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If you are tired of the continuous slowdowns of the Firefox browser and you want to speed it up then I suggest you sit back for a few minutes and read this article calmly because you will have the opportunity to find out how to make firefox faster.

Technology E10S also called Electrolysys allows you to use up to 4 processors to load web pages within the Mozilla Firefox browser tabs.

This functionality has already been tested and introduced on the versions Nightly of the Mozilla browser, but recently also released in the official ones. It could happen in some cases to have Electrolysys also disabled after updating Firefox to the latest version. If so you can enable it manually, how? Let's see it together.

The first thing to do for make Firefox faster is to disable all add-ons that are not compatible with the E10S. You can check this through the arewee10syet website.

Then type in the Firefox address bar about: config and click on I accept the risks. Find the voice browser.tabs.remote.autostart and double click on it to set the value to True.

At this point go in about: support to check if the option Multiprocess windows is active or not, if it is disabled, you can activate it by forcing it. From about: config right click on the bar New parameter and select New / Boolean. In the parameter name field type browser.tabs.remote.force-enable and confirm with Ok.

Done this to prevent incompatible add-ons from disabling the E10S functionality, look for the entry extensions.e10sMultiBlockedByAddons and set the value to False.

Then go in about: support and verify that the option Multiprocess windows both On manually. By default the E10S uses up to 4 processors, but you can make sure you use more through your voice dom.ipc.processCount always present in about: config.

In the initial state it is set to 1, but by clicking on it twice you can set the number of processor you want.

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