E-girl, an advancing model

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Few years ago the concept of e-girl in videogames was based on that E with the meaning of “electronic”. In practice it was used to identify a girl with a virtual identity, with a rather negative meaning because it referred to girls who often used the multiplayer mode to to ensnare other gamers.

The modern e-girl a little bit emo, a little gothic

Today, however, the meaning of e-girl returns a very different image from the stereotype concerned and at times criminal, referring to third millennium girl with a passion for Manga and video games. Very often e-girls show typical emo attitudes, with a very gothic look.

The e-girl of today is however a witty, self-deprecating girl who uses the trendiest apps in a very dynamic way among the members of the Z generation. Just take a look at the Instagram profiles with hashtag #egirl to immediately understand the contrast with the girls Millenials all perfect, who are immortalized only in film set conditions and take advantage of the inevitable filters to feel like a little diva.

If we want to talk about the subculture born with TikTok, a very popular social network especially among teenagers, the e-girl falls into a category that contrasts with the soft girl and also with the vsco girl, considering the latter to be girls with insignificant appearances, too close to the model of perfect girl widespread in modern society. On the other hand, the vsco girl finds the e-girl exaggerated in everything, up to vulgarity with her very marked make-up and often a more uninhibited attitude.

The transgressive and ironic look

Starting from face make-up inevitable at any time of the day, with the use of eye shadow (pink, red, orange), tattoos or stickers under the eyes (crosses, tears, blackheads etc ...), mineral foundation to avoid attacking the skin and lighten it for the purpose to bring out the fake freckles and dark lipstick.

Il typical outfit of an e-girl always includes one striped shirt to be worn under short-sleeved shirts, dark and perhaps for men: the top are those that refer to non-conformist music, such as Nirvana or The Door

The inevitable in the wardrobe fitted black jeans high waisted, ripped and with a belt to give a tough streetwear touch. But to desecrate the figure of the good girl, the e-girl also adores home and church Scottish collegiate skirts hentai style, sometimes inspired by Cosplay, or shorts accompanied by “saucy” accessories such as the garter.

Le platform footwear they are the most popular, so they are almost always black in color with large sculpted soles. All always accompanied by studs, straps with metallic finishes and pockets to give a more aggressive look.

Another distinctive element of the e-girl is the hairstyle: almost all of them prefer the bob cut, often with bangs. On the color there is a strong tendency to jet black for the more classic young girls, while the bicolor for the most daring.

In reference to the characters of Japanese comics, many love the tails shot at the top, with colorful clothespins scattered here and there.

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