Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, tips and tricks to get started

Map, equipment, skills and everything you need.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands demonstrates once again how Ubisoft is able to carry out many different projects in parallel and all equally interesting: here we are therefore grappling with a new open-world set in Bolivia, which has already made a lot of talk about itself, up to this moment in positive way.

We did not stand by: our review is already online, and for those who want to start on the right foot we have also created a strategic guide for beginners. It's about a set of tips dedicated to gameplay that will help the novice player both in the story mode and in the online multiplayer sector, in the company of a group of friends. Some issues may seem obvious at first glance, but even experienced players shouldn't neglect them by dedicating themselves to Ghost Recon Wildlands. After all, Ubisoft's Bolivia is a very suburban place.

Use the Tacmap to get around

Once you have created your character and entered the game, the Tacmap will prove essential to be able to navigate the violent territories of Bolivia. There is a lot of information that you can reach simply by consulting the on-screen menu of the device. As you complete missions and gain new information, even more icons will appear on the Tacmap, revealing several points of interest you haven't visited yet. These include strong enemies, side missions, skill upgrades and weapon-related items. Also through the tool you will have access to the dossiers and the list of main and secondary missions. In the closed beta dedicated to the Ubisoft title there were areas that remained gray: inaccessible, they are now unlocked and available in the final version of the title.

Optimize your equipment

You will be tempted to immediately run around Bolivia, to complete main missions and side quests in the game world. But no: do not do it, unless you have meticulously taken care of your equipment. Take the time to look around and look for the best items to modify weapons, reloads and support tools with, especially keeping an eye on the specific mission objective you are about to undertake. Playing online or in single player contributes to altering the balance of the difficulty of the missions themselves: your equipment, consequently, should adapt in a suitable way to the different approach.

Playing alone it is a good choice to opt for a medium or long range weapon, with a silencer, and then also have a light machine gun or sniper rifle with you. This will allow you at the same time to opt for a stealth approach or the direct assault on enemies. Any combination will allow you to keep enemies at bay on lower difficulty levels, but of course as you raise the challenge you will also need improved equipment (and approach techniques).

"Tag" all points of interest

When exploring the vast open world of Ghost Recon Wildlands or cleaning up enemy camps, keep an eye on the surrounding environment, marking the presence of any resources or points of interest: in the game world they will flash intermittently, while on the mini-map they will be indicated by a voice green color. These resources consist of fuel, medicine, food and more. Interact with them so that the position is recorded on the game map, to return to collect them later or when you need them. With the "tag" you will have more resources, you will increase the skills present in the selection of the character and also the points available.

Upgrade the character's abilities

By completing missions and gaining experience points you will be able to improve a large number of your soldier's skills. However, certain skill points and specific resources will be required before you can proceed with the purchase of skill upgrades. You can earn extra skill points by leveling up (thus dedicating yourself to main and secondary missions), as well as by finding them around while exploring Bolivia. And it doesn't stop there: you can unlock truly epic abilities that can give you maximized upgrades in a given character trait. They range from much faster wound regeneration to an enhanced range for detonating explosives. Epic skills are permanent, but will require you to reach certain levels.

Unlock Rally Points for fast travel

In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands you will have the possibility to use fast travel to move quickly between two different places. It is a valid alternative to driving alone between two very distant places. Whenever possible, it is advisable to unlock as many Rally Points as possible scattered around Bolivia. This will significantly reduce the time needed for travel. Rally Points are indicated by a white string on the tag and cannot be used if you are already engaged in a fight. Points where you cannot travel with fast travel are marked in black. When you intend to use the feature, try not to be seen by nearby enemies, which would result in mandatory combat.

Collect collectibles

From time to time you will find collectibles on the map while you are dedicating yourself to the main or side missions. Take a few minutes to collect them, even if it's not your priority at the moment. Each collectible collected, including weapons and files, will give you additional experience points to upgrade your character. The location of most collectibles will be revealed when you interrogate enemies.

Complete the main and secondary missions

By completing the main missions of Ghost Recon Wildlands you will unlock more and more side missions and bonuses, as well as tons of experience points with which to level up and upgrade your character. It will not be possible to play certain story-related missions without first obtaining new information from civilians or enemies: the information is therefore essential to continue the adventure.

You can also dedicate yourself, leaving history for the moment, to secondary missions and exploration of Bolivia: by completing some of the missions related to the Rebels you will unlock certain skills of the Skill Tree dedicated to the faction. You will receive on-screen notifications whenever new side missions are available in the area you are in, with the specific location where you can start them.  

Stay with us to be updated on all future news dedicated to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. And if you have further questions or curiosities, write us on our Facebook page!


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