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Cute "Easter Eggs" unveiled

Tested version Playstation 3, Xbox 360

After the recent article that serves as a guide and illustration on the secret aspects of Mass Effect 3, the time has come to show you some secret contents that bring the player into memories lived in the first and second chapter.

Within this article I will go to illustrate the famous "Easter Eggs" present in the third adventure of the captain Shepard.

These elements will be found in certain points of the adventure, so we put you to the attention of possible "spoilers".

Partners in Crime

For all Mass Effect 2 players, this “Easter Eggs” will be very familiar.

In Mass Effect 3 specifically in the Citadel Garrison, you will find an ad for a movie called Blasto 6: Partners in Crime. If you interact with the poster, an audio and video clip lasting about 10 minutes will start.

Anyone who played the previous chapter will remember that a similar, if slightly shorter, episode was available.

Shepard VI

This cute "Easter Eggs" will show you a different version of Shepard. Especially if you pay attention to the dialogue that can begin with it.
The design of how it was made is perfect for the real playable counterpart.
To you the video.

Memorial for the Fallen

On the crew deck of the Normandy, there is a memorial dedicated to all crew members who died in battle. If you pay close attention you will notice all the names of the fallen in the previous chapters of the series.

Return of the Space Hamster

If you purchased a pet hamster from the Citadel store in Mass Effect 2, it can also be obtained by importing the save into Mass Effect 3. Just go downstairs in the Normandy and go to where Jack was. If you pay close attention you will have a chance to notice him running around the room. If you are very quick you can take it.

Prejeck Paddle Fish

For this "Easter Eggs" to manifest, you must have seduced Kelly and kept the save from Mass Effect 2.

Don't Touch that

During your adventure, you will need to travel to Salarian Sur'Kesh's home. Once you land and you can regain control of Shepard, look for a terminal and attempt to activate it. A soldier at this point will try to stop you, if you continue to activate it, you will see that the soldier loses his patience and a sort of very "ridiculous" dialogue will be created.

Tali and Garrus Caught in the Act

If you always thought Commander Shepard was the only one with a strong character on the Normandy, you won't be able to appreciate this very funny Easter Egg about Tali and Garrus.

I recommend watching the video only to those who have finished the game or are near the end because the video contains many "spoilers" of the adventure.

I leave you to the movie.

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