FIFA 21 - FUT Ultimate Team, the best team in Serie A for 100.000 credits

Despite being a league snubbed by many players of the FUT - FIFA Ultimate Team Serie A can reserve some pleasant surprises for those who know which players to buy. In fact, the Italian top flight is the perfect mix between promising youngsters and established professionals, so much so as to attract the interests of many gamers.

So, if you are looking to build the best Serie A line-up possible and you have a budget around 100K, you are in the right place. In fact, we have carefully chosen the best squad possible with this budget, to be precise 83.600 if you play on PS4 and 79.050 if you play from Xbox One. We remind you that the price of the players will undergo changes in the coming days, so beware of the market downturns.

Please note: - next to each player you will find the relative purchase price. The one on the left refers to the PS4 version, the one on the right, the Xbox One version!

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Formation: 3-4-3


  • Gianluigi Donnarumma (OVR 85) - 5900/5900: The young Milan goalkeeper is a safety in goal, thanks to the excellent statistics relating to diving, reflexes and positioning, he will be your ace in the hole.


  • Diego Godin (OVR 85) - 5800/6100: The new signing of Cagliari is a very experienced defender, he compensates for the low speed with enviable defense and physical values. Having him in your team can guarantee you control of the game even in the case of set pieces.
  • Alessio Romagnoli (OVR 83) - 2900/3400: This young defender is an obligatory choice in case you want to avoid cashing in on repeat goals. He is a fairly balanced player, in fact he combines good speed with excellent defensive values.
  • Milan Skriniar (OVR 85) - 5600/6400: Inter's rocky central defender is another player not to be missed, the high defense and physical values ​​equate him to a real “wall”.


  • Alexis Sanchez (OVR 80) - 1900/1700: The Chilean winger ex United is a player who has undergone a series of heavy downgrades, but if you are looking for someone to drunk his opponents with his imagination he is the player for you. In fact, thanks to the high dribbling values ​​and 4 * Skill skill, the defenders will fall like pins.
  • Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (OVR 85) - 7100/7700: The powerful Lazio midfielder is the perfect “all-midfielder” or the excellent player both in the defensive and offensive phases. In fact, the excellent shooting, passing, dribbling and physique statistics make it essential for any maneuver starting from midfield.
  • Arturo Vidal (OVR 83) - 2900/2700: After a couple of disappointing seasons at Barcelona, ​​“Il Guerriero” Vidal has decided to return to Antonio Conte's court to prove that his talent is still there. What else to say, if you want an aggressive midfielder, present on every ball he is the perfect player, on the other hand his physical and defense statistics do not lie. Don't forget the power of his long range shot.
  • Achraf Hakimi (OVR 83) - 6400/4900: This very fast winger is the ideal player to start promising action on the wing and finish with precise crosses in the center of the box. Its speed value speaks for itself. If you want to make a small investment in the future, we advise you to aim for the version Ones To Watch, in fact, at the cost of 25000/24750 you can secure the most promising player in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.


Lorenzo Insigne (OVR 85) - 29250/27750: This “little” winger is the pride of Naples and the national team, it is impossible to deprive oneself of his offensive ability (dribbling, speed and passing). By choosing the good Lorenzo, you will be able to drive the most difficult defenses crazy.

Romelu Lukaku (OVR 85) - 10750/9400: The "Good Giant" Inter is a security in attack, despite the values ​​assigned by EA are lower than the player's ability, we are talking about the attacker that everyone would like in their Ultimate Team. Thanks to the values ​​related to speed, physique and shooting, this athlete will unhinge the most fierce defenses and will arrive on every ball, even those coming from corners.

Hirving Lozano (OVR 80) - 3400/3000: Here is another exponent of the team of centometrists, the Mexican from Napoli is not only an exceptional sprinter, but also a decent dribbler, thanks to the 4 * of Skill Ability. As soon as you get the chance, we advise you to invest in its version TOTW at the cost of 99000/87000 credits will guarantee you the fastest player in Serie A.

Alternative like CC: Radja Nainggolan. It costs much more than Milinkovic or Vidal (16750/12000), but we would like to recommend it because it is extremely balanced, see it as a Gullit (86) low cost carriers.

Alternative like ATT: Ciro Immobile. Also in this case we are talking about a more expensive player (26500/28000), but you will be delighted by his desire to score, so much so that it seems that the player controls himself independently.

By building such a team, you will be able to compete online at the highest levels and benefit from the rich prizes provided. Let us know in the comments if you too are already playing FIFA 21 and experiencing the joys (and sorrows) of FUT Ultimate Team.

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