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Welcome to one of our practical guides to better complete MediEvil. In this one, specifically, you will easily find all the bottles of life!

MediEvil is back to re-narrate the exploits of Sir Daniel Fortesque. As in its original version, this one also presents the nine bottles of life, which will increase the health of our brave knight; not only that, the collection of all of them will allow you to unlock the trophy Iron Health (for a dead man).

You can collect Life Bottles either in certain levels or as a reward for completing certain goblets in The Hall of Heroes. If you need help with the Goblets then you will surely find this guide (in the writing phase) very useful!

Once you have found a bottle, it is imperative that you complete the level to save your progress. In fact, if you die or leave the map you will not be counted and you will have to face that world again. Also, no bottles are missing, and you can replay the layers via manual selection.

Bottle of Life # 1 - Tomb of Dan

Inside the tomb, at the start of the game, to the left of the gate that will lead you outside. A cutscene will guide you!

Bottle of Life # 2 - The Cemetery

Once you reach the statue of the angel, you will have to hit it until it turns left, opening its gate. You will find the bottle on the hill.

Bottle of Life # 3 - Hall of Heroes

Reward for completing the second chalice. You will find the bottle around the first statue on the left.

Bottle of Life # 4 - Dan's Crypt

After you complete the level Return to the Cemetery, go to the Tomb of Dan. On the right side of the crypt you will see a wall more sparkling than the others; good: you can use either the new skill learned in the last level or the hammer / sledgehammer to destroy the wall. The bottle will be back there.

Life Bottle # 5 - Scarecrow Fields

Near the last trap before the end of the level you will find a hidden path that leads to a gear. Pick it up, then go back to the barn. Destroy the chest with the red skull to release two snakes that will kill enemies for you. This step will be essential for the two reptiles to destroy two scarecrows that will allow you to enter the barn. Jump to the top and press the lever, insert the gear into the newly unlocked machinery and pass the broken wall. Along this new and hidden path you will find both the bottle and the goblet of the level!

Life Bottle # 6 - Pools of the Ancient Dead

After you open the door with the red rune, you will find the bottle in an islet on the right, easily accessible.

Bottle of Life # 7 - Hall of Heroes

Reward for completing the sixteenth chalice. You'll find the bottle around the centaur statue upstairs.

Life Bottle # 8 - Device of Time

After you turn off the laser grid to get the green rune, head back to the beginning of the level, where the clock puzzle is. On the right you will find a path closed by a "butterfly" door. As you head towards the door, a clock with the solution to the riddle will appear on the left; to open the door you will have to solve it in the initial section. Once done, you will find the bottle at the end of the path.

Bottle of Life # 9 - Hall of Heroes

Reward for completing the twentieth chalice. You will find the bottle behind the door in the median plane.

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