. A backpack is useful for holding all of these items and ammo at the same time, so be sure to grab one when you can.

Finally, another feature that unites it to other similar titles is the game ring in which we and the other opposing players are enclosed. This ring will shrink over time and staying out of this area is constantly harming you. This pushes the remaining players into an ever smaller and tighter area until tight borders force you to fight, making games finish faster. Check the map to see where the new safe area is and head there before the timer runs to the end. If you see someone else at a distance, don't hesitate to shoot them.

Experiment with legends ...

One of the biggest differences between Apex Legends and its contemporaries - perhaps the biggest difference - are his unique characters, called legends. Apex Legends presents eight of these characters, all with their own abilities and characteristics. Two of the legends are locked in the beginning and can be purchased with in-game currency or unlocked by spending real money.

Each legend has their own passive skill, tactical skill, and ultimate skill, which greatly affects the style of play. The bulky Gibraltar can take down a domed shield for a limited time, making it a vital asset for defensive maneuvers, while the Wraith can travel between dimensions, disappearing from sight before popping out of a portal behind few enemy lines. moments later. In Apex Legends, learning what the characters have to offer is super important. It helps to understand what to expect from a particular PC, and the best way to grasp each feature is to experience them firsthand. This will also help you find which legend suits you best, or which one will entertain you the most.

... But it would be better to settle for a favorite (or two)

While knowing what each legend has to offer in terms of features, surely the best way to play is to identify your favorite character or maybe two characters. As in fighting games, for example Overwatch having a "main character" makes you more experienced in that character. Since their abilities have specific distinguishing characteristics, using the same legend over and over will improve your understanding of where and when to activate abilities. Perhaps, keep a third legend in reserve as well, in case a player selects your best choices.

Use the Ping system liberally

It seems silly to call this a great feature, but the ingenious map marking system is one of the best things about Apex Legends. You can mark the map or any place like you would in other battle games, but it's much more robust and structured here. It's so cool that it makes the solo matchmaking experience with strangers a much better experience, while also eliminating the need for voice chat.

You can then mark where you want to go, make suggestions and notify teammates of certain loot by pointing and clicking the ping button. Teammates can also call "a kind of pre-emption right" on the loot that we ourselves can point out by looking and marking it, which sometimes requires small and constant voice communications anyway.

The system goes even further. You can double tap the ping button to call enemy positions, which is a very useful alert notification for the team. You can also hold down the ping button to open a menu that contains a whole host of options, including where you are going to loot and if another team has already looted a specific location. It's a versatile and streamlined system that strangely has never been implemented in a Battle Royale before Apex Legends.

You know your weapon

Learning to use legends is important but learning the characteristics of weapons is more important. When starting out, the system is pretty overwhelming, the game offers some quick descriptions of each gunshot, and it's worth taking a moment to read them before plunging headlong into the battlefield. This will also help you understand which weapon to use in a specific situation. It is useless to use a sniper rifle from short distances.

To help you, we provide you with a brief summary of the various types of weapons present. Guns include the RE45, P2020 and Wingman, the latter having a very wide range. SMGs, good as short-range weapons, include the Alternator, Prowler, and RE-99. There are also two LMGs, the Devotion and the Spitfire, with fast fire times, higher damage and slightly better range. Shotguns are important for close combat, and include the EVGA-8 Auto, the Mozambique (the worst weapon in the game - get something else), and the Peacekeeper (the best option, with a surprisingly good range ). There's also the mighty Hound Rifle, which can only be found by looting loot and uses limited, unique ammo.

At longer ranges, assault rifles (AR) and sniper rifles are the obvious choices. The ARs are the medium range pistols: they include the R-301, the Hemlock and the Flatline. The Hemlock has the longest range of the three, and by default it fires in bursts, but it can be deadly (and can fire very fast) if you switch to single-bullet fire mode. For snipers, we find the Longbow DMR, the Triple Take and the G7 Scout. The former is perhaps the best, a long range heavy hitter, while the Scout uses light ammunition and can fire much faster. The Triple Take fires three horizontal bullets, which are unlikely to be accurate from a distance. If you find the choke modification, it becomes much more lethal. There's also the legendary Kraber sniper rifle, which does massive damage if you manage to land the shot.

Pay attention to weapon combinations and modifications

Once you are familiar with each weapon, you can then look for the best combinations. Keeping a Peacekeeper on hand is almost never a bad idea. More generally, you should be sure you have at least one short or medium range weapon. Hitting enemies from a distance is nice, but it's easy if not easy to find yourself in a hand-to-hand fight.

In our opinion Peacekeeper, Spitfire or R-301 are the best weapons to keep on hand for close range combat, while a Longbow or G7 Scout are the ideal ranged weapons. Also interesting is the Hemlock, as it can act as a medium or short range weapon with the single fire mode. However, it won't stand up to a Peacekeeper very well up close. If you only take two close range weapons, you won't be able to help your team much in a ranged firefight, and if you only have ranged weapons with you, up close you will be eaten in one gulp.

Snipers are fun and obviously useful for their range, but Apex Legends understates the importance of long-range combat. In PUGB, you can win and lose with your sniping skills, but it is still difficult to take out an entire team from distance. In Apex Legends, due to the defensive and evasive abilities of the legends, you can easily reload your armor, and teammates can be revived and restored quickly to full health. As a result, it can seem virtually impossible to finish off another team in long-range cover. That is why you will necessarily need the short range weapons.

Apex Legends does a great job when it comes to weapon upgrades as well. Automatically applying them to the right guns and telling you what they are for. The overall recoil and optics upgrades are good, but there are a few that make a difference. The Peacekeeper and Triple Take are much better with precision choke, the Devotion loses its spin-up time with its special mod, and the Prowler can fire fully auto with the right tweak. These changes have enough impact to affect the use of a weapon or not, so knowing what they do can be a big plus.

Use the Respawn Beacon system

When players are knocked down, that is, when their health reaches zero, they will start crawling like in other battle games. When in this state, you can revive your teammates by approaching and interacting with them and bringing them back to the heat of battle. This is risky, as you will be immobile while attempting to revive a companion and very vulnerable if the fight is still going on. If you can't get them back before their heartbeat hits zero or maybe an enemy finishes killing, don't worry, all is not all lost yet. Apex Legends includes the unique ability to bring teammates back to life, even after they have been killed. If you collect the banners from their body (ideally, after a fight), you can take them to one of the many respawn beacons scattered around the map and have them respawn, they will launch again from the blimp and be ready to play.

Too many matches in other battle games have started with the premature death of a first team, which means they sit and watch the rest of the match, which could be 15 or 20 minutes if not longer. In Apex Legends, if a player was killed or was particularly unlucky by not picking up weapons, if you bring them back into the game, they won't have to sit and watch the rest of the battle as a spectator. Also, since teams consist of three players, it is absolutely not unfair for a team to be able to call a player or two again.

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