The Sims 4 detailed nudity mods available

The Sims 4 detailed nudity mods available

Because naked is beautiful. Download the mod and remove the censorship

Modders have always found a way to remove pixels when a Sim is naked in order to enjoy the gaming experience more (who knows why). But what they found in the fourth chapter was something different and that iscomparable to Barbie, that is, the details in the most intimate areas are missing.

Well, these modders were not satisfied and decided to add the details themselves, bringing everything to the Sims found in the famous game. Penises, vaginas and even pubic hair. Surely you are wondering where you can download these mods (constantly updated) and, for that reason, we leave you the link below: Note that they are paid, because they have an excellent expert hand behind this elaborate work and deserves to be rewarded.

How to download and install mods in The Sims 4

Before embarking on the adventure of installing new moods you should verify something important, and that is that this will only work for users who enjoy the original game: it does not work with pirated or fake versions. It is also important to read the instructions of each one of them and pay attention to the updates, otherwise, errors will appear.

Having clarified all this, we leave you the instructions to install mods on the PC version of Sims 4:

  • You must go to the mods pages, like the link we showed you previously.
  • Download the mods you like
  • You will have to insert them inside the Mods folder: Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods
  • You have to sort the mods in the folders according to the theme or particular taste, to be able to find them more easily without errors.
  • Access the file called "Resource.cfg" in the Mods folder, open NotesPad, copy the following code, save and exit. This way you make sure that the game can read correctly the sub folders inside the Mods folder.
  • You also have the opportunity to download the already edited file in some links of the providers.

Have fun giving the maximum eroticism to The Sims 4!

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