GUIDE Cuphead, how to defeat world 3 bosses

The third and final part of our Cuphead bosses guide.

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We have reached the last part of our guide dedicated to the bosses featured in Cuphead and this time we will consider the enemies that inhabit the third world, complete with a final boss.

  • Rumor Honeybottoms
  • Captain Brineybeard
  • Dr. Kahl's Robot
  • Phantom Express
  • Cala Maria
  • Sally Stageplay
  • Werner Werman
  • King says
  • The Devil

Rumor Honeybottoms

The first boss you will face in this new world of Cuphead will be Rumor Honeybottoms, a queen bee in a battle that is not very simple, with mobile platforms that will be divided into 3 different phases.

Phase 1: Minions

In this first phase you will not see it against Rumor Honeybottoms but you will fight its minions. The most dangerous of all will be the one dressed as a policeman, who will float at the bottom of the screen sending small balls at you that will explode. As always try to avoid them while trying to shoot the minions until he is defeated.

In addition to the henchman dressed as a policeman, you must also pay attention to the minions dressed as office employees, who you can easily hit to get rid of them.

Phase 2: Rumor Honeybottoms

At this stage Rumor will finally enter the battle. The queen bee will have 3 types of attacks at her disposal, which she will use at regular intervals depending on her position in the scenario:

  • Warhead and bullets: Rumor will throw his head down when he is in the center of the arena. From this position Rumor will start spitting bee-shaped bullets to the right and left. These bullets will follow the same pattern, going back and forth and you, using the platforms present, will have to try to avoid them.
  • Lockable bales : Rumor when he is on the left or right of the scenario he will launch spheres that will chase you but that you can block to also charge your super move.
  • Triangle of death: Rumor when it gets to the left or right it can create a triangle which in turn will hope even smaller triangles against you. When he uses this move try to stay as far away as possible from the triangle that Rumor will create.

After hitting it enough times you will arrive at the last stage of World 3's first boss Cuphead.

Phase 3: Airplane Mode Rumor

Rumor at the beginning of this phase, before transforming into a dangerous airplane, he will slowly descend from the sky reading a book, and this will be the best time to focus his attacks. Once it has transformed into an airplane it will position itself at the bottom of the screen.

In this form, his only attack will consist in throwing sharp gloves from the guns placed on the plane. Look for a place where you are comfortable and observe the movements of the gloves, in order to find the best position from which to hit the plane which, among other things, will be the most difficult thing of this boss fight.

Once you hit Rumor enough times it will fall and you have passed the first third world boss of Cuphead. Congratulations!

Captain Brineybeard

This time in Cuphead you will see it with Captain Brineybeard, with the typical appearance of a pirate captain, in a battle that will be divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1: Captain Brineybeard

The battle is, relatively, very simple, but you will find yourself forced to work to avoid taking damage.

All of his attacks will be simple enough to read and therefore anticipate:

  • Shot of the Barrel: During all phases, that stupid grinning barrel will float above your head which, if you step under it, will hit you. It's not difficult, it's just boring, don't lose sight of the barrel or it won't miss opportunities to kill you.
  • Polyp Cannon: Brineyneard has only one attack: take out an octopus which will spit at you. Fortunately, three of these bullets are pink and parryable, convenient for speeding up the loading of the super move

At Brineybeard's whistle 3 different enemies may appear:

  • Shark: You will understand that it is the shark if you see a giant fin appear in the background along with other creatures. Stay close to the boat to avoid getting hit.
  • Pescecani: anticipated by a periscope of a submarine near the boat, the sharks enter the scene. They are very easy to defeat, just move to the left of the dock and hit them.
  • Medusa: no foreshadowing for this enemy, as it is not lethal. The only weapon at his disposal is ink, which he will spray everywhere to make it difficult for you to see. Attack him and he will go away.

The easiest area to attack Bruneybeard is the one closest to him, once you hit him enough you will move on to the next phase.

Phase 2: Cannonballs

The only difference between this and the previous phase is that the ship our bearded enemy is on will start shooting cannonballs at us. The ideal time to hit the ship will be when it is about to attack you. Once you have done enough damage, the real fight will begin.

Stage 3: Evil Ship

At this stage the ship will transform, launching Birneybeard into the sea. To kill her you will have to attack her uvula, at the bottom of her throat. Jump and shoot him, not forgetting the barrel right above your head.

The ship has two attacks. The first is the classic fireball, you just need to jump dodging it or crouch down. The second attack is a large beam, which you can dodge by crouching as the ship closes its mouth for a moment.

Once the uvula is destroyed, you will have defeated the ship as well. Congratulations and let's continue with the next boss of Cuphead.

Dr. Kahl's Robot

This time you will see it against Dr. Kahl's robot in this umpteenth and, by no means simple, air crash present in Cuphead.

Phase 1: Dr. Kahl's robot

As previously mentioned, things are starting to get more complicated. The first phase of the battle will be very special. The robot will initially present 3 different weak points which once hit enough will turn into something completely different.

  • Laser on the head: regularly the laser positioned on the robot's head will shoot a yellow beam at you which in a short time will expand, greatly increasing its danger. To dodge this attack you will need to shrink your plane and dodge it with the right timing.
  • Slit on the chest: regularly the robot will pull a pink cylinder out of the circular slot that will chase you but that you can easily parry.
  • Slit on the belly: from this slot the robot will launch spacecraft at you that move from bottom to top with undulatory movements. You can get rid of it quickly by shooting at it.

Whenever you eliminate any part of the robot, the machine will totally change attack:

  • The laser on the head will become a cannon that will shoot a series of bolts at you. To avoid them easily, make the plane smaller and pass through it.
  • The slit on the chest will become a mechanical arm. It will appear from the left of the scenario and will also throw bolts at you.
  • Searching missiles will emerge from the gap in the belly and slowly move towards you. Once hit they will explode, releasing a large skull. The only way to avoid this attack is to shoot the bomb from far away.

Once you have defeated the first three elements a large heart will appear outside the robot's chest, on which you will have to focus all your attacks. Hit the heart enough and you will move on to the next stage.

Step 2: Head

In this section, Dr. Kahl's robot head will move from one side of the screen to the other. Avoiding the missiles that he will launch at you, you will have to shoot in the head. This will, in all likelihood, be the right time to use all your super moves. Keep hitting him to start the third and final phase of this fight.

Phase 3: Dr. Kahl

This last phase will be really tough, as well as long.

For the duration of the fight, Dr. Kahl will shoot you at the splinters of gems that you will have to avoid by moving constantly. Pay attention, too, to the flying walls that will appear in the scenario and, try to shoot Dr. Kahl as soon as possible.

Phantom Express

Phantom Express is a clash of Cuphead quite difficult but not impossible to face and defeat so get ready. To find the enemy you will have to go beyond the theater and get on the train on your left.

Here you will find yourself on a strange platform on the sides of which there are two pink valves that allow movement to the right or left.

Stage 1: Ghost without an eye

The ghost without an eye is the first enemy you will face, a strange Cyclops who will shoot real eyes at you. These you can destroy them simply by shooting at them. Also pay attention to the pumpkins that appear in this phase and that will follow you for the duration of the boss. Their only weapon at their disposal are pink bricks that they will try to drop on the valves of your platform to make you move against your control. With a little attention you will be able to defeat the ghost in a short time, making you move forward with the platform.

Stage 2: Skeleton Machinist

It will be easier to defeat the skeleton machinist if you always manage to stay in the same spot. Slide the platform to the right all the way and stay on the left edge.

You will find yourself parallel to 3 wagons from which the driver's head and the two arms will come out to hit you. If you find yourself under his head, no problem; if you find yourself under one of his arms try to move to the left edge to avoid being hit. Keep hitting the driver's head and in no time you will knock him out

Stage 3: Demonic Lollipops

These monstrous "things" that look like lollipops will come out of the wagons on the sides while from the center, from a kind of organ, ghosts will come out and come against you.

Always keep to the far right with the platform to avoid the lightning rain attack. Keep shooting the lollipop above you incessantly, always paying attention to the ghosts that come against you. Once you have defeated the enemy above you, move on to the other one with the same modus operandi.

When you have defeated both of the lollipops move with the platform to the left and enter phase 4.

Stage 4: Death Locomotive

The final stage is really fast. The locomotive will run close to you, just jump and parry its tail. At this point the locomotive will open showing the heart that you can hit easily, being careful of the circles it will throw at you. Be careful, repeat the same attacks and you will also take home this victory. Let's continue with the next boss of Cuphead.

Cala Maria

Cuphead's last air fight and this time you will be against Cala Maria, a giant siren, in a battle divided into three phases.

Phase 1: Cala Maria

Start the fight by shooting the siren as much as possible. Although this first phase will not be difficult, you will still have to pay attention to the many, different, attacks available to Cala Maria:

  • Yellow Fish: when the mermaid goes under water she can catch a yellow fish. This little minion will shoot you at a terrifying electrified dolphin that you must avoid.
  • Red fish: when the mermaid goes underwater she can catch a giant goldfish that will be used as a shotgun. Shrink the plane and step between its bullets to avoid taking damage.
  • Tartaruga: Cala Maria will summon a turtle from the sea that will throw bombs from afar. Quickly focus your fire on the creature and you won't have any problems.
  • Seahorse: the siren will summon a seahorse that will spit water at you from the ocean, slowing you down and pushing you. In short, more pain in the ass than dangerous.
  • Puffer fish: Occasionally the mermaid summons will be accompanied by an army of puffers flying upwards. as always, avoid them by shooting them or using the shrunken plane.

Hit it enough times and you will move on to the next phase.

Phase 2: Medusa

In this phase the siren will transform into a jellyfish and will have a single, albeit dangerous, attack at its disposal.

Like a good jellyfish, Cala Maria can petrify you. If this happens, wiggle quickly by moving left and right to get out of this state. You will also have to pay attention to the attacks of the eels that, for the duration of the fight, will throw bullets at you. Shoot until you move on to the final fight.

Phase 3: The cave

In this final stage, Cala Maria's head will retreat into a cave. The latter will prove to be the main obstacle to this clash, as it will have its walls covered with deadly corals. Also watch out for snakes that will throw floating skulls at you, as well as spikes that you will have to avoid by shrinking your plane.

Keep shooting until Cala Maria falls and, congratulations, you have defeated all the bosses using the plane in Cuphead.

Sally Stageplay

Sally Stageplay is one of the latest bosses of Cuphead. You will find yourself fighting angry bride in a 4-phase match.

Phase 1: The Bride

The fight begins, the curtain rises. Sally suddenly abandons her wedding dress to switch to a more comfortable beach dress, which facilitates the execution of her 4 attacks:

  • Launch of the umbrella: Sally will start throwing umbrellas that will get stuck in the floor of the stage. Try to avoid them and hit it continuously.
  • Teleport: The umbrella could, at some point, eat Sally and make her disappear. In the meantime, run on the stage to avoid that, suddenly reappearing, it hits you.
  • Bacio: Sally may occasionally throw kisses at you, creating pink hearts that will come at you. Dodge or parry them.
  • Wheel: Sally, jumping into the air, will suddenly begin to spin around and then try to attack you directly in a corner. Try to avoid it by simply moving.

Once you hit her hard enough Sally will leave with her husband and the scene will change.

Phase 2: The Mother

In this scene Sally in addition to maintaining the attack of the wheel and the umbrella will be able to drop from the latter some mice that will come against you. Jump to dodge them or shoot them.

The novelty is that at this stage even Sally's son will be angry with you, throwing bombs in the form of bottles from the window of the house.

Be careful and you can pass the phase safely and without taking much damage.

Phase 3: Sally's Revenge

This is perhaps the easiest part of the whole fight.

A gigantic scenography of Sally will appear on the left, on the backdrop of the stage. As for the attacks you will be facilitated by the signs that will announce them:

  • Meteora: a meteor will fall from the sky. Avoid it, hit it until it opens and jump to the star inside.
  • Great Wave: Sally will order a machinist to drag a giant wave onto the stage. Jump and dodge it.
  • Lighting bolt: when the word "lightning" appears, small cardboard in the shape of a lightning bolt will descend from above and chase you. Their movement will be random so dedicate yourself to attacking the lightning bolts right now and put Sally in the background.

When you defeat it, the curtain will drop and you will move on to phase 4.

Phase 4: The curtain falls

When the curtain rises again, Sally will fly over the stage with her latest weapon, which is none other than her umbrella. This turning will come at you, avoid it and jump on it. beware of the roses that the audience, from below, will throw you on stage. Place a few good shots and the curtain falls on the delightful but angry Sally. Congratulations and on to the next boss of Cuphead.

Werner Werman

Werner Werman is nothing more than a simple mouse locked up in a large jar. Probably the simplest confrontation of those present in the third world of Cuphead, divided into three phases. A few attempts and you'll defeat this filthy rat too!

Phase 1: Armored can

In this phase Werner will have two types of attacks:

  • Cherry Bomb: A large cannon will continuously fire cherry bombs which, once they hit the ground, disperse flames to the left and right. To avoid them you will have to jump with the right timing.
  • Catapult: Werner's second attack will consist in throwing garbage at you, using a catapult. This will result in a series of bullets directed at you, which you will be able to dodge through the air.

Do enough damage to the jar and you will move on to the next stage.

Phase 2: Flamethrower

In this new phase Werner will be placed in the center of the arena and will remain there for the rest of the fight. On the sides of the arena, however, bottle caps will appear that will not allow you to get close.

In this section Werner will use his flamethrower, moving from top to bottom and vice versa. You will have to be good at moving in the opposite direction depending on where he wants to attack you, but be careful of the bottle caps.

Keep shooting until the cat eats your enemy.

Phase 3: Cat

Now things are starting to get serious. You will have to defeat the giant cat that appeared in the scenario. The good thing about the battle is that the moves available to the boss will be basically two:

  • Ghost mice: The cat will occasionally open its mouth to release ghosts. The latter will throw at you pink orbs that you can parry. Do not let them touch the ground, unless you want to find more bullets to dodge around the scenario. Shoot the ghosts to make them disappear.
  • Paw: When the cat brings its arm to the far left or right of the screen, move in the opposite direction to avoid its attack. It will be very easy to avoid his move, but still be careful of the pieces of wood that will fall from above and that you will have to dodge.

Keep shooting the cat and in a short time you will find yourself facing the two final fights present in Cuphead.

King says

Welcome to the penultimate battle featured in Cuphead, perhaps one of the hardest things you will face this year. Here you will face the right hand of the final boss: King Dice. The fight is inside a casino so get ready and good luck!

Phase 1: Roll the die

The thing that makes this enemy a real boss is having to face luck by throwing the dice. Timing is the basis of everything to get to the bottom. But rest assured, if you play intelligently, you will win.

The battle takes place on a gambling table where you will have to try to get to the "FIN" space with one, two or three advancements depending on how lucky you are with the dice.

The minimum number of bosses you will have to face is three, but we will help you get where you want.

King Dice will put you ahead of your luck to decide your destiny in this level. She will clap her hands when she appears, a dangerous move if you are unable to parry her. Next, a pink die will appear above you, the only numbers of which are one, two and three.

Decide which boss to face and, consequently, watch the dice to choose the right moment to stop him. We suggest two techniques to stop the nut at the right time:

  • If you have good reflexes and a steady hand, wait a few seconds for the number you want to appear and then jump and save.
  • If you need more time, spin the dice to memorize the sequence, and two numbers first jump to one side and save as soon as you hit the die.

It will not be easy to learn the sequence of numbers but with a little patience and a little attention you will make it. In this guide we will explain our path through boxes 3, 4, Second Safe, 7, Third Safe and FIN.

Box 3: Cigar and cigarettes

Stopping on space 3 you will find yourself in a very particular arena: you will be on an ashtray and another will be on your right, from which the cigar will come out. A relatively easy and short battle to overcome.

Shoot the cigar incessantly, trying to avoid as much as possible the fireballs that it will spit at you with irregular movements.

When you have fired enough your enemy will vanish into the ashes below, and that's when you jump to the other side, trying to avoid the cigarettes in the center. Continue with the same modus operandi until your enemy falls to land with a gigantesto "at Knockout!".

Box 4: Dominoes

This fight is very easy if you equip the Chaser. The Domino has few attacks, you just have to run, jump to avoid the metal spikes and shoot.

When Domino throws small flying tiles at you try to avoid them or take them down. Avoid the orange orbs and save, instead, the pink ones that will charge your super move. If you keep your finger glued to the attack button you will pass the level very quickly.

Box 7: Roulette

In box 7 you will find yourself facing an easy fight, with a Roulette that will make you practice even for the final battle.

When the fight starts, jump on the platforms in the shape of playing chips and when the roulette starts to spin and come against you, dodge it by jumping from side to side, repeating the same actions and always trying to attack it. Roulette is able to throw balls that will then come down from above, when it begins to spin on itself you will know that it is preparing to attack. Avoid the rain and never stop hitting it, it will go to the mat in a short time if you are careful.

Safe boxes

If you land on the Safe boxes, rest assured, nothing will happen and you will reroll the die.

Boss: King Dice

From here on, the nut will turn backwards, be careful.

If you thought that getting to the "FIN" box meant "end of battle", perhaps you were too optimistic. The moment you land on the last square, the boss above you will start attacking you.

Don't worry, he only has one move, you always try to do your duty: shoot him in the head as much as possible. Only one move but difficult to understand and dodge, as it takes place randomly.

King Dice will put his hand on the table from which he will bring out a row of playing cards on which you will have to jump, being careful to always parry those with the pink suit, which will also help you for the loading of the super move. Use the latter to make the fight shorter, never leaving the attack button, if you use the Chaser everything will be easier.

You hope to have luck in the order of the cards that will come against you in order to always fall and parry those with the pink suit. It is very easy to lose life in this phase so try to preserve it in the previous ones. When you've KO'd this boss, get ready for the last boss in Cuphead.

The Devil

Finally the showdown. In the latest clash of Cuphead you will see it against the devil himself, in a battle divided into 4 parts.

Phase 1: The devil

As you can imagine, the final battle will be anything but simple and you will realize it from the first phase. The devil will have a good number of moves at his disposal, as well as some annoying minion demons that will run against you appearing on the sides of the screen for the duration of the fight.

You can anticipate their movements depending on how they will appear behind the central throne.

Let's see the attacks available to the boss:

  • Transformation into a goat: the devil will transform into a goat and will try to hit you by stretching his arms. To avoid the attack you will have to dodge it with the right timing. As soon as its arms pop out of the screen you will need to jump and use the air dodge.
  • Spider Transformation: This will likely be the easiest transformation to dodge. The devil will turn his head into a large spider, releasing it on the ground. The beast will jump in every direction and to avoid it you just have to stay always in motion and dodge it at the right time.
  • Transformation into a dragon: the hardest move of all. The devil will cross his legs and stretch his neck upwards. From now on, the neck will appear in the form of a dragon on one side of the screen, sliding like a snake towards you. To avoid it, position yourself as quickly as possible on the opposite side from which it will appear, placing yourself next to the throne and flattening yourself to the ground. Learning to dodge this attack will be key to defeating the boss.
  • Summoning: Occasionally the devil will snap his fingers, creating one of three possible effects: flames chasing you one by one, bouncing spheres or small circular flames moving across the screen. As always, hit the pink elements and avoid everything else.

Once you have hit the boss enough times, go down the hole that will appear in the center of the scenario to move on to the next stage of the final boss of Cuphead.

Phase 2: Eyes of the Devil Part 1

As soon as you are in the new scenario you will notice five platforms on which you can jump, right in front of the giant face of the devil. from this moment on, a giant fiery chip will fall from the sky, ending up on a platform of random choice. In addition to the chips, the devil, in this phase will have two types of attacks:

  • With the first attack the boss will summon an ax as soon as his eyes converge. The weapon will move in a spiral motion as it comes against you. Try to use platforms to avoid it.
  • The second attack will consist of a large pink bomb appearing in one of his eyes and popping out of one ear. Just get as far away as possible or try to parry it before it explodes.

Keep shooting the demon's face to move on to the next stage.

Phase 3: Eyes of the Devil Part 2

The first thing to consider for this fight is that the platforms at the ends will disappear leaving only the three in the center.

This second part could be very hectic but we have the right tips to help you get through it better:

  • The devil in this section will call on the sides of the screen some strange helpers who will shoot at you skulls (some pink) try to shoot the two minions to take them out as quickly as possible.
  • The moment the devil summons flying insects, focus your fire on them, as they will be dangerous as they will hurl themselves at you quickly.
  • Always try to “play it safe” by giving priority to enemies on screen rather than focusing all your shots on the boss.
  • Move as much as possible in this phase to avoid becoming easy targets.

As always, keep shooting, whenever possible, in the face of the devil to move on to the final stage.

Stage 4: Crocodile Tears

In this last phase the devil will be almost defeated and will start crying tears of blood. There will be only one platform left on which to position yourself, and you will have to pay attention to the famous fiery chips that will promptly return to create problems in this section as well. To best avoid it, as soon as it appears, we advise you to jump off the platform and, very quickly, turn around and dodge it, so as not to take damage.

The devil will also throw his tears at you, all pink in color that you can easily parry.

Keep shooting in the face of the devil always paying attention to his attacks and in a short time you will be able to complete this last, tiring, battle of Cuphead.

Congratulations on the undertaking!

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