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A blow to many users.

If you are among those who used the cracked version of Spotify Premium on Android (minimally on iOS), you have most likely realized that you are no longer able to log in with your account. Well, if you are still not aware of it, you should know that the streaming music giant has blocked all the modified versions of the app, specifically the bulk of the action has seen as primary target Spotify MOD APK.

Translated in a nutshell, there is no longer any way (at least for now) to get Spotify Premium for free except by installing less updated versions according to what you can read on the Net, but we leave it to you to read more and check if this trick works.

If you are disappointed by the company's hard - and in any case right - counter-offensive but you are not willing to give in to pride by subscribing to the Premium, below we recommend other interesting apps that can satisfy your musical thirst. Keep in mind, however, that they are practically all paid and those that have a free version, of course, will include advertising and other limitations.

Spotify free, Students, Family and Premium

To be fair, we still report all the subscriptions available on Spotify. Who knows, you may not discover a decidedly economical subscription that is right for you and which you may not have known existed.

  • Free - The basic and free version of Spotify. As such, advertisements appear at a preset rate, shuffle play of songs cannot be disabled, songs can be changed a limited number of times within an hour, audio quality is standard and cannot be heard. offline music.
  • Premium for Students - Aimed at university students, it allows access to premium features for only € 4,99 / month. More details HERE.
  • Premium for Family - Designed for the family, it is priced at € 14,99 / month and can be shared with up to 6 people, which means less than € 2,50 each. Be careful because subscribers must reside at the same address and Spotify will verify that this requirement is met. More details HERE.
  • Premium - The classic paid version with a cost of € 9,99 / month. If it is the first time that you subscribe to this kind of subscription, there may be some interesting promotions in progress: often, new subscribers can benefit from 3 months for the price of € 0,99 in addition to trying it for free for 30 days. More details HERE.

Amazon Music Unlimited

If you didn't know, Amazon also has its own streaming music service, but it's not included in the Prime membership. After a 30-day free trial period, Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to choose between two subscriptions:

  • Individual - Intended for a single user, it costs € 9,99 / month or € 99 / year.
  • Family - Can be shared with up to 6 family members, you can subscribe for the price of € 14,99 / month or € 149 / year.

More details HERE.


Deezer obviously provides for the presence of advertising as for the free version of Spotify, but allows you to listen to the songs in the order you prefer. If you are interested in the premium version, after a 30-day trial period you can choose between two subscriptions:

  • Premium + - At the price of 9,99 € / month, among the rest you can access the music even in offline mode and have songs in high quality.
  • Deezer Family - Can be shared with up to 6 family members, costs € 14,99 / month and also allows you to create profiles for children.

Furthermore, by entering the code XBOX9269 (also on the mobile app), it is currently possible to obtain a trial period of 3 months.

More details HERE.

Apple Music

Apple's music streaming service is also available on Android, but you still need to log in with an Apple account. The subscription prices are identical to those offered by Spotify, but here the free trial version is extended to 3 months. Apple Music offers the following subscriptions:

  • Students - € 4,99 / month and includes access to original, exclusive programs and Radio Beats 1.
  • Individual - € 9,99 / month, same content as the Student subscription.
  • Family - € 14,99 / month, also shared in this case with a maximum of 6 people.

More details HERE.


Totally free, MusicAll is an app based on YouTube and, among other things, it allows you to download MP3 songs for free, convert videos to MP3 format and create custom playlists.

The main advantage of MusicAll is that, while relying on the famous Google portal, it is able to play music directly as MP3 without having to upload the related videos.

More details HERE.


This app is also completely free, but it offers a limited music library. There are no profiles or channels of the most famous artists or their complete albums, but if you are looking for songs or generic music it is a good platform.

More details HERE.


This service allows you to subscribe based on the quality of the audio. First of all, Tidal it allows like the others to activate a free 30-day trial; after that, you can choose from the following subscriptions:

  • Premium - Intended for a single user, it offers standard audio quality at a cost of € 9,99 / month.
  • HiFi - Still aimed at a single person, but offers high fidelity Lossless audio quality and costs € 19,99 / month.
  • Family Premium - Shareable with up to 5 family members, standard audio quality and price of € 14,99 / month.
  • Family HiFi - Shareable with up to 5 family members, high fidelity Lossless audio quality and price of € 29,99 / month.
  • Student Premium - Designed for university students, it costs € 4,99 / month and offers standard audio quality.
  • Student HiFi - As above, but with high fidelity Lossless audio quality and price of 9,99 € / month.

In practice, maximum audio quality translates into a doubling of the cost of the premium subscription. In addition, Tidal also has a rich video library.

More details HERE.

These are the alternatives that we recommend, between free and paid apps, hoping that they can somehow satiate your hunger for music. And let them sulk you if you were among those users who used a cracked version of Spotify Premium!

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