On the new Monday we take a look at an old-fashioned title, Tiny Barbarian DX

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Barbarians, pixels and infamous difficulties.

If you want to know more about Tiny Barbarian DX, why not check out the Nicalis website? It is not inhabited by aggressive barbarians ready to kill you. Maybe.

This week begins not only with the sadness of being Monday: as if that weren't enough, we add the fact that we are much poorer than seven days ago, barely surviving Black Friday and a few hours even Cyber ​​Monday. Luckily there is Monday to bring back some joy. Last time we took a look at Bad Dream Coma, an exquisite graphic adventure that tastes of days gone by. Today we do a little bit of the same, but with a completely different genre.

Tiny Barbarian DX it is in fact part of the family of adventure game arcadis. Those wonderful scrolling titles of the cabinets, based on pixels, tamarri sounds and sometimes indecent difficulty. Let's leave Metal Slug alone, which is too fast to work as an example. Toki, on the other hand, do you remember him? Here, it is very similar to Tiny Barbarian DX.

Like barbarians, but with monsters

Tiny Barbarian DX features a skilful mix of barbarians, cavemen, crumbling landscapes and monsters of all sorts. Continuing is apparently simple, so much so that it is sufficient to move from the beginning to the end of the level. The problem is that each of them is littered with fierce and deadly enemies, and the learning curve is particularly infamous, making the title extremely "old school".

Older people who have cut their teeth in bar cabinets will feel at home, young people a little less. The age of the title also shows it: Tiny Barbarian DX was released in 2003, just 14 years ago. But the fun remains incredibly current, offering satisfactions upon satisfactions at each completion. The commands are basic and responsive, the player is required above all to become familiar with the attack patterns of certain enemies, always different from each other. History, as always in these cases, is a good premise to start running around.

Barbaric couple

There are two very important things of Tiny Barbarian DX which must be reiterated. First of all, we are talking about this title because very recently it landed on Nintendo Switch, and can enjoy portability and a new life. Second, and you may have already gotten there on your own, the new guise favors local online co-op.

Everytime it is possible to join a friend's game grabbing a remote control: in this way the health bar of the two will be shared, half each, precisely by good friends. Or we can decide to live the adventure as a couple from the beginning, in which case the health bar will be one for each, but the strength of the enemies will double. The title of StarQuail it leaves nothing to chance.

What did I like about Tiny Barbarian DX?

  1. The level of difficulty: that of the past
  2. The graphic style with a retro flavor
  3. How local co-op is exploited

What I didn't like so much about Tiny Barbarian DX> :(

  1. The brevity
  2. The sometimes infamous learning curve

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