The Amazing Spider-Man, Activision announces the Ultimate Edition for Wii U

Even Spider-Man on Wii U with exclusive elements.

Activision e Marvel Entertainment they announced today that The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition will land on Nintendo Wii U on March 8th.

The new Wii U edition of The Amazing Spider-Man include four bonus DLCs available for the first time on disc and features the same combination of smooth, intuitive combat, exhilarating and varied adventures, plus Wii U-exclusive gameplay elements, making it the ultimate Spider-Man experience.

The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition DLCs are:

  • Stan Lee Adventure - Fully voiced by the creator of Spider-Man himself, it will allow you to play as Stan Lee and jump from web to web across NYC. Utilize spider powers as you scale walls and fly webs across Manhattan to collect missing pages from Stan's latest work "The Man". Find all the pages and unlock a secret prize!
  • Devastation of the Lizard - Play as Dr. Connor's terrifying alter-ego in a race against time as you guide Lizard through the city streets to defeat the Oscorp guards.
  • Rhino Challenge - Advance through NYC with the unstoppable Rhino and cause as much destruction as possible before time runs out! The more damage you do, the more bonus points you will earn as you make your way between cars and cabs!
  • Oscorp Search & Destroy - Includes 2 minigames for the Spider-Man in-game mobile phone
  • New costumes, including the Vigilante costume from The Amazing Spider-Man movie and the Classic Spider-Man costume from the Raimi trilogy.

Additional features exclusive to Wii U:

  • Turn the Wii U ™ GamePad into Oscorp's OsPhone - access Spidey's mobile phone through the GamePad to take on new challenges, explore the city and manage your character.
  • Off-screen mode allows players to instantly switch the game from the big screen to the GamePad screen whenever they want.

The Amazing Spider-Man tells the secret story of Peter Parker following the events of last summer's blockbuster, as Spidey battles a group of classic Super Villains and new enemies up and down the towering buildings of Manhattan. Thanks to the innovative Spider Dash mechanic, the player is dynamically engaged in the action, whether he is circling through the urban jungle, attacking from the shadows, or fighting with a dozen enemies at a time.

The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition will be available for Nintendo Wii U ™ from March 5th at a price of € 69.90 with PEGI 16+. You can find more information about the video game The Amazing Spider-Man, at, and don't miss the game's Facebook page at

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