The Last of Us Part 2 - Guide to the best weapon upgrades

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In The Last of Us Part 2 it is essential to make good use of the resources obtainable in the surrounding environment, especially when it comes to the parts necessary to improve weapons. The perfect survivor does not upgrade components "at random", but studies their actual usefulness first.

In this guide you will find the best upgrades for your arsenal, in order to optimize the use of the materials at your disposal. Each upgrade is sorted by priority, so as to unlock the most effective ones for survival first.

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StrengtheningEffectCost (parts)Priority
It replaces the grip, improving the stability of the aim by 32%.50Maximum
Fitted with an increased ammunition magazine.?Alta
Mount a compensator to reduce recoil by 50%.50Media
Increases rate of fire by 44%.30Bassa


StrengtheningEffectCost (parts)Priority
Replaces the base stock of the rifle to improve stability.?Maximum
Mounts a 6x telescopic sight for greater distance accuracy.80Alta
It mounts an increased charger that also increases the reload speed.50Media
Fit a longer barrel to increase damage by 25%.100Bassa


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