FIFA 21 - FUT Ultimate Team, how to start earning credits with the Web and Companion App

If you are lucky you will also be able to get great players!

La Web and Companion App di FIFA 21 are now available.

This will be the first chance for all fans of the Ultimate Team mode to start collecting credits and players and building your own base team. So having an action plan is key to success in EA Sports' most loved mode.

This guide will offer you some interesting ideas on what to do during the first login, the best SBCs (Squad Creation Challenges) to complete, buying and selling tips and some first investments that will pay off in the short term!

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First things to do on the web app

When you first log into the Web App or Companion from your smartphone, there will be a few things to do including:

  • Selection of the initial nationality
  • Choice of first club kits / badges
  • Club name
  • Opening of welcome back packages (or so-called loyalty)

Some general tips

By selecting a country such as Brazil, or any nation in the top five leagues to create your first team, you will get a range of players from different leagues and potentially great players for a starting team.

Selling any valuable items obtained from the Welcome Packs will allow you to earn useful credits especially for buying and selling, investing or completing SBCs.

The best SBCs to complete on the web app and Companion

In the beginning, advanced SBCs may be the only chance to rack up a hefty stack of credits. Offering very large rewards at a practically negligible cost.

To have access to these squad making challenges, you must first complete the "Let's Get Started" challenge, which is very easy to complete.

Specifically, it consists of three challenges:

  • Good first - where it is required to exchange a club bronze player to get a bronze award package
  • The second step - Requires you to swap three players with twelve of Chemistry to get a Bronze Pack
  • The third step - In this last challenge you need to exchange four club players from three different nations to get a Bronze Player Pack.

Once completed, you will receive a nice overall reward two player package.

You will then unlock access to these main SBCs:

  • Mixed nationalities
  • Mixed Championships
  • Mixed leagues and nationalities

To which are added the always useful:

  • Bronze update
  • Silver update
  • Gold update

These SBC sets are an absolute goldmine for getting packs and credits, and with player prices tending to start going up day after day, these can be a great area to take advantage of!

Earn credits fast

Complete these SBC sets

Package rewards in these SBCs include:

  • 13.000 coins + a rare gold kit
  • 1x Zinc Player Pack
  • 1x Prime Mixed Player Pack
  • 1x Mixed Player Rare Pack
  • 1x Prime Zinc Player Pack
  • 1x Gold Player Pack
  • 1x Premium Gold Player Pack
  • 2x Mega Pack
  • 1x Prime Gold Player Pack
  • 2x Rare Gold Player Pack
  • 3x Rare Mega Pack

In terms of total value, let's talk more 400.000 credits if we were to buy them from the store.

For some advice on how to complete them in an "economic" and intelligent way, we refer you to FUTBIN.

We remind you that the only way to use FIFA Points to unpack (here our guide on how to recognize if it is a walkout or not) is by transferring them from the previous title (FIFA 20) but directly from the game. In fact, it is not possible to do it via the Web or Companion App. If, in any case, you have the possibility to access the title in advance through EA Play, you can transfer the FIFA Points and use them on the relative Web or Companion App. Surely by using the FP, you will drastically increase the chances of finding great players.

Opening packages through FIFA Points is a real gamble; and by the way if you like betting and online casinos take a look at desire to win online casino.

The best initial investments to make on the Web and Companion App

With thousands of cards available right from the start in FUT 21, the possibilities for making a big profit as well as big investments are endless.

Cards not available on the market are the best way to stock up on coins in the early stages of FUT. A card tends to become extinct in the market when the maximum price range is too low for the intrinsic value of that particular card.

If you are fast, you can buy them on the market carving out the possibility of making a huge profit when EA updates and corrects the price range to a higher value.

Here is a list of potential players from the best leagues that you can try to identify in advance with their relative prices (we remind you that they are subject to change - sometimes even sudden).

Premier League

  • Richarlison - 10,000
  • Willian - 10,000
  • Saint-Maximin - 10,000
  • Reguilon - 10,000
  • Rodrigo - 10,000
  • Bergwijn - 20,000
  • Wan-Bissaka - 20,000
  • Thiago - 27,500
  • Martial - 60,000
  • Kane - 60,000

The League

  • Joao Felix - 10,000
  • Portu - 10,000
  • Jesus Navas - 10,000
  • Marcos Llorente - 10,000
  • Carrasco - 10,000
  • Diego Carlos - 10,000


  • Klostermann - 10,000
  • Zakaria - 10,000
  • Laimer - 10,000
  • Sabitzer - 10,000
  • Gnabry - 40,000

Serie A

  • Theo Hernandez - 10,000
  • Vidal - 10,000
  • Achraf Hakimi - 7,500

We will continue to bring you new and interesting guides on FIFA 21 and Ultimate Team mode, so stay tuned to these pages!

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