Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: The Best Cyberware

One of the most fascinating and at the same time disturbing aspects in the culture of cyberpunk 2077 (here is ours review), it is certainly the interaction that mankind has developed towards robotics. The so said Cyberware, or robotic grafts inside the body, aimed at improving its capacity and performance.

During your trip to Night City, there will be many NPCs that you will meet with the most disparate Cyberware, making them sometimes charismatic but more frequently horribly monstrous.

Do you want to become a new Robocop? The procedure is very simple: just get a few thousand "eddies" (the game currency, ed) and go to the Scalpel, recognizable on the map by the icon in the shape of a "scissors" (actually in surgical jargon they are called grasping forceps ed.). These are "freelance" surgeons specialized in implanting mechanical parts and will satisfy all your strangest requests. Only in rare cases will you be able to receive them as a reward from quests.

The first thing to know is that Cyberware is divided into 3 types, active, passive ed automatic, so sometimes you will have to activate it, other times it will work in the background.

The modifications can be placed in various parts of the body:

  • Frontal cortex (3 slots)


  • circulatory (3 slots)
  • eye (1 slots)
  • immune (2 slots)
  • nervous (2 slots)
  • integumentary (3 slots)
  • operating  (1 slots)
  • Skeleton (2 slots)
  • Hands (1 slots)
  • Arms (1 slots)
  • Legs (1 slots)

Each modification will have an increasing level of quality, the higher it is and the more upgrades we can acquire:

  • common
  • uncommon
  • rare
  • epic
  • legendary

The advice of the editorial staff

What we will do with this guide will not be limited to a simple analytical index of the various cyberware available in the game, but build V with the best available grafts (the discussion should then be deepened for each build), making it become an unstoppable machine, like the famous Adam smasher, the most famous Cyborg in Cyberpunk 2077.

Frontal cortex

Updates are recommended for use with rapid hack builds and violation protocol builds. This is mainly due to their high intelligence requirements.

Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Disco-ExIntelligence 1828 kIncrease your cyberdeck's maximum RAM by 5Pac
Mechatronic coreTech 1621 kIncreases damage to drones, mechs and robots by 50%Cassius
Visual cortex supportIntelligence 1621 kIncreases Critical Damage by 45%Pac

Circulatory system

Circulatory System Cyberware is generally used with athletic builds and melee katana builds. Many of the effects will make the melee play style much more performing.

Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Synthetic lungsPhysical 167kIncreases stamina regeneration by 25%Wells
Adrenaline boosterPhysical 1828 kInstantly restores 50% stamina when you defeat an enemyBuck
BioconductorPhysical 1614 kReduces all cyberware recovery times by 30%Badlands

Ocular system

Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Kiroshi Mk.3 opticsReputation 145kImprove visionViktor

Immune system

Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Strike and terrifyColdness 157kAfter taking damage, there is a 410% chance to release a large electroshock that deals damage to nearby enemies.Sky
CataresistColdness 1514 kIncreases Stamina by 35%Fingers

Nervous system

Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Synaptic signal optimizerPhysical 2028 kBoosts health by 60%Kraviz
Synaptic acceleratorReflexes 2035 kSlow down the time by 50% for 4 sec. when you are detected by enemiesCherry

Integumentary system

Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Insulating coatingPhysical 1212 kGuarantees immunity to electric shockViktor, Dr. Chrome
Subdermal armor-14 kIncreases armor by 200Dr. Chrome
Heat converterColdness 1425 kWhen hit by Burn, instead of taking damage from it, deal 10% more damageDr. Chrome

Operating System

Many of the Cyberware operating systems will improve the way you play when using the assault rifle and other ranged weapons in Cyberpunk 2077.

Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Militech Falcon 'Sandevistan'Reflexes 1835 kActivate to dilate the time by 70% for 20 sec. When active, critical strike chance + 20%, critical damage + 35%, and damage + 15%. Recovery 30 secDoc Ryder


Skeleton Cyberware is very useful for melee and Katana builds, providing more damage, more health, and faster attack speed.

Your name Requirement$DescriptionScalpel
Micro-rotorsReflexes 1814 kIncrease attack speed by 25%Instant
Bionic lungs-7kIncreases Stamina by 30%Kraviz


Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Ballistic coprocessorReputation 2021 kIncreases the chance of bouncing shots with powerful weapons. The number of times the bullet bounces increases by 2Viktor
Smart linkReputation 1121 kIncreases the chance of Smart Bullets hitting targets by 25% and increases Critical Damage by 25%.Viktor


Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Single cableReputation 45100 k163-199 damage. + 67-82 physical damage. 2,5 AS + 20% bleeding. +2 slots Mod.Wells, Sky
Projectile launch systemReputation 45100 kRequired to enable smart link. +2 slots Mod.Wells, Sky


Your nameRequirement$DescriptionScalpel
Lynx paws-85 kIt allows you to move and run more quietly. Fingers, Instant
Reinforced tendonsReputation 1245 kIt allows you to double jump, ensuring you access otherwise unexplored areas.any Scalpel

Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge world and for that matter CD Project Red in constant development and updating, that you can find a further guide about weapons, armor and legendary cyberware!

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