Dishonored 2, unveiled the list of trophies / achievements of the game

For trophy hunters.

The complete list of trophies / achievements of Dishonored 2; the total trophies are 51 and some of these require a certain effort to be obtained.

We remind you that the game will be available starting next November 11 on PS4, Xbox One and PC!

Here is the full list:

  • DAYS OF DUNWALL AND NIGHTS OF KARNACA - Get all Dishonored 2 trophies
  • Imperial Seal - You have recovered your signet ring
  • Southern Jewel - You have reached Karnaca
  • Inner Beast - You confronted Dr. Alexandria Hypatia
  • Maze of the Mind - Found Anton Sokolov in Villa Meccania
  • One night in 1849 - You have visited the past
  • Soul Thief - You took Delilah's soul
  • Down with the Duke! - You have eliminated Duke Luca Abele
  • The greatest gift - You saved the last member of your family
  • Freedom of the Press - Save the Dunwall Courier printer
  • Morbid Theft - Steal a body for Mindy Blanchard
  • Execution Interrupted - Prevent the guards from pushing anyone against the Wall of Light
  • Brave Fall - Leap from Addermire's highest point and take out an enemy below
  • Antidote - Talk to Dr. Hypatia aboard the Dreadful Wale
  • The Man Who Died Three Times - Kill Paul three times
  • Silence - Eliminate Jindosh without revealing your presence
  • Oracular Echoes - Hear the voices of the sisters of the Oracular Order
  • Screaming in the Soul - Line up with the Screaming in the Dust District
  • Loyal to the Abbey - Line up with the priests in the Powder District
  • Eureka - Open Jindosh's Lock without finding the solution elsewhere
  • Under the Table - Grab Stilton's master key from under the table, with the guards awake and unaware
  • Flooded Underground - Drain the water and recover the rune
  • Ruined - Find the secret passage on the balcony
  • Forgotten past - You heard the story of Meagan Foster
  • Gazebo - Pay tribute to Jessamine for the last time
  • You again - Rob Galvani several times
  • Occult Carver - Craft 10 Bone Amulets
  • Lightning Reaper - Kill 6 enemies in under 1,5 seconds
  • Lethal Deviation - Kill an enemy with their own bullets
  • Circle of Life - Launch Possession 1 time, jumping between humans, hounds, rats, fish and blood flies
  • Ghost - Complete a mission without being detected
  • Alternative Approach - Complete a mission with no casualties
  • Black Market Thief - Rob a black market shop
  • Souvenir - Collect all decorative items from the Dreadful Wale
  • Money, Money, Money - Find 60% of the available loot
  • Whispers of the Heart - Use the Heart to hear the secrets of 40 different people
  • Art Collector - Collect all collectible paintings
  • Mechanic Collector - Obtain the numbered plaques of 3 mechanic soldiers
  • The Invisible Hand - Eliminate 20 unsuspecting enemies
  • Acrobat - Kill 10 enemies with Jump Jump
  • Shadow - Finish the game without being spotted
  • Flesh and Steel - Beat the game without using supernatural powers
  • Royal Protector - Beat the game with Corvo Attano
  • The Empress - Beat the game with Emily Kaldwin
  • In good conscience - Finish the game with a reduced level of chaos
  • Empire of Chaos - Finish the game with a high level of chaos
  • The Lovers - Link 2 characters with Domino just before one kills the other
  • Songs of Serkonos - Find 3 musical duos in Karnaca and listen to their songs
  • Agile Shooter - Delivers a headshot while sliding
  • Royal Chief Spy - Find all of Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov's journals and audiographs on the Dreadful Wale
  • Clean Hands - Finish the game without killing anyone
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