The list of cheats for Gran Turismo 5

How to win easy!

After the first one published a few hours ago, we decided to create an article where to collect the Cheats of Gran Turismo 5, the title developed by Polyphony Digital exclusively for Playstation 3.

Some solutions may, in the following days, be eliminated thanks to updates via patches.

We will make sure to add new ones, in the meantime we list below the steps to get some Trophies.

Human Stopwatch - Gold

1- Buy or get the Kart PDI Racing 100, and set it in use and as a favorite.

2- Go to Arcade mode

3- Select the Superspeedway Indy circuit (Indianapolys)

4- Make 4 laps of the track and stop exactly at the finish line.

5- Well, you got the Human Stopwatch Trophy

Driving License Test B-5 - Gold

This test consists of immediately turning right as soon as test session number 5 for the B license has begun, bumping into the barriers placed alongside and stopping. [video]

Travel music - Bronze

1- Enter My Home

2- Go to the Music Options

3- Select the part relating to Race Music

4- Click on the options of this window on the left

5- Once the window is open, go to select one or more songs from your console

6- Change the setting from Race Music to Custom Race Music

7- You have just obtained the Travel Music trophy

Proud Owner - Bronze

1- Take a photo with Photo Mode

2- Go to GT Life / Community

3- Select the photo from the Photo gallery button and then click Share with friends

4- You have just obtained the Proud Holder trophy

Buyer Spendaccione - Bronze

1- Go to the Used Car Dealership

2- Buy a car worth at least 50,000 credits

3- Buy another car for about 30,000 credits

4- Go to the New Auto Dealership

5- Buy the first Ferrari

6- You have just obtained the Spendaccione Buyer trophy

Registry Analysis - Bronze

1- Start a Practice session in GT LIFE

2- Make at least 2 laps in any circuit

3- Finish the Practice session

4- View the Data Register (symbol similar to Replay but knurled)

5- Put in Play

6- You have obtained the Registry Analysis trophy

The list of Trophies including hidden ones is presented at this address.

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