Temple Run: Rebel - The Brave, available on Apple Store and Google Play

Take on the role of the new heroine Merida and discover the settings inspired by the highly anticipated Disney • Pixar fantasy animated film “Rebel - The Brave” in the new chapter of the 3D endless runner Temple Run.

Disney presents Temple Run: Rebel - The Brave, the new mobile video game that unites the universe of the highly anticipated animated fantasy film Disney • Pixar Rebel - The Brave with the game Temple Run: Rebel - The Brave produced by Imangi Studios, revisiting one of the funniest apps on the App Store.

Through a new look inspired by Disney's animated fantasy feature “Rebel - The Brave” • Pixar, Temple Run: Rebel - The Brave invites players to join the film's heroine, Merida, to run, slide, jump, turn and shoot their arrows in the harsh sceneries of mysterious mythological Scotland.

With totally redesigned graphics, Temple Run: Brave includes numerous environments, exclusive characters and additional features compared to the original game. Among these, for example, the ability to shoot with the bow with which for the first time players can aim targets which, if perfectly centered, allow them to earn extra coins. Once downloaded, Temple Run: Brave allows the player to start the game with a free supply of coins equal to 0,79 euros, or 2.500 coins, with which to buy the power-ups needed to defeat Mordu, the "demon bear ”who is among the main villains of“ Brave ”.

Temple Run: Rebel - The Brave has all the features that made the historic Temple Run famous, such as intuitive swipe and tilt controls, character enhancement and the use of fun power-ups. In addition, you can access the Game Center by viewing leaderboards and achievements and competing with friends. Created by Imangi Studios, Temple Run is a success that has conquered the public in a short time, with 80 million downloads, enough to enter the "Top 30 Apps to download" of Time magazine.

Temple Run: Rebel - The Brave It is available both on App Store from 14 June at a price of 0,79 euros in versions for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad at this address, while for Android at the price of 0,78 euros at this address.

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