Skyrim, the mods to turn it into Dark Souls

Blood and swords without end.

The one of The Elder Scrolls is a videogame saga that without the possibility of modifications, even heavy ones, would not reach the longevity that it offers to users today. There are those who are lazy, and are content to play the title in a smooth version; those who download a modest quantity of Mods to have fun and refresh the title and those, more daring and patient, upset the production of Bethesda to bring it as close as possible to that of From Software.

If you intend to transform the world of Skyrim and fill it with that gothic aura and impregnating anxiety Dark Souls, then all you have to do is install the mods that we report at the bottom, along with a video trailer.

By clicking on the names of the various mods you will access the portal "NexusMods" where it will be possible to download the files and, we recommend that you do so, read all the peculiarities.  


-Dark Fantasy Overhaul

-Clean Up your corpses

-Supreme and volumetric Fog

-Skymomod V13

-Inferno The Blood Marked


-Raven Castle

-TK Dodge

-Dark Souls Bonfire

-Dark Souls - Elite Knight

-Customizable Camera

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