FIFA 17, free kick guide

FIFA 17, free kick guide

How to throw the perfect punishment.

It will certainly be obvious to say it, but the first step to take is to carefully evaluate which player of our squad has the right characteristics to be able to kick a punishment. Evaluate whether he kicks right or left, because in the first case you will have to aim at the opposite post (left), in the second case it will be necessary to direct the shot to the right.

In addition, in order to become familiar, train directly in the player arena, in order to become real snipers.

Having said that, we give you some little advice to be able to score a set-kick goal:

  1. Direct your player slightly to the right or left of the opponent's barrier depending on the free kick you want to take (Driven, Knuckleball, Trivela and Rabona);
  2. If you find yourself in the vicinity of the penalty area, load the shot for approx a notch and a half and surely you will be able to hit at least the door; Loading less will make you hit the barrier, loading more, needless to say, will end your corner shot. If, on the other hand, you are at a distance of 25/30 meters, you will have to hold down L1 (on PlayStation console) and LB (on Xbox console) and load at least between the two and three power notches (in relation to the type of shot you want to make) to reach the target
  3. Also, adjust with theleft analog, in such a way as to be able to give a further push to the ball.

In video you find below, you will be able to understand how to shoot all the different types of free kicks, how to move your player in the right direction and how to give the effect and dose the power to the fullest:


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