Amazon launches the 7 and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDXs

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Beos company, Amazon, launched the Kindle Fire HDX, in two versions of 7 and 8.9 inches, and the Kindle Fire HD, repurposed to 7 inches.

Top of the range: the Kindle Fire HDX from 7 inches has a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels with 323ppi, the one from 8.9 a resolution from 2560 × 1600 pixels with 339ppi. The HDX screen has a dynamic image contrast that optimizes the color of each pixel based on the light of the surrounding environment, making images and videos more enjoyable in any lighting condition.

Also excellent color reproduction sRGB, with improved brightness. The camera is from 8 megapixel and it is installed on the back and takes videos and photos in HD at 1080p.

Processor 3 times higher than the Fire HD

The processor is a quad-core Snapdragon 800 da 2,2 Ghz, with 3 times more processing power than the Fire HD, it is also the only tablet to exceed the frequency above 2,2 GHz. The quality of the Kindle Fire HDX is also demonstrated by the weight-to-size ratio: version 8.9 does not exceed 374 grams and is the lightest of the large tablets. THE 2 GB of RAM they allow you to start applications and load web pages faster allowing for better performance.

Long-lasting battery

The real innovative feature is the ability to be able to read and browse or watch videos and listen to music for at least 11 hours. Kindle Fire HDX manages to extend battery life up to 17 hours by turning off all system components not in use.

Fire Os 3.0, «Mojito» and dual band Wi-Fi dual antenna

Amazon's leap forward in these new devices is an advanced dual antenna Wi-Fi dual band and more fluid system Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito” which starts from Android and adds Cloud services, integrated multimedia libraries and grid view of the Apps with the possibility of wirelessly connecting to online printers.

Thanks to the new function Quick Switch you can navigate between applications or content without ever having to go back to the home screen.


The 7-inch Kindel Fire HD

The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD has a lighter design and a 1,2 GHz dual core processor, which is much faster than its predecessor. The stereo has two speakers with Dolby Digital Plus audio and a large archive with lots of videos, songs, apps, newspapers and magazines.



I Kindle Fire HDX 8,9 will already be available from 21st November (16GB a 379 euro, 32GB a 429 euro, 64GB a 479 euro) e i Kindle Fire Hdx a 7 pollici already since 13st November (16GB a 229 euro, 32GB a 269 euro, 64GB a 309 euro). I Kindle Fire HD bring the date forward to 29 October ( 8GB a 139 euro 16GB a 169 euro).

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