Star Comics, Britannia no. 2 will arrive on April 18

Let's go to the Colosseum!

The adventures of Antonio Axia, the investigator in toga: this time the investigations move… al Coliseum! Between gladiators and secret cults, will ours be able to discover the truth again this time? What if your son ended up in the middle of it too? All this - and much more - in BRITANNIA no. 2, in the VALIANT series, available in the comic store, bookstore and Amazon from April 18th.


Fifty thousand Romans admire, with bated breath, Achillia, the strongest gladiator ever, fight against five of the most important champions ofEmpire. It is so traditional when a woman sets foot in the arena. When it all comes to an end, Achillia is hailed as the winner: a first taste of independence begins to make its way into the minds of women of Roma. Meanwhile, a Apollo bloodied wandering around the city, a vision that drives the unfortunate mad. Rubria is found guilty, and must seek help from Antonio Axia, the only detective in Rome. The clue at his disposal is only one, and leads to Achillia. 

From 18 April BRITANNIA n. 2 will be available in the comic store, bookstore and Amazon!

Browse online the first pages of the comic at this link!



Milligan, JJ Ryp

17 × 26, B, col, pp. 112, € 8,90

Release date: 18/04/2018, in the comic store, bookstore and Amazon

Isbn 9788822608734

BRITAIN n. 1 it is also available in version variant with cover by THEO (only in the comic store and in our online shop).

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