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The second part of our Cuphead boss guide.

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After analyzing in the previous guide the bosses of the first world of Cuphead we return today with the second part dedicated this time to the bosses present in world 2, namely:

  • Baroness Von Bon Bon
  • Beppi the Clown
  • Djimmi the Great
  • Grim Matchstick
  • Wally Warbles

Baroness Von Bon Bon

As for almost all Cuphead bosses, the battle against Baroness Von Bon Bon will also be divided into different phases, two to be precise, with the first clearly more difficult than the second. But let's see them in detail:

Stage 1: Sugar Minions

The first phase against the Baroness Von Bon Bon is characterized by the fight against 3 types of minions, out of a total of 5 available, but the order and type of enemy you will serve will be completely random. In addition, the first and second fight against the minions will be accompanied by small rubbery soldiers that you will have to try to avoid, making everything more complicated.

Let's see in detail the possible mini-bosses you might face:

  • Tire-throwing machine: Probably the easiest of the henchmen to defeat. Try to stay in the left corner of the screen, as far away from him as possible, and keep shooting, trying to avoid the gummy candies he will throw in the air.
  • Jawbreaker: a ball (similar to Pac-man) that will behave exactly as if it were a homing missile. He will slowly try to come at you, avoid him by jumping over him and keep shooting.
  • Waffle: Waffle will move randomly throughout the stage. When he stops, try to get as far away as possible from him, because his attack will be really vast, capable of striking in any direction.
  • cupcake: pretty tough fight. He will continuously jump throughout the scenario and the only way to avoid him is to stay as far away from him as possible. Also try to use the platform in the center of the arena to help you move around.
  • Candy corn: Probably the most difficult boss of all those present.Candy Corn will move randomly, making it difficult to dodge. As with Cupcake, try to use the platform in the center of the arena to your advantage. In addition, Candy Corn will release some mini versions of itself in the scenario, making it even more difficult.

Phase 2: Castle Chariot

Once the 3 henchmen of Baroness Von Bon Bon have been defeated, this new phase will begin, much simpler than the previous one, in which the Baroness will climb over her castle and chase you. Jump onto the flying platform and start shooting the boss.

The baroness in this phase will have 2 types of attack:

  • Rolling mint: The castle will spit at you a giant mint that will roll towards you. Try to sat further, or just stay on top of the platform to easily avoid it.
  • Head toss: Baroness Von Bon Bon will throw her head at you, which will be really annoying. it will follow you all the time, thus forcing you to stay on the move to avoid it. Keep moving without staying too long in the same spot and you will be able to dodge it without too many problems.

To pass this phase you will have to shoot the baroness, as shooting only the castle will not cause any damage to the boss and in the end congratulations, you will have defeated the first boss in the new world of Cuphead!

Beppi the Clown

The second boss you will face in the new world of Cuphead will be Beppi the Clown. A battle that is anything but easy divided into 4 phases.

Phase 1: Bumper cars

Beppi will start the fight standing inside a bumper car which he will use to move quickly towards you. In this phase, Beppi's attacks will be essentially two:

  • Ducks: Target-shaped ducks will float throughout the stage. bumping into them will kill you (unless they are the classic pink ones), so be careful while jumping and try to destroy them to make it easier for you to fight.
  • Bumper car: Beppi will move the car left and right, trying to come at you. You can avoid his attack by simply jumping over his car.

After a few hits Beppi will fall to the bottom of the stage and you will move on to the next stage.

Phase 2: Beppi Pallone

Shortly after crashing Beppi will return to the center of the scenario, this time in the form of an inflatable ball. Try to stay under him as much as possible and shoot his face. Beppi in this phase will send you balloons in the shape of a dog (which you will have to dodge) and a typical roller coaster cart on which you will have to jump avoiding the mannequins sitting in the various places.

Once you have shot Beppi enough times his head will explode and you are ready to move on to the third stage of this boss.

Phase 3: Beppi on horseback

Beppi will return to the scene on a mechanical horse. His attacks will change based on the horse's color. If it's green it will spit out two horseshoes that will fly up and down. If the color is yellow, the horseshoes he will spit will be many more and much faster, even if they will basically go straight. To avoid these attacks try to stay to the sides of the screen as much as possible.

But it will not be easy at all given the presence in this phase of the roller coaster trolley seen in the previous phase, which will force you to move constantly. try to concentrate as much as possible on your movements and shoot Beppi whenever possible. Once he has fallen off his horse, the last phase of this annoying boss will begin.

Phase 4: Beppi joust

Once you have passed the previous phase, you shouldn't have any particular problems in concluding the latter. Beppi will make his last comeback as a giant Carousel. From its head will come down platforms that will move from left to right and on which you will have to jump. Keep jumping from platform to platform while continuing to shoot Beppi in the face.

As in the previous phases, the roller coaster trolley will be present, also Beppi will occasionally release penguins that will attack you from below by throwing baseball balls. As soon as you see them, destroy them by giving them ownership. Keep shooting and in no time you will have defeated Beppi too. Congratulations.

Djimmi the Great

And here comes the air clashes as well, as it was in world 1 of Cuphead with Hilda Berg. This time we will see it against DJimmi the Great, the classic "genie of the lamp" in a battle consisting of 5 phases.

Phase 1: Djimmi the Great

In this first phase Djimmi will remain in the right corner of the screen, attacking you with a series of random attacks. Try not to stay close to him because he will send his skull to you.

His other attacks will be random and will come from a chest at the "feet" of the genius:

  • Launch of jewelry: Djimmi will throw a series of jewels at you, which you can avoid by moving slowly from the top left corner to the bottom.
  • Cats sarcophagi: Small cat-shaped sarcophagi will fly out of the crate and release a swarm of small cat-beetles that you must avoid using the ability to shrink the plane.
  • Spade: About 4 swords will come out of the chest and come at you and try to avoid them.

Once you have done enough damage to Djimmi you will move on to the next phase.

Phase 2: Columns

Djimmi in this phase will not attack you but will hinder you by creating columns that you will have to try to dodge. to pass this phase shoot the parts of the column with the face of Djimmi.

Repeat this action a few times trying to avoid the swords and blades present in the scenario and you will move on to the next phase.

Phase 3: Sarcophagus

After passing the section with the columns Djimmi will turn into a huge sarcophagus. When the sarcophagus opens, Djimmi will send you some small ghosts that will circle around you. At that moment, trying to avoid the ghosts, you will have to shoot the red thing that comes out of the sarcophagus, as it is the only way to overcome this phase.

As always, once you've hit enough times, you'll have completed this phase as well.

Phase 4: Puppet

In this phase the genius will create a puppet with the likeness of Cuphead. As you can imagine with this transformation Djimmi will attack you by firing bullets directly from the fingers exactly like Cuphead would.

Focus on the puppet and try to avoid the genius hat that occasionally appears on stage. Once hit enough times, the genius will show itself in its ultimate form.

Stage 5: Great Djimmi

Once Big Djimmi appears in the scenario, back away as far as possible. He will move his hands continuously in circular motions, plus 3 mini-pyramids will be created next to him that you absolutely must avoid. Whenever his hands move, run to the center of the arena to stay safe.

Big Djimmi in this phase will have two types of attack, which will be very annoying:

  • Ray from the eye: Djimmi will occasionally throw small circle-shaped rays from his eyes that will slowly approach you. Fly away from them so as not to get hit.
  • Radius from the pyramids: The three pyramids throughout the stage will float around you in the center of the arena. Occasionally one of the pyramids will open its eye and shoot in all 4 directions. In this case, move diagonally to avoid the beam.

After hitting him enough times you will take home this victory too!

Wally Warbles

Cuphead will put you in front of a new plane crash. After Djimmi the Great this time it is the turn of Wally Warbles. To beat Wally Warbles we will have to go through 4 stages.

Phase 1: Wally Warbles

Wally is nothing more than an overgrown bird stuck inside a cuckoo clock. The first phase of the fight will not be very difficult. Try to position yourself on the lower left side and shoot from there, trying to watch out for Wally's attacks.

Let's see below the various attacks with which it will hit in this phase:

  • Launch of eggs: Like all birds, Wally can throw really large eggs out of his mouth, which once hit the bottom of the screen explode, releasing flakes around the affected area. the best way to avoid these eggs is to move up or down depending on the situation, always staying at the edge of the screen.
  • Little birds: Wally will make small birds armed with nails appear above his head that will not hesitate to throw at you. The bursts are 4 and dodging them will not be complicated at all.
  • Finger missiles: Wally will occasionally turn his head into a giant glove and launch missiles from his fingers. Try to avoid them by staying in motion.

Once you hit it enough you are ready to move on to the next stage.

Phase 2: Feather Attack

In this phase Wally will have only one attack (in addition to the birds of the previous phase that will also return in this one). It will position itself to the right of the stage and will attack you by throwing a flood of feathers at you. Concentrate exclusively on dodging the feathers and then, as soon as the bird finishes its move, it will be the right time to attack. Keep dodging the feathers and attacking when Wally stops, in no time you will have passed this phase and the bird will "die".

Phase 3: Wally Jr.

In his place in this phase we will have his son, Wally Jr, who will move in a secie of UFO surrounded by sharp eggs, which during the fight will move towards the inside and outside of the screen, and consequently to avoid them. you will have to move in the opposite direction.

Wally Jr will also have another attack, which will consist in shooting you with bullets thanks to a small ray gun. The bullets will always be pink so you can easily counter them to increase the super attack indicator.

Once you have defeated Wally Jr as well, the starting Wally will make his final appearance in the final phase of the fight.

Phase 4: Wally on a stretcher

To complete the fight easily, change your basic attack to the new bomb unlocked before the level starts. Stay in the upper left corner of the screen and shoot as many bombs as possible.

In this phase you will have to pay attention to the attacks of the paramedics next to Wally which are divided into 3 types:

  • Launch of pills: The paramedics will throw pills in the air. Each will have different directions, so we advise you to stay as far away from the paramedics as possible in order to better analyze where the pills will end up.
  • Garbage face: Wally's head will occasionally turn into a garbage can and throw… garbage at you. Avoid anything that throws at you and hope that npon uses this move a lot since it could make the fight too chaotic.
  • Heart attack: Wally's heart will occasionally pop out of his throat and throw bullets at you. When this happens, shoot when you can at the heart and dodge the bullets by shrinking your plane.

Overcome these attacks and hit enough Wally will definitely die. Full speed ahead with Cuphead!

Grim Matchstick

Finally the final clash of the second world and, unfortunately, also the most difficult clash so far faced in Cuphead. The battle will be divided into 3 phases that will test your patience and endurance.

Stage 1: Grim Matchstick

As we announced here, things are starting to get more difficult. Even this clash like the 2 previous ones will take place in the air, with the difference, however, that in this one you will not be able to rely on your trusty biplane. You will have to jump through a series of randomly created clouds, so not always suitable or positioned to dodge enemy shots.

Our advice is to familiarize yourself with these clouds and the enemy's attack pattern, in order to understand the right clouds to use with various attempts.

Grim Matchstick is essentially a dragon that in this first phase will present 3 possible attacks:

  • Laser from the eyes: Grim from his eyes will shoot at you rays, of which the last of the series will always be pink. Jump from cloud to cloud to avoid the rays.
  • Colpo di coda: Grim will let the tail pass under you for a few moments, and then raise it up almost to create a wall that you absolutely must not hit. Relatively easy to dodge as you will have enough time to change positions
  • Fire ball: Grim as a good dragon which is it will also be able to throw fireballs at you. It can also throw two in succession and the best way to avoid them is to wait until the last moment to pass over or under them using the clouds.

Phase 2: March of Fire

Grim will appear on the left at this stage by sticking out his long tongue. Above it the dragon will create small flames that you will have to avoid by staying on the clouds. Shoot the dragon by finding the right position and watch out for the flames that will come towards you as soon as you enter their range. Avoid them as they approach by jumping from cloud to cloud, then looking for the right timing to coordinate dodges and attacks on the dragon.

Phase 3: Hydra

And here is the final phase and also the most difficult of this boss fight. This time Grim will throw small fireballs at you repeatedly that you absolutely must not hit but just avoid.

Try to aim for the head of the Hydra, jumping from cloud to cloud and at the same time being attentive to the central head which will transform into an authentic flamethrower, capable of covering a large area of ​​the stage. So try to stay as little as possible in the center and make the most of the clouds.

After a lot of effort we are sure that you will be able to take home this victory too, thus completing all the bosses present in the second world of Cuphead.

Hoping you have been of help, Soultricks gives you an appointment for the next part of the guide, dedicated to the bosses of world 3 of Cuphead.

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