Virtual reality also conquers the casino world

Virtual reality is rapidly conquering more and more space in the gaming world and beyond. A few days ago, Microsoft's keynote announced the arrival of the Mesh platform, an ecosystem that allows you to develop, design, share and in general work in augmented reality with colleagues from all over the world, as if they were in front of we.

The global pandemic has certainly contributed to the exponential growth of the sector, which by reducing real contacts made it necessary to find alternative solutions that would allow people to meet.

Obviously, the world of online casinos has also been influenced by this new trend and indeed thanks to the intuition of some companies it is leading the challenge of VR.

Indeed, by the end of the year 2021, the VR gambling sector is expected to reach the staggering figure of 520 billion dollars, an increase of 800% compared to 2020.

What is a virtual reality casino?

The reason for such an important growth in turnover but also in the interest that revolves around virtual casinos lies in the superior degree of immersion that these experiences are able to offer players. Adrenaline, risk, satisfaction with a win or disappointment with a defeat, are enormously amplified by the feeling of being in a real casino. In fact, a headset for VR and a compatible iGambling platform is enough to travel thousands of kilometers and visit imaginary or real casinos and meet people from all over the globe, having the feeling that they are right next to us.

What are the best virtual casinos?

Despite the progress of VR platforms in recent years, there are still many elements that make it much more profitable for players to use the "traditional" online platforms, such as the absence of no deposit bonuses in the VR platforms - that is, the benefits which allow players to increase the limit to be used for the game. However, here are the two most interesting proposals for those who want to try playing in VR.


Lucky VR has developed SlotsMillion, a platform that is the perfect representation of VR casino innovation. The platform is not for card game lovers. Rather, it features an arcade and over 40 slot machines. A skyscraper houses the game room on its 80th floor. If you are not afraid of heights, you can enjoy an amazing view of the city by leaning against the window of the building, having a drink at the casino bar or sitting in the lounge.

The app is available on the Oculus Rift store.

Casino VR Poker

Casino VR Poker offers players a realistic and detailed interface. Developed in Switzerland, the casino includes voice chat and six Texas Hold'em poker tables. It is a cross-platform gaming site that works perfectly on Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

The site offers players some free chips at the start of a game. You can top up your free chips through winning hands or an in-app purchase. However, players cannot cash out chips as the casino is for entertainment only.

PokerStars VR

It is certainly the most known and loved app of Casino in VR. Available on Oculus Quest, Rift, Viveport and Steam, Pokerstars VR is also one of the most popular for its excellent graphical interface and breathtaking visuals. In the wonderful and luxurious rooms you will face players from all over the world. The unprecedented realism will allow you to read the body language of the opponents just like in a live game, while an endless series of gadgets, sets and interactive accessories will make the evening even more fun and exciting.

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