Varta Power Bank Fast Energy Review (15.000 mAh)

After the announcement of new Power Banks Fast Energy, which took place a month ago, we had the opportunity to get our hands on one of the new devices from the German manufacturer. In particular, on the one from: 15.000 mAh but versions from 10.000 e 20.000 mAh.

The devices in question are characterized by the previous ones as they present a whole series of new features. First of all, charge fast, one USB-Type C PD output and two USB Quick Charge 3.0 (for ultra-fast charging) and hear hear, Type C cable included in the sales package. A standard now common to almost all mobile electronic devices but that Varta has struggled a bit to implement in its Power Banks.

However, the other features introduced with the manufacturer's previous charging devices remain unchanged, such as: Temperature control, overcharge protection and short-circuit protection.


  • Powerful power bank with 4 ports (1x Micro USB input, 2x USB A QC 3.0 output, 1x bi-directional USB Type C PD port)
  • Add 55 hours of extra talk time to your smartphone *
  • Just the right capacity for a weekend getaway
  • Technology trend: USB C PD port and Quick Charge 3.0 for ultra-fast and intelligent charging (5V / 3A; 9V / 2A; 12V / 1.5A)
  • Charges 20% faster than regular USB ports **
  • Durable and high quality aluminum case
  • Ideal for the on-the-go user: charge 3 devices at the same time
  • 4 white LEDs for charge and discharge indication (blue LED color if Quick Charge 3.0 function is activated)
  • USB Type-C charging cable included
  • Using the latest advanced VARTA security technology
  • Quality assurance of the VARTA brand


Electrochemical SystemLi-Po
Battery capacity in mAh10000/3,7 V
Estimated capacity in mAh5920/5 V
Width72 mm
Height135,5 mm
Depth14,5 mm
Weight244 g

Sales package

The device is presented in the traditional transparent plastic blister. The dimensions: 138 mm x 73,5 mm x 20,5 mm for a total weight of 342g. An LCD screen is missing (instead present in the Varta LCD Power Bank with 7.800 mAh) but they are present four indicators positioned laterally (each indicating the capacity of the 25% of charge). The only drawback of this choice is that they are a bit small and the LED is too dim, almost imperceptible, especially with daylight, we let you imagine in the sun, practically impossible to see. When the Quick Charge 3.0 function is activated, the LED is blue.

The color is once again gray, with the classic white finishes. On the upper edge they are present 1x Micro USB input, 2x USB A QC 3.0 output, 1x bi-directional USB Type C PD port, while on the left side of the device the power button.


The model we tested was able to supply energy to our devices (specifically a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and a Tablet S6 Lite) in an incredibly fast way: in an hour it was possible to reach 80% recharge, with 20% faster speed than normal USB inputs.

The two Micro USB inputs, 2 Quick Charge outputs and the bi-directional USB Type C PD port, do what they were designed for, that is to charge devices in an ultra-fast and optimized time. The overall charging capacity has been designed for 3 devices at the same time, up to 3,8 smartphones and 1,8 tablets per day.

The PD connector also makes charging smart, recognizing devices of different sizes and powers in order to provide the appropriate level of energy without causing damage to the battery.


The device is handy, rather light and can be easily carried anywhere by placing it in the trouser pocket (even the back one) or in a bag or backpack. The only major flaw in terms of portability is that the surface of the Power Bank is slippery like a bar of soap, so a carelessness is enough and it could fall to the ground. So watch out!

Final comment

Varta has managed to further improve the performance of its Power Banks and has finally included a Type-C cable (hallelujah) in the sales package. The version we tested, the one from 15.000 mAh, price of just under 30 € (even if it's a little more on Amazon at the moment), it can charge your devices at lightning speed. Certainly not all that glitters is gold, the valuable performance is contrasted by a poorly inspired design and charge indication LEDs are nothing short of invisible.

That said. the Varta Power Bank Fast Energy is perfectly suited to those who need to recharge their devices several times a day. It can be easily carried in the pockets but be careful when handling it, the surface of the product is so smooth that it could fall easily.

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