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The highly anticipated Fallout 4 has finally arrived and everyone is thrilled to discover everything that Bethesda has achieved for this fourth installment of the saga. We can tell you that the game is very big and boasts a lot of new features, but we leave you the thrill of exploring it all. In the game, however, the much-renowned ones could not be missing achievements / trophies to which all completists aim, and we are here to bring you the complete list with lots of useful tips where possible. Fallout 4 matters 51 total goals, which in this guide we will report as trophies as we tested the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Given the vastness of the title, taking them all home will not be a very simple undertaking, not so much for their difficulty, but for the time required (Bethesda has confirmed over 400 hours of gameplay to finish everything, so for the objectives it will take at least one hundred).

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Where do I start?

We recommend enjoying the adventure without focusing too much on objectives / trophies, as many are tied to primary or secondary missions that you will inevitably complete as well as killing a certain number of creatures and people. What perhaps requires a bit of dedication is the creation of weapons, items and so on, as not all of them may be related to crafting, and the same goes for the search for all the Vault-Tec figurines, of which however you we will report the exact location as we update the guide.

For the less patient and only for PC players, we also point out the presence of a small "easter egg" for which you will find the explanation at the following address.


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 Platinum Trophy

Collect all other 50 Trophies to get this Trophy

 War never changes

Welcome to the Wasteland

 The call of freedom

Complete "The Call of Freedom"

 Little St., much Valentine

Complete "Little Valentine, very Valentine"


Complete "Meetings"

 Dangerous thoughts

Complete "Dangerous Thoughts"

 Hunter and prey

Complete "Hunter and Prey"

 The molecular level

Complete "The Molecular Level"

The nuclear option

Complete "The Nuclear Option"


Complete "Institutionalized"

 Humanity redefined

Complete "Humanity Redefined"

 Maximum power

Complete "Maximum Power"

Nuclear family

Complete "Nuclear Family"

 The first step

Join the Minutemen

 Struggle for independence

Complete "Struggle for Independence"

War relics

Complete "War Relics"

 Always invicta

Join the Brotherhood of Steel

 Blind betrayal

Complete "Blind Betrayal"

 Ad victoriam

Complete "Ad victoriam"

 The art of espionage

Join the Railroad

 Undercover underground

Complete "Undercover Under the Ground"

 A great glow

Complete "A Great Glow"


Complete "Sanctuary"

 Community manager

Ally with 3 settlements

 Dear leader

Get the most happiness in a large settlement

For this trophy we recommend that you use Sanctuary as a settlement, as it has a lot of space and can hold several inhabitants. The only thing you have to do is to satisfy the requests as much as possible, offering resources, defense, beds, energy and so on. In case you can't, HERE you can find the video for a “drastic” but effective solution.


Complete 10 side missions


Complete 50 missions in the Miscellaneous category


Collect 1000 resources for crafting

Although it may seem so, this trophy is not difficult: you just need to collect as many junk as possible and from time to time deposit them in any workshop to avoid exceeding the maximum transportable weight. In a short time you will be able to get the trophy in question.

 What's yours is mine

Force 50 locks

 RobCo's worst nightmare

Hack 50 terminals

 Armed and dangerous

Craft 50 weapon mods

 Do it yourself from the Wasteland

Craft 100 items

 Never alone

Recruit 5 different companions

Below you will find the list of companions and their location on the map:

  • Dogmeat - Red Rocket Station, found at the beginning of the game.
  • Codsworth - Sanctuary, is the protagonist's personal robot.
  • Piper - Diamond City, you can find it before entering it.
  • Cait - Combat Zone, inside the arena.
  • Preston Garvey - Sanctuary, after completing enough missions for him.
  • Paladin Danse - Cambridge Police Station, after completing enough missions for him.
  • Curie - Vault 81, reachable via a mission.
  • Nick Valentine - Diamond City Detective Agency, after completing its missions.
  • Strong - Trinity Tower, it's a bit of a weird super mutant.
  • Hancock - Goodneyside, available after completing its missions.
  • MacCready - Goodneople, in The Third Rail club. Make sure you have enough charisma and at least 250 caps with you.
  • Deacon - Old North Church, in the secret den of the Railroad reachable by following the mission "The road to freedom".
  • X6-88 - Institute, reachable following the main mission


Reach the highest level of relationship with a mate

To get this trophy, you will need to bring a human companion with you and perform actions or make particular decisions to improve the relationship more and more. Humans, in fact, are endowed with different characters and react differently to your actions with others. We recommend using Piper as a companion to get the trophy in a simple way, as she loves everything that has to do with good decisions: you just need to help others to increase the level of relationship.

 Fix it all

Build 100 items in the workshop

 Retro future

Have fun with a holotape game

The games can be found, for example, in some magazines. Once you have found one, simply select “Data” from your Pip-Boy and enter the game.

 … The more noise they make when they fall

Kill 5 giant creatures

These creatures are not easy to find, but they are recognizable precisely because, as reported by the description of the trophy, they are giants and act as bosses. Below are the precise locations of those we encountered, but there we recommend that you equip yourself with power armor and, if possible, a powerful weapon like a missile launcher or a Fatman to kill them quickly:

  • Swan - Swan Pond, near Boston Common. Pay particular attention to the fact that it will throw large debris at you as well as attack you hand-to-hand, so we recommend using the surrounding environment to hide.
  • Queen of the mirelurks - Massachusetts Government Office, near Boston Common. To take out the queen, we recommend shooting her from the opening in the wall near the terminal (you will understand when you get there) without exposing yourself too much, as she will attack you by spitting poison that does a lot of damage for a few seconds. Fire two or three shots and then take cover behind the wall to avoid getting hit, then repeat the whole thing until he dies. In addition, it will also release the spawn of mirelurk, but it will take one hit to kill them.
  • Queen of the mirelurks (second) - The Castle, following the missions of Preston Garvey.
  • Behemoth - Lexington, in the square in front of the Super Duper Mart. To kill him, we recommend using a Fatman or, otherwise, taking refuge in some building nearby and shooting him from a window. By doing so, he will not be able to hit us and it will be easy to kill him.


 A real ranger

Discover 100 locations

 The press is not dead

Read 20 magazines

 The return of the joker

Place a grenade or mine in someone's pockets while you pickpocket them


Kill 300 people

 pest control

Kill 300 creatures

 Home run!

Do a home run

As it is easier to do than to explain, click HERE to watch the video on how to get this trophy.


Make a touchdown

To get this trophy, all you need to do is die from a Fatman bomb fired by a Boomer or at the hands of a suicidal super mutant. In case you want to do it almost immediately with a Boomer, just go to Lexington and go to the square in front of the Super Duper Mart. As you move to that point, it won't be long before you hear a bomb whistle followed by your death. If you have any problems, HERE you can find the video.

 They are not dolls ...

Collect 10 Vault-Tec figurines

 … They are action figures!

Collect 20 Vault-Tec figurines

Below you will find the location of all the figurines:

  • Perception Statuette: Church of Concord
  • Science Figurine: Vault 75, reachable by entering the Malden Middle School
  • Repair Figurine: on top of the Corvega assembly plant, on the balcony around the "ball"
  • Statuette Eloquence: Vault 114, accessible by entering Park Street Station
  • Heavy Weapons Figurine: Vault 95
  • Energy Weapons Figurine: Fort Hagen
  • Explosive Figurine: Sagus Steelworks
  • Intelligence figurine: Boston Public Library
  • Melee Figurine: Trinity Tower
  • Medicine Figurine: Vault 81
  • Burglar Statuette: Pickman Gallery
  • Spy figurine: Dunwich Quarry
  • Barter Statuette: Lukowski Conservatory
  • Ballistic Statuette: Piazza dell'Artigliere
  • Unarmed figurine: Atomic Cat Garage
  • Fortuna figurine: Entertainment Island
  • Agility figurine: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star
  • Resistance figurine: Poseidon Energy
  • Charisma figurine: Parsons State Asylum

In case you don't find them, HERE you can find the video with all the locations.

 Survived it all

Reach level 5

 Commonwealth citizen

Reach level 10

 Unstoppable wayfarer

Reach level 25

 Legend of the Wasteland

Reach level 50

Ready for the future

Decide the fate of the Commonwealth

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