Firmware 4.5 arrives tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro

Code name Sasuke.

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that the long-awaited update 4.50 (codename Sasuke) of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro will be available for download from tomorrow, Thursday March 9.

Among the novelties of the firmware we find the support for external hard drives (USB 3.0, minimum 250 GB up to a maximum of 8 Terabytes), improvements to Social Screen functionality, Cinematic Mode and the addition of compatibility with Blu-Ray 3D on PlayStation VR, Voice Chat for Remote Play, the possibility to use any image as wallpaper for the Home screen and the “Color” option for profiles.

They are also added new options for sharing activities and updating the feed with support for GIFs, finally we will see improvements to the mobile apps Messages and Communities and will finally make its debut the much rumored Boost mode to PlayStation 4 Pro which will allow for improvements with games not yet optimized for the new console.


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